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  1. Smoking Cigarette

    "Have any of you looked into any fatwas for lighting a fire while filling gas (petrol) in your car? Probably not. So why look for fatwas on trivial issues that are really up to the individual to decide." That is beyond irrelevant to the topic. You're just being a rude person here, your comment is clearly unnecessary because all you're doing is nitpicking at peoples opinions.
  2. Anglo Iranian Oil - PhD thesis

    Salam Haji, I attempted to open the PDF, but the file seems broken/unable to open.
  3. Smoking Cigarette

    Definition of fit in the dictionary: in good health, especially because of regular exercise. I've only stopped smoking a week ago and, I struggle to believe they fit that term. People who smoke can't run for longer than 400 meters without going into a coughing fit or having breathing problems. Before you give me the argument of 'oh they're old' I can show you videos of 70-80-90-year-olds jogging without losing their breath, who don't have a problem doing exercise because they take care of their bodies and they are people who are smoke-free. You're defending something which instigates negative impact to the human body simply because your loved ones do it. A debate with you is impossible because you have your mind set on one thing.
  4. Smoking Cigarette

    Brother, you seem to be ignoring everything everyone's saying. If you smoke it's fine, I do to. I'm currently in the process of stopping, went from cigarettes to a vape pen. Inshallah, I'll have the will power soon to completely stop smoking. Like, yes there is proof that tobacco harms you and in the Quran, I can't remember which surah, it states one must not kill them selves with their own hands. You hold, and smoke a cigarette with your hands, which proceeds to put bad chemicals into your body. Which later on can cause lung failure and or cancer. How ever if you try to respond with one of your previous statements, I'll simply believe smoking cannabis is not haram.
  5. Smoking Cigarette

    Yeslamo ya habibi. Thank you.
  6. Smoking Cigarette

    Of course, like I said only Allah SWT knows when someone will die, but you are killing off your organs by smoking cigarettes. There's loads of proof towards it and you're refusing to understand that, I asked one question this thread. Is it haram and you're just non stop defending smoking cigarettes. I can type so much, but no matter what I say. What you have set in your head will stay that way, because it's your opinion.
  7. Smoking Cigarette

    Brother, you seem to be defending smoking very emotionally. Do you smoke? Or more importantly, you keep saying there are benefits for smoking. There is not a single reference which states smoking is solely good for you. There are some benefits of smoking, but the cons outweigh the benefits by a mile. IF you're going to say smoking cigarettes is halal then I should also believe smoking marijuana is halal too.
  8. Discord

    Salam, I was thinking of this today. Since it's easier to answer questions/talk to people via speech instead of the use of text.
  9. Smoking Cigarette

    Salaam to all who contributed to this topic. Thank you for this information, I don't think I could've found it all out without your help. I appreciate it!
  10. Smoking Cigarette

    Ok, to before you said red Indians smoked and your uncle smokes. Allah probably has a reason for them to have lived so long, otherwise, they would have naturally died by their own hands. No one knows why things happen, but is it really a good idea to damage the body that Allah has given you? Is it worth smoking a cigarette if it's going to damage your teeth, making you breathing heavy, making your breath stink and making your sperm count lower? This is all harming my self, right? And self-harm is considered haram, correct? Also to add, not everyone will get immediately hurt by tar as it's similar to the gambling, some people will be lucky and smoke till they're 200! and some could die after their first cigarette.
  11. Smoking Cigarette

    Brother, does that mean smoking weed is not haram using your logic? Not a single human has died from smoking weed. And it has shown scientific evidence that it helps the human body. As well as, curing some diseases such as anorexia.
  12. Smoking Cigarette

    https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/health-concerns/tobacco/research/tobacco-use-statistics/terminology.html Heavy smoker: a smoker who reports consuming 20 cigarettes or more per day.
  13. Smoking Cigarette

    Hey hey don't make this a 'we' thing, if you're making missiles and nuclear weapons and WMD's that's you bro. I'm not even close to even making a stink bomb. I grow my plants naturally, I put the seeds in the soil out side, dash some water on them and hopefully, enough sun lets them grow. If they don't grow, they don't grow. Again, I'm being specific, and I'm pretty sure the sura I quoted is specific to what EACH PERSON does. Allah only judges you on the things you did, not what some other people are doing. Each sin for the specific person. I don't even drive, I hope to move to Lebanon and get a horse.
  14. Smoking Cigarette

    Salsabeel, the quote: "And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]. And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good."(Surat Al-Baqarah,verse 195) So technically speaking I'm not intentionally breathing in carbon monoxide from cars. I'm only doing it because other people are inconsiderate enough to not drive electric cars. I'm not physically going up to every car and breathing in that fresh monoxide, so it's not within my hands. But if I can avoid it and I'm refusing to, then that is with my own hands, so it would be considered haram. I can't stop aging, I'm not powerful, Allah SWT is. He could stop me from aging, but that's the process of life to death. The test.
  15. Smoking Cigarette

    Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei, my mother. I think my mother is too, or she follows sistani.