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  1. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    @mustafaMC Dear brother asalamualaikum. You don't need to tag yourself as being sunni or shia. And these tags will not earn you jannah or forgiveness. Believe in one God Allah and his last messenger Muhammad PBUH. For guidance in life one should adopt hierarchy given below. 1: Seek guidance from Quran and follow orders of Allah in quran. 2: if you are unable to find your answer in quran then consult to hadit. Surprisingly you will hardly need to follow hadit in your daily life. Remember early muslim seek guidance from quran and even Muhammad PBUH prohibited to write his hadit. 3: if none above worked you can seek guidance from sahabi rasool. As far as shia sunni division is concerned i did study history and historians who did not bong to any sect and had no religious influence. I also read shia and sunni historical point of views. [Mod Note: The following are not mainstream Shia beliefs.] Sunni version of history : They omit all bad incidents related towards four khalifas no matter its fadak or jamal or safeen they just don't want to discuss. Shia version of history : They justify everything hazrat ali or hazrat hussain did and cover up if they failed to do things right. They will make up stories to prove their beliefs. They will seek arguments to alter kalimya tayyabia or namaz. They can make up stories regarding names of imams. They can even use ayats regarding Christians and women of muhammad (pbuh) for hazrat ali. Reason is puerly political. Shias believed in religious successors of hazrat muhammad pbuh. While khalifat was puerly political seat but its criteria was set to be pious and best amongst them. After shahadat of hazrat ali umayiads were being challenged in arab and abassied used alieds as tool to gain power by telling people that they are the right leader of Islamic state. When abassied won they sort of kept distance from alieds and made their own khalifat and then alieds gathered their supporters and formed their own government. Fatimeds also used so called love for ahl e bait to gain power later in history. Hazrat ali was not able to get power in early khalifats because he was great warrior and he killed many close relatives to leaders of tribes back then. Later his decision to not take revenge from killers of usman ra proved deadly for his khalifat and powers as khalifa. Another character in shiasm is abdullah ibn saba whoes existence shias deny but historians recorded his wrongdoings in conspiracy against uthman ra and declaring hazrat ali as God. Last words. Believe in Allah and follow what is in his book and nothing else. What sahaba did with each other will stay with them. There is no need to fight over mistakes of our leaders in history. Their actions does not count in our beliefs / aqeedah. All of companions were people who loved muhammad pbuh and were best muslims amongst us. Everyone was lucky to have company of muhammad pbuh we have to capacity to judge them. May Allah show us the right path.