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  1. I Need Serious Help

    Salsabeel thank you for your suggestion, have you tried this? I will do anything to seek Allahs help.
  2. I Need Serious Help

    Asalamoalykom, Thank you all for your time and your kindness. Long story short I have tried duas prayers and psychologist.. but nothing worked. I have prayed Salatul layl for a year in the past and now I only would do it when I feel like I am not able to breath because of the negative feelings. I used to read Quran, dua e Tawasul, Kumail, Nudba and more duas regularly. Then I stopped because my condition wouldn't change so I focused only on my Career and only performed the daily Salah and did miss some prayers due to being at Uni for long hours. During this time I did go to psychologist and like everything else they were not able to help. They sit there and wait for that hour to end so they can get the next person in and earn more dollar. I strongly feel that Allah is not listening to me, and I certainly do not have the strength to suffer more.
  3. I Need Serious Help

    I have tried for years to stay strong. Now I just can't go on any longer. I wish and pray for death to come sooner. I have had issues and I have prayed and asked Allah and IMAMs for help but nothing works. Death is the only solution but suicide is Haram. I don't know what to do. I know if Allah can't help how can a human on shia chat help ..