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  1. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Your reasoning is not right,The words in Quran necessarily don’t have to have one meaning, forexample, the word یوم does it have one meaning? https://www.thoughtco.com/creation-of-the-universe-2004201 so be sure, the word علم ,in that sentence, the only translation that gives that sentence a meaning, is : sign.
  2. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Yes. Everything Belongs to Allah. For example when god said my house, it’s for him, not from within him. so we belong to him, and we will go back to him (not into him like the house).
  3. Why in this "borrowing" miracles are coming out ?! https://www.nature.com/news/2003/030822/full/news030818-15.html http://www.speed-light.info/miracles_of_quran/honey_bees.htm Compare the 2 links and tell me what's your explanations on it ? Before year 2003 , no one knew about that. If the information was not given to him from the main source of knowledge , God, then how.
  4. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    By the way, you mis translated that word to knowledge, that’s why the statement doesn’t make sense, it should be translted to sign. jesus is sign of judgment day, problem solved. Sign here, it should be nothing other than, end of times! jesus one time came, but “end of times” didn’t happen, so it’s by his returning.
  5. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    God raised Jesus alive,( no information on his death) , so fact of returning of him remains intact.
  6. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    In Abrahamic religions, the Messiah or Messias is a saviour or liberator of a group of people, more specifically, the Jewish people. Wikipedia
  7. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    God in this verse did not talk about others, just Jesus, there should be something about him.
  8. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    You used the word "it is", Can you tell me that " it " refers to what?
  9. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    The translation is this : Jesus will be knowledge of the Hour, what does that mean? Definition of knowledge - facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; What information does Jesus have about judgment day? There should be something about him! Why God didn't say all prophets are knowledge of the hour? What's so special about Jesus ?! That we know! if not, so what's so special about just this prophet ? You want to ignore the Jews books , the word messaiah =saviour ! That is going to bring peace to the world, You want to ignore all of our Hadith.
  10. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Usually, psychologists by scientifice studying,do the research for finding the depth of humans, Are they claiming to be in that field? Nope, so that can't be their point! what's their main point?
  11. The laws that we have and are deleted in your current changed religion, makes them similar to each other, don't use the word "All" think , use the word your own thinking.(if any exists!)
  12. I don't know how old he is, or what's his state of intellectual condition ! But, after all these years, and after 3206 posts that he had done, the other day, he didn't know what Ishmael had to do with Arabs ! I can't believe it.
  13. Everything that we told him so far, he ignored, as if we told him nothing. somethings not working right at his side !
  14. Judaism is very similiar to Islam it should be similiar because it’s from the same god, Are you saying religion of prophet jesus was different than Islam? Why? Proof? because the religion that he had , was exactly like Islam.
  15. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Yeah seeing any prophet will remind you of judgement day, but does pronoun آنه refers to any prophet ??!! Because angels ملایک is plural, god used a singular pronoun, آنه refers to only jesus in 2 verse before, seeing all of prophets does not remind you of judgment day, just seeing him!