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  1. Friday prayer throughout history

    Salam, it felt like yelling when I first went. After that, I only begun to go 5 minutes after adhan had finished, because by then they would be finished or getting ready to leave. I only think it's unnatural to stand behind someone who is a 'sheikh'. It feels...unnatural? I'll try again regarless this Friday.
  2. Friday prayer throughout history

    Salam, Ill honestly try this Friday. I may of been paranoid for absolute no reason, I've never had someone to look up to and learn from. So I'm basically learning some new things as a revert. Appologise if I sounded ignorant, was just speaking my opinion on how I felt. Is there any advice you could give? If this is going off topic, please pm me I'm happy to be educated further.
  3. missing someone

    Salam alaykum, When I lost my grandmother, who was like a secondary mother to me. I felt like I lost a huge piece of me. What helped me 'get over it' was when ever I thought of her or even was about to get teary, I remembered the hilarious things she used to do and the important things she did. I would also think of what she would think if she saw me this upset and how she would feel, that helped a ton. I also began to thank Allah SWT. Because he gave me someone as precious as her. It was her time to live freely in the heavens, inshallah. Talking about the funny moments and the great things someone who has passed away has done while they were with you, helps you heal.
  4. Friday prayer throughout history

    Salam, Yes I always pray alone even when I go to mosque, I prefer when it's empty. I don't understand why everyone feels the need to raise their voice in the mosque, it's like they're trying to see who's the most alpha by yelling their prayers. Whenever one of my religious friends go to pray, I will pray next to them without a problem. Is it a problem if I don't pray with someone leading the prayer?
  5. Friday prayer throughout history

    Salam, See this sounds realistic. Whenever I tried going Friday prayer with a sheikh leading it, I felt as if I wasn't praying at all. This could also possibly be because my opinion of shiekhs is bad. I know this sounds cliché, but you stating praying with the imam of our time makes me wish I could be alive, so when the imam of our time appears, I would want to do at least one jumah prayer with him.
  6. #32 Favorite Subforums?

    My post isn't entirely off-topic. It's related in the sense that the sub-forums are less visible, I guess it should be in the complaint section if there is one. Regardless, I enjoy 3 specific subforums in particular. My favorite subforums in no categorical order what so ever are: Science, Tech, Economics, Education, Careers, Health, Fitness, Medicine - I enjoy constantly learning, currently studying the kneck and head anatomy at home when I have the time. Also, health and fitness important, we weren't made the same as vegetables to just eat and sit there. Politics and Current Events - It's important to stay up to date with the world and know what's going on around you, otherwise you'll feel like a lost puppy. Theology and General Religion/Personalities in Islam/Jurisprudence and Laws - I'm a revert, so learning things I may not have known before is important, as it leads me to understand more about my deen. It's a shame I can only vote for one, which was Politics and current events if I am not mistaken.
  7. What Mobile applications do you use?

    Salam, This is actually quite useful. Downloaded, thank you for the recommendation. Useful applications like this are primarily what I'm searching for, they're hard to find. Just wanted to ask before hand, instead of asking the people there. Is this an application for mixed users such as Sunni's and Shia's? or does it have a specific target audience?
  8. Salam, Im at fault, I only gave the analogy upon reading the title, I'll give the topic a read later and edit my answers. In effect I still stand by my question, because in my own opinion from reading about Abu bakr and those other 2 only fought for money and power. Not for justice, or anything similar to what imam Ali a.s fought for. Imam Ali a.s. fought to guide righteous men, which yes means he needed to have some sort of power over the people. Just not the same power those companions were seeking.
  9. Salam, Without using the Quran, I'm going to give you a question based on logical terms. If you have a group of friends or relatives and they want to start a fight with another group of people, without any good reasoning, would you go and fight with your friends?
  10. Salam Abu Hadi, I respect that whole heartedly, this post isn't about getting people to move but more or less a wake up call and stop being afraid. @Abu Nur You may have your riz3 (place where Allah SWT has allowed you to find good work) in America, but you are also forefilling your duty as a Muslim. You aren't afraid to speak up and help other Muslims, assuming from the responses you have given. Some Muslim people who, i.e. me for instance, I not only used to pay tax to help the government and not pay charity to useful Muslim orginasitions, I was well off living a luxurious life in the west. Paying for luxury in the west, goes to businesses in the west ( in most cases) and those business pay tax, therefore I was supporting the government even more. Whichin reality, in my own opinion made me a bad human being before it made me a bad Muslim. Allah SWT provides for all who deserve to work all over the world. Its our durty as Muslims to care for one another and support each other against the oppressors. Thank you all for the responses so far, genuinely opening up my mind, Alhamdullah.
  11. Brother, I'm not a judge so please do not take my words in a manner where you may feel I am slandering you. I'm merely spreading what I consider important. I do not know who you are, nor do I know what state your life is in or your background, I only put this video up as a way to help people who may understand the message this video is spreading. I was born in the U.K. and I enjoyed my past until I realized living in that country was wrong, and I made the move to a less polluted country. It's difficult to move from a country I knew like my body, 24 years is how long I lived in the U.K. and in a heart beat after understanding what was right. I begun to disregard the respect and love I had for it. Change takes time, and as the English say "If there is a will, there is always a way."
  12. No one is forcing you to live in a country where you are supporting that country via taxes, the world is ours made by Allah SWT. You are making the choices to live in a certain country for your own personal gain. You are making the choices to live by their laws and pay their taxes, which are used against your brothers and sisters. That is where I respectfully disagree.
  13. And here's why I respectfully disagree: 20:33-20:48 "...Where will your solidarity be when the little girl is raised on the day of judgment and asks 'what did I do to deserve to die by the bullets your taxes paid for, whilst you did next to nothing to defend my rights'.... "
  14. I wanted to point out that the entire video deserves a watch because he makes a huge amount of major points in the entirety of the video, but then I realize most people can't be bothered to watch a 30-minute video about truth, so I noted 2 clips in the video which hits home. In all honesty, there's more than 2, but the ones I noted for those to watch, can be relatable to most people who may or may not decide to watch it. As he says in the video; "most people just want to wait and do nothing whilst living spiritually and just wait for Imam Mahdi AJFS"
  15. Salam, Just watched the latest video by Islamic Pulse and I felt the need to share this specific clip from the video. The clip is from 16:18 to 16:45~. He makes a very phenomenal point which is whyI'd like to hear what people think about the point he's made and educate me their views. He makes a lot of good points in the video but this one was directed at the Muslim scholars and Muslim people. The video should start at 16:18 if not, just skip to 16:18, it's a short clip Also, re-watched it and I'd like you to watch from the same video; 20:33 - 20:46