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  1. Confused

    What i do is i just give 1/5 of whatever extra money i have left at the end of my khums year, is that correct?
  2. Confused

    He is not selling it he is giving it to me and what about the money that he used to buy the furniture with it, if he didn't pay khums on that? Can you also please provide proof from sistani?
  3. Confused

    Salam, if there is a person that most likely bought his furniture with money that didn't have khums payed on it and he wants to give that furniture away now am I allowed to take it? I follow sistani
  4. Dua make for my mother

    Brother, one of the best ways is to call upon Allah swt with a sincere heart and is better if you do it in salat al layl!
  5. I Need Serious Help

    I think listening to this will help you
  6. Please reply fast Prayers in a state of najasa

    What about toilet paper, like they do here in the west (not that i use this method just incase im not home and have to)
  7. Please reply fast Prayers in a state of najasa

    Is it allowed to make the behind area pak with disinfecting wipes? I follow sistani
  8. Salam, if someone is at someone else's house and he became najis in the bathroom and it's almost time for prayer can he pray in that najis state?
  9. Going to mixed gym

    I think that would be great and possible considering that some mosques have basketball court next to them
  10. Going to mixed gym

    Actually without my glasses everything is blurry to me thats not right in front of my face, so when im on the treadmill i take them off and can't really tell what anyone is...... hamdillah
  11. Going to mixed gym

    Brother, you can't just say thats the only reason why we train, for me personally when im not training I found myself eating A Lot of fast food, pop, junk food, and gaining a lot of weight and becoming so lazy which in turn made me more prone to looking at those women that I wasn't suppose to look at... and yes im able to control myself more when im eating healthy and training and having a good physique makes me more motivated to stay on it.
  12. Good Shia Scholars

    Salam, these are a few that i learnt a lot from and I recommend sayed Ammar Nakshawani Sayed Mahdi modarrisi khalil jaafer hassanain rajabali sayed qazwini (there are a quite few of them) sayed muhammad rizvi
  13. Should I be a Shia or Sunni Muslim?

    Salam, this series of lectures i believe will help you a lot in figuring out what is the truth brother, be sure to watch them all for they will only be getting more interesting one after the other,
  14. Going to mixed gym

    Also the reply from the office of sayed sistani said that "If It envolves a haram act" then it is not allowed!
  15. Going to mixed gym

    But i have heard in a lecture that prophet Youssif (as) never looked at zulaykha through all the years that he stayed in the same palace