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    Anti-Darwinist, It's my aim to Completely Destroy Darwinism, Materialism, Communism, Satanism and Freemasonry.
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  1. Do Shias respect Christians?

    I don't have your answer but I hope this Helps. And YES, Ibadis are the Most tolerant Muslims.
  2. Umm Salama (RA) Defender of Ahlulbayt (AS)

    MashaAllah Brother !!! May Allah Make me Enter heaven through the Intercession of Mother Umm-e-Salama (A)
  3. Are there even Sahih (Trustworthy) Hadiths (Narrations) that Masters hear us ? Would love to see those References from Authentic Shia Hadith Books.
  4. khawarij?

    YES they are KHAWARIJ. Killing ISIS would be a Blessing.
  5. Will Master Mahdi (AlaihisSalaam) Marry ?

    What do you Mean Brother ?
  6. life in grave

  7. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Here you Go !!
  8. Will Master Mahdi (AlaihisSalaam) Marry ?

    For You these questions Might be Small but for me These are big.
  9. What is your goal today?

    You think I am referring to someone else ??
  10. Turkey Shelling Syria

    SO much hate for Turks. Really ???
  11. What is your goal today?

    @hasanhh Who is this guy I mean reallyy ??.... (I am Speechless)
  12. What is your goal today?

    Jihaadist Shia XD.