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  1. How Difficult Arabic Is

    Teach me your ways of learning Arabic so easily, reading and writing that is.
  2. Decision

    Salam, No one knows what is in the future but Allah SWT. I've currently lived in a country with my family for 5 months now, and I'm struggling to find a job here even though I hold a degree. Which is now a common thing everywhere. I'm left with a decision of waiting here, sitting at home after applying for jobs to reply to me or go back to the U.K. where I'll be able to get a job the day I arrive. I'm unsure how to make this decision because I really want to work to make sure my future me can look after himself without the help of anyone but Allah. But when I think of flying back, my heart aches because I know how much I'll be going to miss my mother. How do I make a difficult decision for my self?
  3. #13 English As First Language

    Born in the U.K. English by nature is my mother language, only can talk Arabic ;_; no reading or writing.
  4. Western Islam

    Salam, I was born to a Muslim mother and a Muslim father, however my father left us when I was 4, and when I grew to the age of 16. I became very 'depressed' because I felt life was unfair so I decided religion didn't make sense to me. By the age of 17, I didn't have a religion by name but I did believe in something, a creator. At 22 years old, so many signs and incidents had happened which left me unable to turn away from the truth. That Allah is one and Islam is the only real religion. However, I was still living a bad life so I didn't go back straight away, I waited to come to Lebanon so my mother could guide me a bit more. 4 Months ago I became a Muslim by name again, however, I have been reading and learning about it for 8 months properly now. Being a western Islam back then, made me lose understanding of the religion, since culture got in the way.
  5. Life is difficult..

    Salam, I live in Nabatiyeh/Haboush area. I wish there was a love react, thank you so much for the help. I'll do that right away.
  6. Western Islam

    Salam, Before I reverted, a lot of my Muslim friends in the U.K. used to do this.
  7. Anyone here good with coding?

    In Lebanon, Google Maps isn't programmed well so if I type in an area, 90% of the time it won't show up. Hense why I want to make one my self, additionally that's why I want to learn to code my self. I'd rather learn coding than have to spend money on a coder, since I can learn to do what he/she can do.
  8. Habibi, I have 26 posts and it's asking me for a password? Sorry for bothering you.

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    2. حسين
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      I can see other members using the chat room, so it is not a site problem, it is a problem with your device. I will ask another Admin to take a look at the screen capture (screenshot) you posted. Sorry for the delay. 

    4. Hameedeh


      @ Hussein. If you are still not able to enter the chat room, please change your browser to something else and see if that helps: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. You might also have to download or update Java. 

  9. Western Islam

    Salam, Is it a tradition of western Islam to say bismillah a rahman a raheem before eating non halal foods?
  10. Kennedy Files

    Is there a chance it could've been an inside job?
  11. Salam, when I try to enter the chat, it is asking me for a password?

    1. Hameedeh


      @حسين Only Advanced members can enter the chat room. You need 25 posts in the forums. You have 24 right now. 

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      Haha, my bad sorry didn't know! 

  12. What is your favourite number and why?

    I have two; - 8 because I used to love the design of number eight and how it resembles infinity. - 69 Majority of my passwords include this number
  13. I'm going to say something which might make sense to a few but might go over the heads of some too. Humans, we are created from clay. Like pottery, however, you move your hands you create different shapes of pots. Humans are similar in that aspect, we shape the way we become after Allah SWT has given us a clean slate (most of us anyway.) The way we chose to surround our selves with specific people or choose how to spend our time, ends up carving the way we feel and think about things. I'd rather not continue with what I'm trying to say since many have found it offensive in the past and called me delusional for it. But that's my 5 L.L.
  14. What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    Only game I play is League of Legends.
  15. Salam, I'm a graduate from a course called Enterprise and entrepreneurship and I recently had an idea. However, I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if it's possible to execute it. Part of the idea is creating a map from my town and then walking around every corner to map out the exact location and houses. I'm not sure of what coding language I'll need to learn and I'm not sure if it's even possible, but for some reason, I believe it's possible because there is an app called 'Google Maps.' Could anyone with the right amount of knowledge guide me on how I could create the idea I have? Or even guide me to where I could learn to make something like this? Thank you for anyone who does participate in this post in advance.