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  1. where are the true shia seveners?

    yes surely, we believe in the imamates of the seven choosed persons from the family of our Holy prophet. our last imam is Imam Isma'il who is the last Imam and Mahdi.
  2. where are the true shia seveners?

    @Mansur Bakhtiari ASSALAMU ALAIK, Brother, my father is the syed Abu Muhammmad algwadaby, we have small shia community in sokoto state, Nigeria. if you like to know any about our believes pls ask me. Thank very much for your message.
  3. Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters, I am muhammad the son of the leader of the true shia severs who believe that imam Isma'il (AS) is really the final mahadi(Syed yahya Burhanudeen, we did not believe in any one who claim to be imam after our seven imam (imam Isma'il AS). i am looking for brothers and sisters globally. please you can send me your email so that we can chat more. wassalam.