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  1. Redraw the borders of the Middle East ?

    I came across this “Better Middle East” map and thought it was interesting, apparently it was drawn by some US official or general, what do you guys think, will this atleast solve the major problems in the Middle East since the current middle eastern borders were drawn after the French and British backstabbed the Arabs and drew the borders according to their own interests after WWI ?
  2. difference between a slave and a concubines ?

    So the child is legitimate even if the master doesn’t marry that slave girl ?
  3. difference between a slave and a concubines ?

    I recently started reading about Ottoman history and I found out that most of the Ottoman sultans mothers were concubines that they captured from their conquests into Europe, since Ottoman sultans can’t marry other high class Turkish women due to political reasons and they didn’t want powerful enemies to challenge the house of Osmanoğlu, so my questions are, are the Ottoman sultans whose mother was a concubine makes him a [Edited Out] ? What’s the difference between a slave and a concubine? And what is the shia view on this ?
  4. sister getting married.. in a different way

    You said that you were originally from Iraq, mostly likely western culture changed her after you moved to London.