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  1. Noha khawan name

    Jazakallah khair i got few but still couldnt get the one which i heard in wadi us salam actully in that noha video all the other matami including noha khawab were doing kama zani matam faces were covered in blood ali ali ali haider haider haider was the chant...plz if you get the name of reciter and if possible link available plz share ......
  2. Noha khawan name

    Asalamun alai kum Actully i just want to know the name of noha khawana i just remember few things like when we enter wadi us salam we get to hear a musical dj effect noha with tatbeer matam performing in noha video wordings are like haider haider ali ali ai i dont remember the complete thing but there is lot of base and dj effect given its usually heard when you enter wadi us salam while commencing for roze e janabe hud and saleh as ....please let me know if any body know the name of that noha khawan thank you.