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  1. my family tree (shajrah-e-nasab)

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, As-salaam alaikum. I am in the process of researching my family tree (shajrah-e-nasab) and would like to talk with any Kazmi Sadaat, inparticular those who are descended from Ishaq ibn Musa. Salaams and duas. syed waqqas haider kazmi from [EDIT] [Mod Note: Since your username shows your real name, that has been allowed. However, your location and the names of your family members, phone number, email, etc. was removed. Please do not post personal information that can be used to identify you or someone else without their permission. Whatever you post on the Internet will be read by scammers and spammers. Participate at ShiaChat and contact other members by posting on your own profile or sending a private message (PM). Advanced members with 25+ posts in the forums can send PM.]