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  1. I'm in the same boat as you, I'd be very interested in a book that discusses Islamic Economics from a Shia perspective. I did a quick search on al-islam and the following book came up: What do You Know about Islamic Economics? Author(s): Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr A short text about the nature of the Islamic economic system, its distinction from Capitalism and Marxism, and the primary obstacles encountered in its application to society today. Inshalla once I finish the current book I'm reading I can start this one.
  2. TwelveGems: Online store that sells Islamic Rings

    Thank you very much. I appreciate the feedback you made really great points. What I mean my "Islamic" rings is that they are made based on the narrations provided to us i.e. the type of gemstone and the material of the band. In terms of the information on the gemstones I can definitely add natural as all the stones are, but to add any further information it would be necessary to get the gemstones examined by a jeweller. Since these are mostly semi precious stones they don't hold the same value as emeralds or rubies and would drastically increase the prices of the rings. I hope to eventually expand my inventory and when I do inshalla I will refer to your post.
  3. I've read a few dystopian novels and I'll list them from in my opinion best to worse: 1. Brave New world 2. 1984 3. The giver 4. Animal farm 5. The handmaid's tale
  4. Salam Alaikum, As a Muslim living in Canada I found it very hard to purchase good looking Shia rings. So I decided to start an online store myself www.TwelveGems.com. I made sure that the rings followed the traditions of the Prophet (saws) and the Imams (as). Some our gemstones include: Yemeni Aqeeq, Fairouz, and Hadid Sini. If anyone has any questions about Twelve Gems or about muslim rings in general, I'd be more than happy to answer them to the best of my.