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  1. Hello, I've made these 4 dreams today: I I'm in a water park and I see a lot of people I know from school and a couple of famous actors. II I'm in a Hotel, which is basically getting full of water so I gotta escape it, and I actually do, there's a Paparazzi taking pics outside of the Hotel. When I get out my mom's waiting for me, then this guy comes and he has a pistol, but I don't know if it was fake or not, so I ran away from him. III I was in my house, I see some woman hanging from the balcony of my house, so I persaude her to go away and she does, but she comes back. Then, I see a lot of animals outside the balcony. First, a couple of ducks, then a couple of pigeons, then a giant eagle, who is standing still, then a couple of dogs (one was my cousin's dogs) who actually manage to get in the house (and one of them was touching the power outlet) then two cats, one is very badly injured so my brother takes it and starts taking care of it, but his friend says 'Don't even think about keeping it' (which is what I wanted to do 'You know, I did the same you want to do know and with my job I don't have time to look after it'. IV I'm at school, a teacher asks my cousin 'Are you going to spend your time with your cousin (me) as City Mayors?' and he answers 'No, so I can organize that holiday trip for you' Please tell me what that means, I've read that an eagle in the house means the angel of death will enter the house!!! Although the eagle was in the balcony