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  1. Any Shia Gamers?

    PS4 mostly. I play a lot of RPG and Action. - Battlefield (CoD is horrible) - Grand theft Auto - Skyrim - RDR 2 when it’s released.
  2. Balanced piece on the Assad regime by Mehdi Hasan

    Assad is always an interesting topic to talk about. Let the well mannered discussion begin. *Grabs popcorn*
  3. starting from scratch

    I live in a small rural Aussie town west of New South Wales. However, I know that the Shia community in Sydney and Melbourne have very active and vibrant communities. I hope one day Inshallah after University that my desired job takes me to one of these two cities.
  4. starting from scratch

    Wa Alaikum Salaam. Welcome to Shiachat! I hope you are successful in this endeavour Inshallah. By the way I like your profile picture. I was a little bit nervous as well having to find and meet with a community especially where I live but I found that when any Muslims realise someone shows a legitimate interest in understanding the faith or wanting to get back on the right path anyone anywhere is willing to help. I was born and raised in Australia and wanted to learn more about Shi’a Islam (during the month of Muharram) they treated me like a King and later I converted and am excited for my first upcoming Ramadan. I hope you are just as successful sister.
  5. Whats stopping me from becoming a Shia???

  6. Why do shias regard Hussain as a martyr?

    "Great one" Next time just ask the question. Don't come and post a question that features an insult directed toward Imam Hussain (as) and criticize Shia beliefs. I assume you're an insane Wahhabi because only those people would be stupid enough to attack the integrity of the Prophet's family.
  7. Saudi Crown Prince supports Israel

    MBS ->
  8. #31 Favorite Season?

    You've never seen an Australian winter though. Some days in our winters I walk around in a singlet.
  9. truth

    In the name of Christ (as) himself, a prophet of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى . Why is this topic still active?
  10. POLL Result -- Surrender Voting Rights

    Do people not realize they can use their voting power to increase their wages by whatever they desire upon electing the right politicians? #Sanders/Warren2020
  11. 50m house or 35m land?

    Fine. Ill make it 50k but I ain't going any higher.
  12. 30K jacket or 30K chain?

    Ill give you 30k but only If you come up with an original topic question.
  13. Rolex or Lamborghini

    Something like that...
  14. Do you support any soccer team?

    La Liga - Barcelona English Premier League - Manchester City Australian League - Melbourne Victory @shiasoldier786 We’re Aussies. It’s just what most of us call it down here.
  15. Double Standards

    There unfortunately is double standards in every aspect of life but in our religious one it should be the duty of both men and women to remind one another of their obligations as Muslims. I would welcome any advice from a Muslim woman on any issue if it would make me a better Muslim. @Aflower @ali_fatheroforphans Good display of resolve and brotherhood between you two, Masha'Allah.
  16. Prince Salman

    I fear though if a collapse of government happened in KSA I hope the alternative is better because I certainly don't want Wahhabis having absolute authority within the nation.
  17. Most Europeans don't rinse hands after bathroom?

    If those statistics are accurate...that’s nasty.
  18. Why has Allah (SWT) created lions?

    God created Lions so that we have something great enough to compare Imam Ali (a.s.) with.
  19. Prince Salman

    What does everyone think about MBS comments on Israel? It looks like to me the Kingdom will soon be divided. “Israel have the right to their own land”
  20. Christianity

    Also if you take into account the language being misinterpreted from languages of the west to the Far East who knows how many mistakes there could be. It’s funny because when you think of something like the White Rhino being named look at the difficulty the translation from Dutch to English has caused in the 1800s alone, Can you imagine how difficult it would be for a holy text written in languages not of your own compiled hundreds of years after the events of prophet Jesus’ life.
  21. Why Shia have so many sects?

    This has been both very frustrating and hilarious to read.
  22. Persian girl was the youtube shooter?

    The personification of crazy.
  23. I’m engaged!

    Congratulations @Islandsandmirrors
  24. How long can Muslims stay Muslims?

    I got very mad at the T.V. host for shouting down at someone just because (when asked lol) what his views were of god and his atheist beliefs. This made religious people look stupid and arrogant and not willing to debate.
  25. Which electricity company is best

    Is that the same with all other Utility companies in your country? E.g. Water and Broadband provider.