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  1. Sensing Allah

    Salam, We know that Allah cannot be seen with the physical eyes but the hearts percieve him through hakeekat al eman. How does one go about to attaining this type of eman?
  2. High Scholarly Debates

    I don't mean those types of debates, i mean like about our core differences (Imamah, adala, tawassul etc.)
  3. High Scholarly Debates

    Salamu Alaykom, i was just wondering why do we never see dialogues or debates between the high ranking scholars of the shia and sunni?
  4. Unknown liquid of undergarments

    Ok thank you
  5. Unknown liquid of undergarments

    Actually I left the undergarment i was wearing till now and that liquid has become a little stiff so what should I consider it as since there's only a little stain around the size of a small circle? what is maani?
  6. Unknown liquid of undergarments

    Sayed sistani
  7. Unknown liquid of undergarments

    Salam, if i wake up and while using the rest room notice a little liquid on my undergarment and can't tell what it is what do I judge it as?
  8. Yajuj Majuj/Barrier: Location Discovered

    No problem but it's been a while since ive watched this lecture so I don't remember too much from it
  9. Is this music haram?

    I know but then how are there maraje who say that not all music is haram?
  10. Is this music haram?

    Is this type of music haram?
  11. Caring only about Allah, not about the people

    Would it be good to do something like this in our time of great sins being everywhere? isnt this like rahbania?
  12. Caring only about Allah, not about the people

    Where is this narration located?
  13. confused about my job

    what do you mean?
  14. Why are humans terrible at philosophy?

    Sorry if this is a little off topic but why are they not good at programming? I ask this because im currently in programming computer science degree