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  1. Salam do u find yourself hiding problems and pain so you won’t bother those around you ?
  2. Mercies from Allah

    Salam i often dream about my daughter hugging her hearing her call me mama again her father will never allow her near me I left him due to domestic violence are these dreams mercies from Allah so I can feel her even a little bit even if it’s only dreams
  3. Question: West/East Marriage Culture

    Wow what generalisation
  4. I have a desire to have a huge family I want to have 5+ children is it unrealistic these days to have such desires
  5. Stressing out a pregnant woman

    Anyone could do it doesn’t have to be a husband
  6. Stressing out a pregnant woman

    Anyone stressing a pregnant woman
  7. Stressing out a pregnant woman

    It’s not for me it’s just a general question
  8. What is the Islamic rulings of this I know it’s bad but what are laws and rulings on it or laying your hand on pregnant woman
  9. Salam I lived in Arabia for sometime put it this way they haven’t changed much still preferring to have sons over daughters tribe fights The maids they have are basically still treated as slaves looking down on other people who are not from their country
  10. Jealousy

    Yes I am saying when a man is jealous of his wife
  11. I feel jealousy is a good thing I have hered if a man is jealous it isn’t healthy but for my personal opinion I would rather jealousy then a non jealous man it would feel like he didn’t care
  12. Salam What’s your personal opinion? I feel it is Abit of both And depends on the circumstances
  13. #4 Are you a Coffee Drinker?

    Only if it is iced mocha otherwise no
  14. Do you judge those who do mutah

    Sunni brother what about misyar marriage ?