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  1. any albanian shias

    wa alakum asalam o shqipe vella ne din ahl elbejt
  2. Sufi...

    i really want to know about bektashis as im part albanian and spoke to a few anf they are very secretive one of them told me he did salah and dent me a picture of his turbah?
  3. any albanian shias

    are there any albanian shias?
  4. Balkans?

    some of my family are albanian... and sunni. im shia though
  5. Shi'as From Balkan Region

    any albanian shias?
  6. Any Iraqis/Shia in Birmingham

    yes there are loads, there are two merkez, one called al jawad and the other called alrasool both located in central birmingham (Highgate) area and near two the main shia mosque on clifton road b12 which is run by the khoja community. Amir, from birmingham
  7. Any community in the Balkans (south east Europe)?

    are you albanian shia rafidhi?