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  1. Your everyday outfit?

    I’m surprised sumerian has not commented
  2. Your everyday outfit?

    Abaya outside
  3. [TRASH PIT]Roasting people

    Is this really a productive topic ?
  4. Most handsome Pakistani man attends Hajj

    He’s actually not that handsome
  5. Rolex or Lamborghini

    Sounds abit feminine you can focus on your jewellery and clothes never known a man to do that
  6. Salam i tend to find bruises on myself I don’t know why this happens to me usually on the legs
  7. Rolex or Lamborghini

    Can I have a jet instead to fly where I need to go
  8. Whats stopping me from becoming a Shia???

    Never give out personal information to him he said some disturbing things in chatroom
  9. ShiaMatch problem

    Yep the whole world wants you when you are married then when your single nobody likes you way the universe works
  10. Thoughts 2018

    Why do people think reverts are not true muslims
  11. Double Standards

    Salam lets put all the brothers in thobes lol
  12. Would you marry her?

    I agree with mutah but seems others have an issue with it
  13. Syed mother pregnant with non syed child question

    Salam i hope this question isn’t real
  14. Would you marry her?

    Why is mutah haram because some may have “sex” my goodness they could be doing worse
  15. Would you marry her?

    Salam Mutah is halal it is a marriage end of subject