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  1. iphone x

    The benchmarks for the A11 chip are actually equivalent to the Air Macbook laptop , so you have a smartphone that is running at an average laptop speed minus the power that is provided to a laptop(obviously cause it runs on battery and has limited available power) , but nevertheless apps dont run with as much power as that required as desktop applications (i sound like a Apple salesmen but i am not) just mentioning the hardware specifics which are important in this comparison
  2. iphone x

    One more good benchmark tests of all current chips and you can see how the A11 chip is actually sweeping the competition again though maybe next year Samsung might come up with a better chip for its system, the A11 technology is not exactly patented to apple so its not an end game mark https://techhundred.com/2017/09/15/apple-a11-bionic-chip-genesis/
  3. Go ahead and explain how they manage to put all these animals to sleep in the way that they do? your bias and prejudice has overshadowed your reason and logic your in a sorry state
  4. iphone x

    although that being said, it doesnt mean that the next android Samsung isnt going to bring something on par, as the technology is available and will probably be implemented into a new Samsung android , but as things stand the A11 bionic chip is better than the android snapdragon chips (for now)
  5. iphone x

    http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/apple-a11-processor-specs-performance-benchmarks-3286346 one more good review describing how the cores of a smartphone work and how they are different to the PC cores and how they affect the applications that run in your phone , why it matters and how the IPHONE X is bringing something new to the table
  6. How can we stop AI before its too late?

    A.I being intelligent is just nonsense , study computer science and understand what is going on and you will understand that A.I is not intelligent at all , and its more hollywood then reality
  7. iphone x

    If you guys knew something about computer science you would know that the new A11 chip is going to take the smartphone world by storm and some of you might argue, "its only six core" and "more cores means more speed and power" well your actually wrong, the A11 chips is much faster at doing the tasks associated with smartphones app better than the current snapdragon android chips here is some articles and benchmarks to prove it and remember its not always about "more cores = more power" its also about how those threads and cores operate here you cna read all about it personally i am looking forward to the iphone X, i have always favoured the andoird phone over the iphone but hardware specs are hard to deny and ignore of the new a11 chip as well as the new gpu chip that the iphone x will carry http://www.knowyourmobile.com/mobile-phones/iphone-8/24320/apples-a11-cpu-going-leave-2017s-android-flagships-dirt http://mashable.com/2017/09/14/inside-apple-a11-bionic-and-silicon-team/#b9iJhZgDGOqZ
  8. the answer to that question is simple, all the results and calculations of the computer are based on previously thought or related thinking of the brain and cross referencing them in ways the mind might not do naturally due to their unforeseen contexts relations but the brain is actually the one to bring into light the things which were previously not seen and only then can the computer have a go at them for example a computer will not find new relationships of numbers outside of the previously accumulated relationships of numbers i.e linear or quadratic etc but the brain has the ability to find new relationships based on new information or new ways of thinking that is discovered that was previously unknown or had no meaning , the computer cant make new discoveries because all of its programming is based on inputed data that is accepted as data and accepted as ways of thinking, meaning data has to have human understanding and acceptance before it can have useful representation in a computer so the definition of data has to be already confirmed by a brain before it can be used by a computer otherwise it has no meaning and all this A.I talk is nonsense, A.I is no intelligence of any kind , because all of the things which a computer knows has to be programmed to be known, it cant make sense of any of it on its own , the only difference is that sometimes computers are programmed in such a way to give the impression as if it has intelligence tot he user , but in reality it has no idea what is going on and without a human user it is meaningless
  9. Probably wrote Ali Wali Allah , as the text describes that it had a patterns of Ali's , which could be the fact that it was Ali w Ali Allah Ali w Ali Allah Ali w Ali Allah Ali w Ali Allah etc as you can see this look like a pattern of Ali's before Allah
  10. Based on what is it not true? in this video (if you even watched it) you can see there is no deception , what is it with all these doubts? you believe the prophets and Imams had/s control of many things like this and yet you doubt this guy can do it? why? cause he isn't wearing a dhulfiqaar sword and doing latmiyah? this is prejudice and bias what you are demonstrating or even envy, where you deny it just cause he doesn't meet some idea you have in your mind about what a person who can do this should look like and be i.e Shia or Muslim etc you dont know what this guy has been through in life, and you cant fake this , not in real time and if it were fake why would they promote it? just look at the guy and how serious he is , he is quiet doesnt talk much, he doesnt show pride when he does it, he looks humble and though full and his face shows signs of extreme asceticism i.e his eyes look like they hadnt got much sleep (was probably up all night meditating) his body is thin which means he doesnt overeat etc he is showing all the signs of a person who is truthful