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  1. Why's everyone performing wudu differently?

    Salam, I also do the same way, but I didn't know you can't touch your skin while pouring that water on your left arm? Apparently you can also wash your face or arms only once
  2. im a converter

    Salam Alaikum, May Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى bless you with his infinite mercy; In my point of view, talking with the opposite gender is fine as long as it's purely work based. So you're not doing any sins by talking to them; and if you can try to make your husband understand. According to Sayed Sistani, chatting to males as long as it's purely work based is permissible and there's no problem in it. Fee amanillah
  3. Imamah in Quran

    Salam, The names of the AhlulBayt aren't mentioned in the Quran Here's this ayah: (2:124) "And remember that Abraham was tried by his Lord with certain commands which he fulfilled. He said, "I will make you and Imam (guide) to the nations. He pleaded: 'What about my offspring?! He answered, 'My promise is not within the reach of evil doers'" I just don't understand why some of youse think that it is too much for Imam Ali(as) to be an Imam and Waliullah.
  4. Is it safe to go with family in Baghdad?

    Salam Alaikum, I think it is safe to go there, because my dad and brother have been to Baghdad during the earthquake that happened last year, and Alhamdullilah everything was fine, nobody got killed, maybe a few got injured from what I heard. Some things might be difficult there, but from what I know is safe because alot of my relatives live there and Alhamdullilah they're fine. Just make dua that Insha Allah it'll be easy for you. Fee amanillah
  5. Same sex marriage legalized in Australia

    Homosexuals are harmful Research shows that children who are in a gay family are most likely to face more difficulties in life, such as sexual abuse and sexual disorders. Children without a father are most likely to face early sexual activity Children without a mother are deprived of their unique advice and safe security. What you said about one father and 4 mothers, yes it does seem to work because they have parents from different genders, and it isn't harmful at all. But in Western society, polygyny/ polygamy is seen as immoral to them when gay marriage is not. Marriage is a privilege, not a right.
  6. Same sex marriage legalized in Australia

    Gay marriage has been around even before they've legalized it; they still had rights as human beings so idek why they kept complaining... And obviously I'd vote 'No' because why would I vote for something that's against my religion; and it's not only because of religion if you look at it a common perspective gay marriage is immoral and unnatural. You know what's sad? There was this kid's show on tv where they were showing a gay couple with two young children, like now they're trying to show younger generations that same sex marriage is safe and isn't harmful. And who knows they'll most likely teach it in public schools too. Well it is harmful to the younger generation because then how are they gonna know the difference between friendship and love? And a child needs both a mother and a father in their life otherwise they'll face many difficulties later in life. Like you're not taking away their rights if you don't vote yes and like honestly who cares about them, why would we vote just for them when we know its something so immoral to our society. So hell no to same sex marriage.
  7. Shia view of Sa'd Ibn abi Waqqas

    Salam Alaikum, I'm not really sure; because I came across a hadith that mentioned how Sa'd Ibn Waqqas refused to curse Imam Ali(as) when Muawiyah(la) told him to. But then again, he's the father of the murderer Umar Ibn Sa'd (la) So maybe he defended Imam Ali(as) at one point but then still served under the government of Muawiyah(la)
  8. Sunnah way of tying a Turban.

    why does there have to be a sunni or shia way of tying a turban? A turban is a turban
  9. Turbahs - What makes them shiny

    It probs just depends on the type of soil or mud they use,
  10. Imam Infallibility and Knowledge

    Salam Alaikum, Astaghfirullah, Imam Hussain (as) never commited suicide. Him (as) fighting in Karbala was a will and a test from Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, so obviously he can't reject Allah's command. There's an ayah in Surat al Ahzab verse 33, which mentions Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى purifying the AhlulBayt. Give me a hadith which states that. Rasullulah(sawas) knew everything about his family and what would happen to each and every one of them; because Jibreel(as) would tell him. In Mustadrak al Sahihain Ibn Abbas quoted the Messenger of Allah (sawas): The stars offer security for the people of the earth against drowning, while my Ahlul Bayt are the security of my nation against dissension. If a tribe from among the Arabs opposes them, it will become the party of Iblis The Holy Prophet(sawas) and the Imams(as) had knowledge that no other human being ever had.
  11. No, What if the wife gets notifications from her friends about private female stuff? Obviously he can't look
  12. Music in movies

    Thankyou brother, So is there actually such thing as halal and haram music? Like I want to know if there is any proof from the AhlulBayt(as) about such thing.
  13. Music in movies

    Asalam Alaikum, I know listening to music is haram in general, but what about the music say for examples in movies or mosalsalat? You know how in the opening they have that music and also during it they have music to add effect to the movie; is that considered as haram? Because I heard from Sayyid Sistani (may Allah lengthen his life) that if it leads to entertainment or gatherings then that music is considered as haram, but I'm not too sure. Jazakallah Khair
  14. feeling down

    Salam alaikum sister, I am also trying to lose weight, and it's not that easy. Don't expect to lose weight a day later, it takes alot of time. I have given up so many times because I hated going on a diet. But you don't even need to go on a diet to lose weight; sometimes they don't even work. All you have to do is eat less. Eat whatever you want but just eat less of that amount. Althought I've given up numerous times, I'm still trying my hardest not to give up this time. And Insha Allah it'll be easy for you, you don't even need to see a doctor, all you need is motivation fee amanillah.