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  1. Shiaa Matcher App

    Thanks for all the Support we Got so Far. Already Reached 1000 Downloads and Still Counting. Please Contact us for any feedback or suggestions that might be helpful to us to implement.
  2. Shiaa Matcher App

    The App is Available on Google Play Store. It is Called "Shia Matcher". You can Also Click on the Following Link : Download Link
  3. Shiaa Matcher App

    Salam Brothers and Sisters This is my first post on the forums, and I am glad to be part of this community. For this, I would like to introduce a New Phone App that I have been working on for a Year now all towards the benefit of the Shiaa Community, that I believe would require us to work harder and better than what we are now. As the title states, the App is Called "Shiaa Matcher" and its available on Google Play Store. NO ITS NOT A DATING APP. The app is intended to facilitate for our Shiaa Brothers and Sisters the concept of marriage whom many are struggling with especially our youth. Rather than having our youngsters looking for a partner on other known apps, that are totally obscene, why not make our own. Moving to the Technical Part about the App : Create a Profile with Images Gallery Accounts can engage via chats. Privacy settings have been placed for convenience Ability to Locate nearby users via GPS Ability to Report any Malicious account,chat, or picture, and this will be revised in less than 12 Hours App can also be used for Shiaa Brothers to meet other brothers, or sisters meet other sisters too Many More is there that Wont be listed here, so worth giving the app a try Download Link If anyone requires a question or even a suggestion please contact me or leave a reply on this post and I am more than happy to reply Back. Salam
  4. Shiaa Matcher App

    Definitely Not. It is only intended to be oriented towards Shiaa's just as this website is.
  5. Shiaa Matcher App

    Salam, Thanks for your post and Support. We intended to make this app Oriented towards Shia's in specific, due to the fact that we as Shia's are oppressed through out the world, and we do require more support to ourselves as a community, and this support comes from nowhere except from ourselves. Hence the app " Shia Matcher". We are glad to take any other suggestions into consideration for our future implementation.
  6. Shiaa Matcher App

    Update Released : New Release v5.0 with Minor Glitch Fixed Added Pro Mode Functionality Downloads Approaching 500 Users Can view Distance per KM
  7. Shiaa Matcher App

    As an update to this Post a Few Images are Displayed Below within the Current Update.
  8. Shiaa Matcher App

    Hi [edit], Thanks for your reply! Sorry to say we have not received your email, might be due to a maintenance that our SMTP server was running. Please Contact me on my temporary email for any urgent issues : techie.world99@gmail.com Thanks
  9. Shiaa Matcher App

    [edit] Salam, We have not got any emails from you. Please let me know which email you have contacted. Thanks
  10. Shiaa Matcher App

    @Laayla Salam Laayla, We would like to ensure you that we worked really hard to ensure the app complies with our religious acts and beliefs, by placing strict rules and settings. Some of them are listed below : Chat Requests Are required before two parties can engage in a chat Community can report any profanity that is being caused by a certain user, and this will be revised within 12 hours Privacy Settings have been enabled to ensure convenience We constantly monitor profile activities, to prevent,stop,ban suspicious users Finally, the App has been coded and published, and is being run by Muslim brothers to ensure total compliance with our religion. We hope these technical details are taken into deep consideration before referring to a religious scholar. Thanks
  11. Salam Hameedah, @Ali

    I have recently placed a payment for advertisement with your site. Would you please let me know how its progressing as I have not received any confirmations yet.


    1. Hameedeh


      @TechieWorld Thank you. InShaAllah a member of the ShiaChat.com advertising team will be in contact with you soon.

  12. Shiaa Matcher App

    Salam [edit], No we are not affiliated with them. Thanks for the suggestion we might look into it.
  13. Shiaa Matcher App

    Salam Bakir, Having these features within an app does not make it as a dating app. In addition, this app was developed by Muslims with the intention of being used in a good way. We are totally strict on how users use the app. In other words any obscene images or chats being reported are taken seriously and might results in a permanent ban.
  14. Shiaa Matcher App

    Salam, Ok I would go with this. Just wondering would my post still be approved, as my main intention was to get technical feedback from members rather than promotion. Thanks