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  1. Asking your Dua for me

    InshaAllah you will succeed bro
  2. Where are you heading?

    Good Question Bro
  3. Where are you heading?

    W.salam I am from Pakistan
  4. Kashmir

    I think kashmir is a beautiful place
  5. Your favourite...

    Yeah bro i am totally agree with u
  6. #24 Most Valuable?

    Nice thoughts bro
  7. new member

    I am fine bro
  8. new member

    Its ok
  9. new member

    I m not bro i m sis
  10. Not Married? Keep Busy.

    Really Nice and Heart Touching video
  11. #JusticeforZainab

    #justice for Zainab Zainab kash tera qatil Tere naam ki haya kr leta....
  12. new member

    Salam welcome to shia chat bro
  13. Pakistan

    No doubt... pak army is considered strongest army all over the world
  14. Pakistan

    But i love my country nd i cant listen against it specially from foreigners or anti Pakistan agencies...
  15. Pakistan

    Hmmm u r also ri8....but u didnt get my point which i m trying to explain u...