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  1. Saudi Arabia pushes for "moderate Islam"

    The saudi's have been spending millions of petrodollars on PR campaign. This naive prince wants people to believe that Saudi Arabia was a bastion of liberalism and democracy before the Iranian revolution. Do check Mehdi Hasaan article for The intercept. https://theintercept.com/2018/03/19/the-cbs-interview-with-saudi-arabias-mohammed-bin-salman-was-a-crime-against-journalism/
  2. Nawroz  

    Agha @Ashvazdanghe saal e nav Mubarak. Don't eat too many jujeh & chelow kebab.
  3. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    Zionists back Golders Green mosque after discovering it doesn’t like Iran and isn’t obsessed with Israel https://5pillarsuk.com/2017/10/25/zionists-back-golders-green-mosque-after-discovering-it-doesnt-like-iran-and-isnt-obsessed-with-israel/
  4. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

  5. Jafar'i position on "Qissat al-gharaniq"??

    I think it was Ayatollah Khomeini who issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie not Ayatollah Khamenaie.
  6. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    I don't think they have done anything for kashmir which is why I Asked brother @Shah Khan to substantiate his claim of Wahabis being saviours of kashmir's.
  7. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    How are they doing that?

    @Ashvazdanghe Who is this guy kanat Elyon? His YouTube channel has over 100000 subscribers.
  9. Exposing Imam Shaikh Brother Mohammad Tawhidi

    I am not digressing from the topic, this is what tawhidi said Kashmir is Hindu land. Pakistan has no right to claim Kashmir. Kashmir belonged to India before Pakistan was “created. Kashmir is a disputed territory, currently occupied by India & Pakistan. Kashmir belongs to kashmir's, it was never a part of Hindustan ( united India and Pakistan). It was ruled by a Maharaja ( Prince ) Britishers never ruled over it.
  10. Exposing Imam Shaikh Brother Mohammad Tawhidi

    How low can this guy go ? Supporting Modi, a mass muderer who is responsible for slaughtering thousands of Muslims in Gujarat. kashmir has been a Muslim majority place for centuries & currently 97% of the population is Muslim. How does it belong to Hindus ?
  11. What about Kashmir?

    Salaam which part are you from Indian or Pakistani?
  12. What about Kashmir?

    Yes, Iran e Sageer. you may find link below interesting as well. http://m.greaterkashmir.com/news/opinion/khomeini-s-kashmir-connection/219853.html
  13. Syria

    You made a excellent point brother. A lot of what is coming out of Syria is pure propaganda. The problem is when people try to brush away all criticism against Asaad as only propaganda nothing else.