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  1. Iran threatens to flattin Tel Aviv to the ground!

    this reminds me of what the late ahmed deedat said:
  2. Pentagon allocates $550 million to SDF (Kurds)

  3. Sahaba part Two

    more like a definition of sodaqu and muttaquun rather than a mukmin. this verse was revealed refuting the jews and the christians who bragged about their qiblats/deeds. it's not like what you think.
  4. Going to Hajj - money to Saud Family ?

    never said they (as) were free loaders. will you cool down....
  5. Why will Allah punish the non-believers?

    if i understand you correctly, the bold part (my doing) is the reason why we worship God: it's for our own benefit. i tend to agree with this.
  6. Going to Hajj - money to Saud Family ?

    so which is more preferential to shaitan: don't go for Hajj or [unknowingly] supporting the atrocities in yemen? i wish i know the answer. Since Quran already declares he is our open enemy, i'll choose his lesser preference, if forced to make a decision. Allah knows best.
  7. Going to Hajj - money to Saud Family ?

    salam bro i believe you 100%. that's why i didn't comment on this point earlier. it's something to be expected when travelling, now or then. to be blunt about it, the imams (as) need not pay anything to the umayyads or abbasids in order to perform hajj/umrah. .
  8. Why will Allah punish the non-believers?

    this is interesting. He created human and jinn to worship Him. Certainly Allah is free from any need. So, can you enlighten me what has He created us for?
  9. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    iran is only helping the muslims being oppressed. the only country interfering in the affairs of the other countries in the world is usa. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48750.htm Smedley Butler : https://www.americanswhotellthetruth.org/portraits/major-general-smedley-butler
  10. Going to Hajj - money to Saud Family ?

    it was free during imams's (as) time. i don't know history that well but i think it was first imposed under the guise of visa fees.
  11. 8:41

    thanks. do you have any idea, what was revealed on that day? also i found this: From Is’haq Bin Amaar, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah asws having said: ‘The nineteenth of the Month of Ramazan is the day on which the two parties met [8:41]’. I said, ‘What is the Meaning of His azwj words: the day on which the two parties met [8:41]?’ He asws said: ‘There is gathered in it what He azwj Intends from what is to be brought forward, and it being delayed, and His azwj Intention, and its accomplishment’. Tafsir al-'Iyashi 67 / 64 : 2 ‫العيّاشي‬ ‫تفسير‬
  12. Abu Bakr have more knowledge than Ali

    it's not even my original words. it's taken from https://www.al-islam.org/shiite-islam-orthodoxy-or-heterodoxy-luis-alberto-vittor
  13. Abu Bakr have more knowledge than Ali

    you got me wrong, bro. i think shi'ite Islām is great in an of itself. I believe:- 1. One does not need to criticize the Companions or the Caliphs to exalt the 12 Imāms (as). The Imāms (as) are great in an of themselves. 2. One also does not need to criticize the Imāms of the Sunnī schools of jurisprudence to exalt Imām Ja'far al-Sādiq (as). The Sixth Imām is great in and of himself, having left legions of scholars as a legacy. one of the down side of negative advertising is, it often produces a backlash, which can result in violence, destruction, and death.
  14. Abu Bakr have more knowledge than Ali

    just read this: pg 8/162, shi'ite isam: orthodoxy or heterodoxy?
  15. Haqq & Kaththaba bil Haqq

    i was thinking, maybe another example could be: the saying "prophethood and caliphate cannot be in the same family" is a lie to quranic verse [Shakir 4:54] Or do they envy the people for what Allah has given them of His grace? But indeed We have given to Ibrahim's children the Book and the wisdom, and We have given them a grand kingdom.