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  1. justAnothermuslim

    US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    not sure if it's true or not... Let’s begin by a short summary of events. About a month ago Nikki Haley announces to the UNSC that the USA is ready to violate the rules of this very self-same UNSC should a chemical attack happen in Syria Then the Russians announced that they have evidence that a chemical false flag is being prepared in Syria Then a chemical attack (supposedly) takes place (in a location surrounded and, basically, controlled by government forces!) The OPWC sends investigators (in spite of western powers loudly proclaiming that no investigation was needed) The AngloZionists then bomb Syria Next, the UNSC refuses to condemn the violation of its own rules and decisions Finally, the US Americans speak of a ‘perfect strike’ Now tell me – do you get a sense that this is over? If you tell me that 32/103 is hardly perfect, I will reply that you are missing the point. In fact, if anything, 32/103 is further incentive to bomb again! This really can be summarized a simple sentence: the AngloZionist Hegemony is a threat for the entire planet, but nobody besides Russia and Iran is willing to take it on. Ain’t that an irony! https://thesaker.is/alas-this-is-far-from-over/
  2. justAnothermuslim

    US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    according to some Fake News theater at its finest
  3. justAnothermuslim

    US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    here's what the syrian's newspaper said: Syria does not have any real ally when it comes to the real battle, only in words and referring to international law ignored by the criminals. We said this before and we repeat it now. Unless Russia and Iran make a serious move without useless diplomacy, they are not reliable and Syria should deal with them in similar manners without sacrificing itself to save them as it did during 8 years of war between Iran and Iraq and saving the Russian economy by not approving the Qatari gas pipeline. http://www.syrianews.cc/breaking-us-uk-and-france-attack-syria-commits-war-crime/
  4. justAnothermuslim

    Current Events Syria/Yemen/Iraq/Arabia (2017-2024)

    Recent news reports claim that US President Donald J. Trump has frozen more than $200 million in funds “earmarked for Syria recovery efforts” that nobody seems to have known about until this freezing announcement. Ostensibly, recently fired SoS Tillerson had mentioned — at some ‘aid’ conference in Kuwait — such money would be given to Syria through the State Department for infrastructure projects like power, water, and roads. In what galaxy would a pissant $200 million make a dent in the billions of dollars of Syrian infrastructure destroyed by the Obama and Trump regimes is unknown. http://www.syrianews.cc/trump-freezing-money-for-syria-that-nobody-knew-about/
  5. justAnothermuslim

    Fake News of Ghouta is giving me headaches

    As Syrian government forces battle Jaysh al-Islam to retake Eastern Ghouta, Western media outlets have totally ignored the atrocities of the insurgents, preferring to blame all the violence on the “regime.” They’re at it again, howling about a town in Syria that’s being retaken by the government. This time it’s Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus and one of the last remaining strongholds of the Islamist insurgency that has torn the country apart over the last seven years. Before Eastern Ghouta it was Aleppo and before Aleppo it was Madaya and before Madaya it was Homs, and so on. All of these places were framed as though there were no armed insurgents present, and the Syrian authorities were just mercilessly massacring civilians out of cartoonishly villainous bloodlust. If the insurgents were mentioned, they were usually (and still are) presented by the western press as moderate rebels and freedom fighters. So if your only understanding of Eastern Ghouta comes from the mainstream media, then you’re left with the impression that there’s a one-sided conflict taking place between the Syrian government and its civilians. But this war isn’t so simple. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/03/08/syria-war-what-the-mainstream-media-isnt-telling-you-about-eastern-ghouta/
  6. justAnothermuslim

    Imam Khamenei praises President Bashar al-Assad

    He could have done that. But he did not. I believe, he loves his country so much, not to let her be a Libya 2.0.
  7. justAnothermuslim

    Iran threatens to flatten Tel Aviv to the ground!

    i never said any of those things. iran knows to attack is suicidal but if attacked significantly, hezbullah will rain israel with thousands of missiles. IMO, this is the reason why syria and lebanon are important to iran, if i read the situation correctly. i do agree with you, whatever responses by iran so far, were calculated and well thought out.
  8. justAnothermuslim

    Iran threatens to flatten Tel Aviv to the ground!

    this reminds me of what the late ahmed deedat said:
  9. justAnothermuslim

    Pentagon allocates $550 million to SDF (Kurds)

  10. justAnothermuslim

    Sahaba part Two

    more like a definition of sodaqu and muttaquun rather than a mukmin. this verse was revealed refuting the jews and the christians who bragged about their qiblats/deeds. it's not like what you think.
  11. justAnothermuslim

    Going to Hajj - money to Saud Family ?

    never said they (as) were free loaders. will you cool down....
  12. justAnothermuslim

    Why will Allah punish the non-believers?

    if i understand you correctly, the bold part (my doing) is the reason why we worship God: it's for our own benefit. i tend to agree with this.
  13. justAnothermuslim

    Going to Hajj - money to Saud Family ?

    so which is more preferential to shaitan: don't go for Hajj or [unknowingly] supporting the atrocities in yemen? i wish i know the answer. Since Quran already declares he is our open enemy, i'll choose his lesser preference, if forced to make a decision. Allah knows best.
  14. justAnothermuslim

    Going to Hajj - money to Saud Family ?

    salam bro i believe you 100%. that's why i didn't comment on this point earlier. it's something to be expected when travelling, now or then. to be blunt about it, the imams (as) need not pay anything to the umayyads or abbasids in order to perform hajj/umrah. .
  15. justAnothermuslim

    Why will Allah punish the non-believers?

    this is interesting. He created human and jinn to worship Him. Certainly Allah is free from any need. So, can you enlighten me what has He created us for?