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  1. Kashmir

    There is no such thing as absolute good or absolute evil. Not every Indian army soldier deployed in kashmir is a rapist. Saudi Arabia gives a lot of money to poor Muslim countries does that make it a great country? No, the evil they have spread outweighs the good they do. How are Shias on your side doing? What is % of Shias your side ? Are you allowed to practice your faith freely ?
  2. Kashmir

    New Zealand is truly a paradise, there's no match to it.
  3. Kashmir

    Then you should plan a trip to India & then kashmir, most of the well known tourist attractions of India are in the north. Taj Mahal, Delhi etc. Not only does Kashmir offer beautiful landscapes but some of the best curries on the planet. Wazwan is a 36 course meal.
  4. Kashmir

    When the resistance against India got armed in 1989, it was headed by two groups with totally different goals. One being JKLF ( pro independence ) & the other was HM ( pro Pakistan ). This led to infighting between these two groups which became one of the main reasons for the failure of this armed resistance. Pakistani army & the civilian government has never been on the same page when it comes to kashmir. Army needs kashmir to justify the necessity of spending 22% of the budget on defence. If the relations between two countries improve the biggest losers will be the Pakistani army. 1998 Lahore declaration, a peace treaty between the two countries. In 1999 we have the Kargil war. 2008 India, Afghanistan, trukmanistan & Pakistan sign a joint agreement for a gas pipeline as well as talks in relation to kashmir. Indian embassy in Kabul was attacked in Kabul. Manmohan Singh & Zardari announce cross LOC trade in the month of October. Mumbai attack happens in month of November. In 2016 when modi visited Pakistan a week later an Airforce base was attacked in Punjab. The relations were relatively better during Musharrafs rule, Pakistani army has become too big of a cat for any civilian government to bell it. Keep in mind I despise Indian government more than anything.
  5. Kashmir

    Where are you from? If you only have a Pakistani passport then forget about visiting Srinagar but if you are a dual citizen then there is a chance.
  6. Kashmir

    One of the most beautiful places in the world, snow clad mountains, lush green meadows. Unfortunately this paradise has been turned into hell by two nuclear powers India & Pakistan. Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast,Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.English TranslationIf there is a paradise on earth,It is this, it is this, it is this
  7. Wahhabi

    Wahabis also call themselves followers of salaf ( righteous predecessors). The Holy prophet (saww) & the salaf had never categorised tawheed into rubbuniyah, uluhiyaah & asma wal sifat. This whole categorisation is an innovation itself, it all started with ibn tamiyas literal interpretation of the Quran. They use this categorisation to draw parallels between Muslims & mushriqs.
  8. Wahhabi

    Oh Yes, he was a Sufi who followed the Al e Saud ( Family of Saud ) tariqa ( Sufi order).
  9. Wahhabi

    @Shah Khan Wahabis/Salafis have nothing to do with the orthodox Ahlul sunnah both in creed ( Aqidah) & jurisprudence ( fiqh ). They are also called Ahlul hadith in subcontinent ( India & Pakistan) because the do not adhere to any of the 4 imams of fiqh. Ibn tamiyah & ibn Wahab may have had some hanbali inclinations but Nasir u din Albani ( God father of the modern salfi movement ) was quite clear in his disassociation from the 4 imams of fiqh. Deoband is a revivalist movement started by shah waliulah, they are maturidis & follow Imam Abu hanifa. They have nothing to do with the modern wahabi movement.
  10. Shias were The Founders of Salafi Movement.

    Haha, I haven't met anyone claiming that but have surely read such stupid comments on FB.
  11. What about Kashmir?

    @AbdusSibtayn Salaam I am not aware of Kashmiri separatists mourning Saddam Hussain. Yasin Malik sharing a stage with hafiz Syed doesn't mean anything. His party JKLF has always called for an independent kashmir, on the other hand hafiz Sayeed & others have always insisted on kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan, which again is contrary to the aspirations of common Kashmiri. Hafiz Syed & Syed sallahudin are nothing but stooges of Pakistani army which has been using Kashmiris as canon fodder to settle their score against India. When the resistance against India became armed in 1989 it was mainly divided into two fractions pro Independence JKLF & pro Pakistan HM. Yes you are right in your apprehension that Kashmir might end up being a satellite state of Saudi Arabia but that does not mean we should become collaborators as well & If we do then we will surely meet the fate of pandits. Kashmir has historically been a land of Sufi saints, the traditional community culture in kashmir is still alive. Separatist have always raised their voice against the Muharram ban, most of them are either arrested or put under house arrest during Muharram. I'll be posting two links about their statements at the end. The security establishment is worried that Muharram processions would turn into anti India protests & it would attract a lot of attention from the media. Link 1 http://m.greaterkashmir.com/news/kashmir/geelani-condemns-ban-of-muharram-processions/261677.html Link 2 http://www.fastkashmir.com/2017/09/yasin-malik-along-with-bashir-kashmiri-arrested-ahead-of-10th-muharram-sent-to-central-jail-srinagar-on-a-judicial-remand/ W/Salaam May peace prevail across the world.
  12. What about Kashmir?

    In 2002 communal riots took place, more than 1000 Muslims were slaughtered, dozens of Muslim women raped by Hindu mobs. The state government & the police did nothing for 3 days. The person who was the head of the state (chief minister) during those riots namely Narrander Modi is currently the Prime minister of India. https://www.truthofgujarat.com/topics/2002-gujarat-riots/
  13. What about Kashmir?

    Salaam @AbdusSibtayn This is my first comment on shiachat, so if I make any mistake in tagging or replying to someone do forgive me for that. I being a Kashmiri, who has witnessed Indian brutality firsthand would disagree with my Indian brother. If a voting is held in kashmir today 85% of kashmir's would vote for an Independent country rather than Pakistan or India. People in kashmir are fed up of both the countries. Firstly I don't see any difference between Taliban sucide bombers or Hindu nationalists & vigilantes lynching innocent Muslim, just few days back a Muslim man was burnt to death by Hindu extremists. Secondly Pakistanis did not vote Someone like Modi to become PM. A person who is responsible for slaughtering 1000 Muslims in Gujarat. Most of your claims about shias having no stake in separatist movement is kashmir or the sunni separatist leaders being funded by Nasibi wahabis are absolutely false. The Kashmir issue dates back to 1947. The top brass of the separatist movement does include shia leaders such as Abbas Ansar, Masroor ansari & Aga Syed Hassan & others. The poster boy of armed resistance against India Yasin Malik, & other separatist leaders do participate in Muharram processions. These people were highly influenced by the Islamic revolution in Iran & have great respect for Imam Khomeini. The is no link between Pandits ( Hindus ) & shias of kashmir, most of the pandits (Hindus) who were killed during the start of armed resistance were collaborators & paid the price of of collaborating with the Indian state. The Indian state has always tried to divide kashmir on regional & sectarian lines just to weaken the separatist movement. Yes Azadari procession have been banned. Proir to 1989 the 8th & 10th Muharram processions would pass through the city centre now they have been restricted to localities with sizeable shia population only. The processions were banned during governor rule after 1989, there was no provisional government between 1989 to 1996. The provisional government has always been the puppet of Indian state. I do not blame you, the narrative put forward by the Indian state & the jingoistic India media is that Pakistan is the source of all evil & Indian army is too innocent to be involved in any kind of human rights abuses. All of the Indian media is biased when it comes to kashmir. Yes Shias do have insecurities about their future but if we become collaborators with Indian state we will surely meet the same fate as pandits.