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  1. Khula reasons

    I have explained her verywell but the issue is her brothers who lives continents away from her... she do meet me once in 2/3 month and spend couple of hours as husband and wife and looks very happy but when she leaves then the issue starts... very bad attitude, ego and pride... I am started giving up now. its been 2 years im feeling humiliated in society and im afraid of going into depression... feeling like im searching spark in an Ash.
  2. Assalam Alaikum brothers & sisters, My wife left home with my children because for the reason of one slap during 16 years of marriage, result of that she reported me to police too, she made me sell the home and the money lies with lawyers trust account, I have already agreed to give her 80% of the money. it is one and half year she is living in her cousin home in a small room and that pains me very much and effecting me psychologically too... i request her to comeback and she is too arrogant & adamant but occasionally like once in a month or two she show some love that lead us to come close and within a day her mental status changes, i know 100% she doenst want to leave me and she loves me and ofcourse i love her more than anything... fyi: her brothers live in other countries and support her in all ways except financially... I am supporting her financially and brought her a car to take kids to school too... she is saying her maulana will call me for khula. I just want to prepare myself to answer maulana that on what grounds is she asking khula. i am verywell aware that she is doing it due to her brothers advises. can you please help me with what reasons that construct khula to be granted by maulana to her? Also what are my rights as a husband to save marriage and what kind of reasons can i give him. Jazakallah.