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  1. Salaam. Why do all my posts need approval? Is it an anti-spam feature?
  2. Tesco's christmas ad

    I think it is an issue blown out of proportion.
  3. Who is likely to win the champion's league?

    I think Manchester city look very strong this year. PSG are another strong side but I think city are are better than them. Barcelona and Real Madrid are strong but not as strong they were last year. I think Manchester city could beat them.
  4. Youth Viewing Porn

    This website is very informative https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/
  5. Why shouldn't we celebrate Eid Milad un Nabi?

    I think this event is mainly celebrated extravagantly by mainly the sunni barevli subsect? I've read online that they are a form of sufis.
  6. @lolo0019 I think you should leave him, sometimes we may think emotionally and this emotion can lead us to make decisions which in the long run are not good for us.
  7. Looking to move to Islamabad

    What is the shia population of Pakistan?
  8. Is "mansplaining" Islamically legitamite?

    Yes I agree with you. They are however even more selective in their reading and even amongst women they will only follow a handful of strange women. Now I don't know much about religion like others but I saw some of these women who they followed and one of them was leading mixed prayers and even went as far as to insult a prophet and called them a "deadbeat dad". Something just isn't right about these feminists.
  9. Salafis follow Sunnah of Umar

    Isn't Umar held in high regard by all sunnis and not just the salafi subsect?
  10. Is "mansplaining" Islamically legitamite?

    In my browsing I encountered many Muslim feminists, some of them would exclusively ask for books or lectures that were the product of women. They showed absolute apathy towards knowledgeable people like scholars if they were male. I'm not the best or most knowledgeable Muslim but I think there was something extremely wrong in their behaviour.
  11. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    This is a very tense situation, I've read MBS is a liberally minded person, I wonder what the future holds for KSA.
  12. Looking for free books

    Salaam, I sometimes lurk on this forum and read. I decided to make an account. I recall reading a post by someone in which they said they emailed a seminary in Qom for some books on a topic of their choosing and in response and the seminary sent them books.I want to know more information about this so I can get some books too. I'm looking to expand my knowledge of the religion as I don't really know much about our faith and this would be beneficial. I think the user who posted this is a forum moderator. Thank you!