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  1. https://www.google.com.au/amp/amp.timeinc.net/time/3584585/saudi-arabia-bulldozes-over-its-heritage salam this absolutely breaks my heart
  2. We should all be social

    Salam yes I think it’s very important that we are social
  3. Mutah

    Your mutah is not valid but I would ask a sheikh anyway the man should give you your time back though I’ve been in the same situation I insisted till I got it
  4. How to avoid inappropriate comments

    I’m a single revert mother I have nobody
  5. Divorce grounds

    Excuse me while I laugh you blame your mother for you not loving her more What is wrong with you
  6. Muslim Men Wearing Gold and Silk to tease Enemies

    Are you feeling ok ?
  7. How to avoid inappropriate comments

    Salam brothers and sisters i have a weird experience everything I go to the local food store there is a man who works in one of sections he calls me names like beautiful and says to my child your so nice like your mum i always avoid him but sometimes my child runs into his section and he notices us in my area this is the only food store to go to another one I would have to get the bus what would you do in this situation
  8. Are there any Mutah networks?

    No there isn’t if they didn’t have intercourse there is no iddah
  9. Divorce grounds

    Sister no offence you seem determined to destroy that brothers first marriage ok say he divorced his wife what would stop him from divorcing you later
  10. Are there any Mutah networks?

    1 alright maybe a 5
  11. Are there any Mutah networks?

    I hope we find some I think this is in high demand for many people
  12. Marriage(Nikah) Contract Conditions

    Salam sister can I please have a talk to you about Saudi I lived there for 3 Years I was married to a Saudi shia I think there are some things you should know
  13. Is Istikhara mandatory before marriage

    Just block him you and your family owe no explanation to them go find a good man who will treat you as his diamond I am your friend and sister
  14. Is Istikhara mandatory before marriage

    Block him now delete his number delete his photos look at what he did to you a real man would not do that