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  1. Dua Noor Kabeer

    Thanks brother, but I want Dua Noor Kabeer with English translation...not dua noor sagheer. The link you sent (Mafatih al Jinan), contains Dua noor sagheer Dua noor kabeer begins as follows: "Allahuma ya nooran noori tanawwarta bin noori wan nooro, fi noori noorika ya noor..." S&D
  2. Dua Noor Kabeer

    I need it for a project, and have been looking online for another English translation (than the one found on duas.org)...without any luck I'd really appreciate and it would be wonderful if someone could help me in this matter. S&D
  3. Dua Noor Kabeer

    Salaam Alaikum! I was wondering if anyone knows or have a resource for the English translation of "Dua Noor Kabeer", other than the one which can be found on "duas.org". I am in desperate need of this, so please let me know. If anyone has it at home and have the possibility to scan or send photos of it, I would gladly provide my email address. Jazakallah khair. May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts. Salaams & Du'as