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  1. Why Is Allah Doing This to Me?

    Assalam-o-Alaikum My Dear Brother. I am 19 now. When I was your age, 14, I was just like you. Distressed, Depressed, Anxiety, Headache and Weakness. Crying everyday was my routine and it caused pain in my eyes. But Alhamdulillah today I am fine. If i write my life history it will be long . You can ask from me any question. Always remember, Allah Tests, and it is up to you how you perform this test. Actions which helped me were : 1. Staying Calm 2. Be Kind to others even if they are not kind to you 3. Speak nice
  2. Why Shias do Mutah?

    Both. If there is Haqq in them, I will accept. Whether they may be from Sunni or Shia.
  3. Why Shias do Mutah?

    Haha No No, But Shia Interpretation of verse is little bit different. I thought the verse was on Permanent Marriage.
  4. Why Shias do Mutah?

    Look My Brother, it is not that I hate Shias or something. Although I was brought up in Hardcore Wahabi Surroundings, I respects Shia Sect and Shias. The only thing is that I find somethings in Shia Sect Odd. I may be wrong and I would love to be corrected. The same is the case with Mutah. You cand read in Sahih Muslim that Mutah and Donkey Meat were Considered Haram. And Mola Ali (RaziAllahAnhu) is Narrator of this Hadith. Later Prophet Mohammad (AlaiHisSalam) also told to follow the Caliphs after him. it is not that I only hate Mutah Practice, I even hate Misiyar Practice and find it disgusting which is performed by Wahabis.
  5. Why Shias do Mutah?

    Mutah performed by Shias is no Different from Misyar Performed by Wahabis.
  6. Why Shias do Mutah?

    No no. Marrying a Widow is not Disgusting. But a Widow should be Married Permanently. Even I would love to marry a widow, but Permanently.
  7. Why Shias do Mutah?

    I don't find Marriage Disgusting. I find Temporary Marriage Disgusting.
  8. Pakistan is Majority Sunni but you can find Shias in Significant number. Since it is believed that Quaid-e-Azam (Founder of Pakistan) was Ismaili Shia. But I see Wahabis and Deobandis are very much in Power. Barelvi is the only Sunni Branch which you can say is Shia Friendly but even Barelvis have lost their Control. Multan (City of Pakistan where I live) is City of Saints and filled with Shrines but people are are now thinking celebrating death anniversiry of Saints is something wastage of time. So SHOCKING point for me is Founder of Pakistan was Shia but today Wahabis are in power. It feels like in some years Pakistan will just be like Saudi Arabia.
  9. Why Shias do Mutah?

    Why Shias perform Mutah??? Please don't mind sorry to say, isn't it Disgusting??? Men having Muta with different Women and Women having Muta with different men.
  10. Celebrating The Birthday Of Prophet Bida?

    No No I mean majority of Sunnis, whether they may be Salafi, Wahabi, Deobandi, Barelvi, etc, don't give Mawlid much Importance. In Pakistan (where I live), yes there was Official Holiday by the Government on 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal but people didn't give much importance to it. The day is being by Sunnis like a Normal Holiday. I only see Shias and minority Shrine Going Sunnis celebrating Mawlid. In Afghanistan people don't even know what Mawlid is. In Iraq, for Sunnis it's not a Big Holiday. Sunnis even get Married in the Month of Muharram, So why would they Celebrate Mawlid??
  11. Dream Interpretation of Imam Ali (AS) ?

    Come On, What's Wrong with this Thread ??
  12. Celebrating The Birthday Of Prophet Bida?

    Hmmm.... Your words are making to research on it ... Wasn't Mawlid Started in 600 Hirjah???
  13. Intercession in Shia Islam

    You Mean are Intercession and Tawasul 2 Different Things?
  14. Should I be a Shia or Sunni Muslim?

    If you want to ask any question on Sunni Islam. Just Ask Me.
  15. Celebrating The Birthday Of Prophet Bida?

    I don't know but in my knowledge, Majority of Non-Salafis don't Celebrate Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)'s Birthday.