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  1. Human Rights Watch... do you trust them?

    Human rights watch is not biased it criticizes any nation that commits human rights atrocities from Israel to islamic nations such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. You guys only call it biased because it calls Iran out. Also the Iranian government has no right to speak of human rights when it is one of the worst human rights abusers in Asia
  2. How will Iran retaliate against Israel

    It wont. Iran is just barely strong enough to take on Israel. The government uses it as a boogyman to scare the population. Also Iran was never a threat to the west if it was they would've gotten rid of it already.
  3. Why did Iran support the Arab Spring?

    Because Iran like all countries has it's interests at it's heart (when are you going to understand because Iran has the name Islamic in it, that doesn't mean anything?). When Hassan Nasrallah spoke of the Arab spring back in 2011 in the background he had the flags of all the nations in which the people were participating in (Libya, Tunsia, Egypt, Yemen) except Syria because Syria is the closest ally of Iran. The Arab Spring is a complete mess and disaster it should've never happened and its funny when Iran supports the people of these nations to overthrow their corrupt dictatorships when Iran is one it's self, maybe there should be a Middle Eastern spring next time instead of Arab.
  4. Anti-regime protestors burn Khomeini's portrait

    lol have you went to Sweden they're so pro-muslim refugee they let off the hook Muslim rapists because they dont want to look racist, it sounds dumb I know but true nontheless. So I dont know where you get your facts
  5. Ayatullah Khomeini, Rumors and Allegations

    Truth be told if he did have ties to the CIA, I wouldnt be surprized nobody during the cold war if you weren't pro communist/socialist could get into power without a large power's help also remember he lived in France for a while a pro American nation, anything could've happened.
  6. Ayatullah Khomeini, Rumors and Allegations

    If you think about it the islamic revolution benefited the west, they get to sell weapons to surrounding sunni countries who fear Iran as a boogyman. Why would the west overthrow the nation thats getting it money from its enemies?
  7. Anti-regime protestors burn Khomeini's portrait

    Maybe because its an oppresive dictatorship that uses torture detention centers, money laundering for corrupt officals, hypocrisy on issues they themselves ignore, and enforces a religious system on its own people. Sorry to say brother this is getting ridiculous why do you think everyone of them is an paid agent? Corruption and unemployment is high and the youth have a high suicide rate from these ignored problems. Just because Iran has the name Islamic in it doesnt mean it will follow Islam just as how North Korea has Democratic in its name that doesnt prove anything.
  8. Modern Lebanese and Arabphobia

    Exactly as Mark Enlightenment mentioned, now a days Arabs identify with their nations rather than eachother this explains why Sunni Egyptians dislike Sunni Syrian refugees or why Christain Lebanese dislike Christain Syrian refugees. Now mind you not all are like this but it shows that the idea of a united Arab identity now a days is pretty much dead in the Middle East. This also has to do with racism, if you told a group of light skinned Lebanese no matter what religion that they have to share a nation with the Black Sudanese the Lebanese will be outraged.
  9. The logic of Athiests

    Sorry I would like to point out. Before the scientific revolution in poor areas when there was drought we always blamed God but due to the advances in science we can now prevent droughts or at least contain them. Also during the outbreak of the black plague the Muslim and Christain world claimed this was a punishment from God so we should start praying but now in a more scientific secular world we can contain the outbreak of the black plague and create vaccinations for all diseases we thought were from God. Im not an Atheist but I understand their points of views and why they think like that.
  10. The logic of Athiests

    You generalize Atheists too much they all came to their points from different paths. Also which Atheist? Agnostic Atheists are respectable and logical people. Gnostic Atheists are foolish to say the least I believe you're thinking about them. The best way to prove evolution is simply to look at the skeletons of us homo sapiens and monkeys (preferably chimpanzees) you'll see how simliar we are (especially the tailbones). Our designs as humans arent that unique as you've been lead to believe.
  11. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    You guys are brainswashed to death by consipracies. I've met lots of Freemasons and a lodge isnt too far from my house. The best way to describe freemasons and their ideaology is that its a philsophocal-historical club mixed in with symbolism so if you dont like either history or philsophy than dont join. In order to become a freemason you need to believe in a higher power (Allah, God Yahweh etc.) Some of the greatest most humble, respectable men in history were freemasons does that mean all those thousands of men worshipped satan and drank baby blood? No. Dont be ridiculous there are thousands of Freemasons in Lebanon that are Shia and they still practice their faith with pride. Salam
  12. Giving Charity

    Beautiful, now only if we acted upon such words
  13. #29 Which country would you live in?

    Of course secular nation, just as what you like and want are your personal preferences religion is also. Nothing should be forced on to anyone allow others to decide what they want through evidence and personal experineces. Shame on those that voted religion forced nation despite the fact almost no one here ever lived in one and most likely lives in a secular western nation. Oh the irony. . .
  14. A secret order : the Druze (documentary)

    Because they live on Israeli land they'll show respect to its leader by that logic "lets act towards caution to the Israeli Muslims that allow Netanyhu to visit their Mosques" In Syria they've shown their loyalty to their cause, what you said is a slap in the face to the countless Druze families that gave up their sons and daughters for Syrian soil.
  15. What we must think about China exactly ?

    Its not erased go there, they're still alive and can practice their faith freely without intrusion. They barely even have a culture and their culture is based on Islam and they can practice that freely without as I've stated interference. There's a video online of Xi Jingping visiting a Mosque and the worshipers embracing him, "Chinese President visits Big Mosque in Northwest China." Astrafirallah, Who do you think you are and what gives you the right to judge another Muslim and call him a munafiq? only Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى can do that.