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  1. What is your star sign?

    I am libra...
  2. Favorite Board Game

    Scrabble words is my fav game....
  3. Latest majlis 2018

    Mola a.s salamat rkhn....
  4. Favorite Tongue Twister

    She sells sea shells on the sea shore.....
  5. Allah loves us!

  6. Witch

  7. The power of shia Islam

    Yeah sometimes it works but mostly the end of forced marriages is divorce
  8. The power of shia Islam

    Yeah ur right but forced marriages never bring good results.... Mostly the end of forced marriages is divorce
  9. The power of shia Islam

    But unfortunately Shia muslims are also involve in such cases....
  10. Love for Mola Abbas a.s ibne Ali a.s

    Ya Ali a.s.....
  11. Witch

    Yup bro i am from pakistan......
  12. My Hussain

  13. The Definition of beauty is Mola Abbas a.s Abbas a.s tere darsa Duniya mn dar kahan Mola a.s.........

    Suicide is not a solution of any problem may Allah solve your all problems and bless u with health and lots of happiness and suicide is haram in islam also......
  15. My Hussain

    Haye mazloom Hussain a.s