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  1. Atheism on the rise in Iraq

    Brother religion and science are not enemies as the media shows it, they can both prove and help each other hand in hand for some of the greatest scientists were religious Christians, Jews, and Muslims

    I think it has to do with the protests. . .
  3. Atheism on the rise in Iraq

    Also guys dont forget, Al monitor has shady connections to powers, they keep acting as if they support Assad in Syria but have their website in Hebrew. This doesnt seem that trust worthy.
  4. Atheism on the rise in Iraq

    Salam Alykum brother, I visited various bookstores in Iraq (even shady ones) I've never seen Richards books and all youth in Iraq are pretty religious still from what I've observed. The sermons from clerics when I heard never spoke of Atheism. Besides Atheism is always a thing there are I bet atheists that live meters away from the Kaaba in Mecca! You cant change it. I dunno about this article it seems too suspicious Hope other Iraqi brothers and sisters can comment on this article. Salam
  5. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    Brother alidu78 needs your advice on this Iranian issue, @Ashvazdanghe
  6. Iraq not part of any axis

    Brother thats what I literally mean! Lets have good relations have all surrounding countries and super powers and not involve our selfs in other conflicts that have nothing to do with us good relations with sunni arab nations, Shia Iran, America, and Russia understand? Salam
  7. Iraq not part of any axis

    Nationalism is haram brother. I don't believe Iraq is superior to Iran but these borders are here to stay so I follow them and the Tehrani regime doesn't believe in these borders because they keep acting as if they own us now. By the way that is very hippo-critical as Iranians I swear to God are the most nationalistic people I've ever met even more than Americans and Japanese.
  8. Iraq not part of any axis

    Brother like I told Sumerian before I'll say again to a similar question, "They think we owe them our support linguistically, politically, and most importantly militarily. Even though they didnt do anything expect sit on their thrones in Tehran and speak empty talk like usual." So in other words they're hall way bullies that want our money for so called protecting us from bigger bullies and the fact we're related in some way (majority Shia)
  9. Iraq not part of any axis

    It seems youre the only reasonable one here brother What are you talking about brother Iraq always survived after the American invasion by its self before the Iranians wanted to acknowledge our problems by 2014 but by then it was too late. Beautifully put brother we as Iraqis need peace between each other and acknowledge the voice of minorities before we can move on with other problems the plague our miserable nation
  10. Iraq not part of any axis

    Dunno only Allah knows the future but for now it seems they've all given up for now inshallah This is off topic but do you actually live in Kabul? Salam
  11. Iraq not part of any axis

    Please Iran cant even take on Israel face to face without killing and sacrificing young Lebanese-Palestinian men hundreds of miles away. When Israel was bombing Gazans Iran didnt do anything. They wont even take on Saudi Arabia in Yemen. We dont HATE Iran we just want them to leave us alone we only hate them if they keep intervening in our affairs. I'm not a troll I have a clear view point and this is coming from the guy that said all Shia that hate Iran aren't Shia. Salam
  12. Iraq not part of any axis

    Brother no offense because you are part of the development team on this site I thought you were a wilayat faqier but you are much more informed than I thought about Iraq thank you for defending us Salam
  13. Iraq not part of any axis

    Trust me brother the second the Saudi regime collapses the first people to be happy and celebrate like there is no tomorrow will be us Iraqis and Syrians but that doesn't justify Iran's actions.
  14. Iraq not part of any axis

    Wrong Shia are 63 percent of Iraq. You are kind of right before 1991 Saddam tried to bring in poor Sunni Egyptians to out populate us but the American sanctions forced all the imported Sunni Arabs to go back making us back around 67 percent but through genocide during the nineties and forced expulsion we were lowered to what we are now, 63 percent. Just correcting
  15. [Closed/Review]Iran hijab law change?

    dont forget to ask Ashvazdanghe if you really wonder this