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  1. ya wadoodo tasbih wazaif

    he/she loved me.But we brokeup for some reasons..I want to bring him/her back in my life..He/she is mad on me and even does not just want to see me..Plz suggest me some dua to put my love in his/her heart.
  2. ya wadoodo tasbih wazaif

    Sir I love someone but She/He does not loves me..I want to put my love in his/her heart..Is ya wadoodo tasbih is better to get results. Thanks
  3. 2 question about karbala tragedy

    plz ans de den...anyone here?
  4. 2 question about karbala tragedy

    thanks plz give me ans of my second question too. hazart ali asghr (a.s) keley pani hi q manga...kiya wo maa ka dhodh nhi pee skte the?
  5. dua to see my desire in dream.

    sir now my problem is complex.I can't tell here.I just want to see that for my heart comfort.Can u tell me namaz or dua?
  6. dua to see my desire in dream.

    Assalamoalaikum.sorry for my english grammer errors. I want to get most powerfull dua or namaz to see my future in dream.I love someone and I all left on Allah.But I want to see my marriage with her.Is it possible to see in dream.Plz help me if anyone of u know dua or namaz.