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  1. Music and Why It's Haram *please read

    Music is haraam is said because of Karbala. See the most important reason is this only. In karbala after the martydom of Imam Husain (a.s.),all the women who were the relatives of 72 shaheed-e-karbala were deprived of covering their heads and while Imam Husain's body was lying on the ground meanwhile in the Yazid's army there was a lot of dance and songs going on which very badly hurted the family of Imam Husain. And so the thing which hurts Imam Husain's family is obviously haraam. Also according to Prophet,songs and music are haraam at that extent that Rasool Allah said that those even marriges in which music and dance is present will always be haraam for me and Allah. So now I think you must have got the answer of your question... Thanks
  2. Zuljanah

    @Ashvazdanghe Thanks
  3. Zuljanah

    Salaam walaykum. I wanted to know that keeping zuljana's showpiece in Imam Bara of house is shirk because it is a way of re creating something that Allah the almighty has created. Please answer my question as I was informed about this from a Maulana.