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    Sunni Islam - Hanafi Madhab - Deobandi - Sufi
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    Anti-Darwinist, It's my aim to Completely Destroy Darwinism, Materialism, Communism, Satanism and Freemasonry.
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  1. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    It is the Wahhabis who are saving poor Muslims in Kashmir against Indian Hindus.
  2. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    But isn't this Verse about Non-Muslims ?
  3. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    @Hamodiii I wish you and along with @ali_fatheroforphans, @Hussaini624, @Gaius I. Caesar, @TheGreenWanderer and the LEGEND @Ashvazdanghe were my REAL BROTHERS. I wish you all were my Real brothers in Life . I never had this much Love <3 in Real life. I don't know why are we so separated by oceans?
  4. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    @ali_fatheroforphans @Hamodiii Appreciate the Love Guys <3
  5. Terrorism: Sunni vs. Shia

    If that's the case, then I would Love to be corrected. . May Allah Reward you brother for correcting me.
  6. Terrorism: Sunni vs. Shia

    Brother Yes I am Maturidi and Hanafi (Deobandi). But brother, there are 3 acceptable creeds within Sunni Islam Maturidi, Ashari & Athari (Salafi). Shaykh Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahaab was Athari (Salafi) in Creed. My Sunni Deobandi (Maturidi Hanafi) Masters Praise Muhammad bin Abdul Wahaab. Have a Look at these brother. http://www.darulifta-deoband.com/home/en/Deviant-Sects/5177 http://www.darulifta-deoband.com/home/en/Deviant-Sects/37703
  7. I mentioned suicide bombing, not azadari.
  8. -_- Yeah Right ! No Sunni even Bothers Azadari. Why even bother these minority groups who never gave any type of advantage to Islamic world.
  9. Terrorism: Sunni vs. Shia

    Why you guys have so much hatred for Muhammad bin abdul Wahaab ??? Just because he destroyed pagan practices??
  10. Terrorism: Sunni vs. Shia

    Why are you always accusing us (Deobandis) for terrorism? Any Specific reason? Aren't there any Shia Terrorist groups??
  11. I Know brother but that brother always accuse Sunnis of Suicide Bombing. Don't know why?
  12. Don't Mind Brother but : Ibadis are even more smaller in Number than Shias. Wait What !! ?? Can you please tell me Who is the Mahdi of Shias? Dajjal? [Mod Note: Warned & suspended for six days.] I don't know about you but I only saw you caring about Suicide Bombing all the time MAN !. What about Sunni Killed by Shias in Syria and Yemen ??? But You have to believe it Sunnis have always been in forefront when it comes saving Islam. History proves that Sunnis always saved Islam in Hard times while Shias always caused problems. Read the History of Shias of Awad Nawab in Indian Subcontinent. Read Real History of Safavid Dynasty. Shias, Obsessed with world Domination. Don't know who their Mahdi is ???
  13. A mockery by shia's of the Ahlulbayt [as]

    I know brother. This Painting was not made by Shias. I believe in you Shias. Shia people can never do such things.
  14. A mockery by shia's of the Ahlulbayt [as]

    Done Thank You Very Very Very Much Brother MAY Allah Reward you for this Good Deed. Aameen.
  15. MAN ! You don't know about me, Brother. I am having NIGHTMARES for like 2 or 3 years and you know what, for 4 years I haven't had slept well. I only sleep for 4 hours and now 3 hours. While at my age, 19, sleep is very necessary. I also need التماس دعا (Please Pray for me).