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  1. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Ya Ali(AS) Madad As a Revert to the school of AhlulBayt(AS) i noticed something interesting about other fellow reverts to Islam . I think it depends of the person but a lot of reverts to Ahlus sunnah or to wahabism tend to start very strongly and practice more than any muslim in the community . She will be the one who will do the nawafil prayers , do recommended fasts , debate and defend his religion with a burning passion . But just like a candle that person burns and extinguish himself very fast and tend to either abandon Islam altogether or become a cultural muslim . Again i know it does not apply to every revert in ahlus sunnah it is just a personnal observation On the other side ,reverts to Ahlul-Bayt(AS) start slowly because some have a hard time to adjust to all rituals and regulations of the religion plus dealing with the cultural side of some Shia communities but SubhanAllah the love of Ahlul-Bayt(AS) in the end, submerges them and they become the biggest lovers of Muhammad(SAWA) wa Ale Muhammad(AS) . It was the case for me ,i directly reverted to Shiism and Wallah al Adheem i tried to pray with Ahlus sunnah and to practice sunnism but the love of Ali(AS) was stronger . There is a good book called The Shia revival by Vali Nasr which says that Sunnism is built on rules and regulations But Shiism is built on love , piety and devotion and then on the rules and i think it pretty much sums up my point . Did other fellow reverts notice this ?
  2. Is Iraq safe ?

    Salam ! thank you very much for your input . How was it visiting those holy places ? i can't even imagine how it must feel
  3. Is Iraq safe ?

    Bismillah Salam Alaykoum Wa Rahmatullah I have the opportunity in April to go for a ziyarah to the graves of Imam Ali (As) and Imam Hussein (As) and also to Kadhmain and Samarra. i Was wondering is Iraq safe generally speaking ? are Najaf and Karbala safe for travelling ? JazakhAllah Wasalam
  4. How tall are you?

    i am 6'2 . i guess it's the slavic genetics lol
  5. Why i Reverted

    Bismillah Salam Alaykoum Thank you all for your warm welcome !
  6. Shi'as From Balkan Region

    Salam Alaykoum ! i Am a Romanian Shia but i live in Canada
  7. Why i Reverted

    Salam Alaykoum ! i am orignally from Romania , having also polish background . I reverted back in the holy Month of Muharram of 2015 in the Iranian Mosque of Montreal Elhamdulilah . I was Christian before taking my Shahada but i studied Every religion before making my choice . I onky knew about Ahlus Sunnah at first but when i started learning the early history i couldn't remain sunni(no disrespect intended to Sunnis ) . i feel blessed to have converted because i feel that some Born Shias do not appreciate fully the beauty and Wisdom of Ahlul-Bayt (As) . My parents being from the balkans associated My Islam to the Turks and their invasion and oppression of Romania. But i explained to them that The Iranians Shias were allied with us against Turks at that time . They did not take it too well but elhamdulilah The persona of Imam Ali (As) kept me strong as i recalled all that he had to go through and all those years of loneliness he endured , truly it breaks the heart so this kept me strong Elhamdulilah