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  1. Sajdah on napkin

    Salam, what is the ruling on doing sajdah on napkin? I have always been told by my parents that it's allowed
  2. House of Wisdom Msrriage event

    How exactly would this work, as in will they introduce people to one another and go from there? Also who will speak there, and is there a fee?
  3. Saudi Arabia: The Land of Hajj and Gambling?

    Just about shocking.
  4. Salam sister, sorry for your lose, I hope you don't mind me asking but what was the cause of her passing?
  5. About Riyaa

    Salam Alaykom, If while praying i by accident mess up a little in reciting the surahs or anything in the prayer and i worry about what the people around me think me and not what Allah thinks me but then i try to remove that thought from my mind and put what Allah thinks instead. Is this Riyaa and what can i do to get rid of this feeling?
  6. What to do with extra free time?

    Yes, actually I've watched most of his lectures already and I feel i need to start reading islamic books but I don't know what book to start with
  7. What to do with extra free time?

    I actually already spend some time pondering on life and who i am but i feel like i need to gain more knowledge and especially knowledge about Allah swt and know who he is
  8. Salam, i have recently been having a lot of extra free time on my hands and I've been just not using it wisely, ive been just wasting all my day after my few hours at work. I keep telling myself that im gonna start reading Islamic books but i never get around to it and just keep procrastinating. To be honest I've never really read any islamic books fully before, ive gotten most of what i know from watching English lectures. I read the quran a little from time to time, but i just hate the way I've become i want a balanced lifestyle and i want to start feeling focused and have a goal to get to. Sorry for rambling on about my feelings but I hope you guys can give me some guidance as to what to start doing and where to start. I had in my mind to start reading basic islamic books as a beginning but I don't want to read some of it and then leave it, i want to finish it and understand it. Please give me your guidance and recommendations.
  9. i dont like living

    I recommend you watch these set of lectures, they will make you see life differently.
  10. Sensing Allah

    Salam, We know that Allah cannot be seen with the physical eyes but the hearts percieve him through hakeekat al eman. How does one go about to attaining this type of eman?
  11. High Scholarly Debates

    I don't mean those types of debates, i mean like about our core differences (Imamah, adala, tawassul etc.)
  12. High Scholarly Debates

    Salamu Alaykom, i was just wondering why do we never see dialogues or debates between the high ranking scholars of the shia and sunni?
  13. Unknown liquid of undergarments

    Ok thank you
  14. Unknown liquid of undergarments

    Actually I left the undergarment i was wearing till now and that liquid has become a little stiff so what should I consider it as since there's only a little stain around the size of a small circle? what is maani?
  15. Unknown liquid of undergarments

    Sayed sistani