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  1. That's definitely not the case lol. Honestly curious about the opinions of Muslim men. It seems to me like the family puts more importance on a woman's past being "clean" and I just wanted to see what the guys think.
  2. Wow tbh I didn't expect for such an emotionally mature answer from a Muslim man lol
  3. I'm curious how much it would matter to you if you were really in love with someone. How much would it matter to you if she had a past? Would it matter less if it was done in a halal way? Would you even want to know? I'm also curious the reasoning why it seems to matter so much to guys, but it doesn't seem to matter as much to Muslim women if the man has a history? Is it a territorial thing? Like "oh someone else has played with my meat and now I don't want it"? If that's true, you don't see anything wrong with that way of thinking? Appreciate honesty, thanks.