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  1. Why is saying Aliyyan Waliyullah part of the shahada if people converted to islam long before the wilayah of imam Ali (as) and is there evidence that this was part of the shahada?
  2. Why is it that street dawah is mostly done by Sunnnis and not shias?
  3. Salam, Is it permissible to pray dhuhr and asr separately and Maghreb and Isha together In the same day?
  4. Salam. I wanna know if it would be considered haram to listen to the instrumental (beat) of hip hop songs without any lyrics and just with earphones keeping it a personal thing, I like to listen to the melodies and sounds of some hip hop songs they help me study or get me motivated through the day, these don’t make me dance or do any immoral acts but I want an honest answer. Thank you
  5. asking for what type of help? give me examples
  6. Also can one pray asr directly after dhuhr ive heard that u have to pray tasbih or wait some minutes before reciting the other prayer
  7. Is it wajib to recite adhan and iqamah before salat
  8. Coming from my personal view i see Imam Ali (as) as the most knowledgeable after Prophet Muhammad and the most pious and someone worth to be asked to pray for us but no more than that i dont agree when people focus too much on Ali theres a difference between having love for someone and being too obsessed with someone to the point that we considee them as a refuge for us, our refuge is Allah and Allah alone, we should ask the imams and prophets to pray for us but not consider them having attributes of Allah which is being most merciful etc
  9. the only time i would not include my creator in a dua during tawassul is if im asking an imam or prophet to pray for me otherwise i would mention Allah if I seek divine help coz only Allah divinely helps
  10. Brother I 100% agree with u, Im a convert to Islam and I became shia less than a year ago and one of the reasons why i never thought about becoming shia was because i felt like shias have call upon Ali more than Allah, alhamdulillah im now a shia and i understand the concept of calling upon the imams and the prophets but I still think some people abuse of it and place the imams in the part of their hearts where belongs only to Allah. I think we should remember that Imam Ali was a slave of Allah and he taught us to have a special love for Allah that we cant have with any of the prophets or imams.
  11. Assalamu alaykum i understand calling upon the prophets or imams in their shrines is permissible but how about when one is not in their shrines is it still permissible to make tawassul as in saying 'ya muhammad` or 'ya ali' and if its permissible please quote from hadith and also should we pray tawassul by lifting our hands as when making dua to Allah? Thank you
  12. I believe prophets and imams were infallible however why does the bible make it seem as the prophets committed sins, had their stories been altered ? because it is quite hard to just reject these historical events of the prophets. Thanks
  13. As-salamu alaykum, I have a question, would the imams and the prophets understand other languages when we call upon them for tawassul as we consider them humans and I think they only spoke one language and considering that only God is able to understand all languages.
  14. Is this song haram?

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuh brothers and sisters, I just want to know if this song would be considered haram due to its instruments. Thanks