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  1. Christians and Shias

    Wa Alaikum Salam my friend! I come from a Christian background and will always continue to have a high respect for the Christian faith and it’s principles. Inshallah both Christians and Shi’a continue to have good friendship forever. There are many stories of our great twelve Imams holding positive views toward the Shi’a as we have both been oppressed historically time and time again mutually by the same hand.
  2. Same sex marriage legalized in Australia

    The government asked my opinion and I gave it. I voted no in the referendum but I knew it was going to pass. We live in a secular country although many claim to be Christian many are agnostic and we as Muslims don’t have any right to tell how the majority should live especially if many are accomodating to the Islamic faith in their own backyard. However, personally I do not recognise this outcome and I am worried about other things considered sinful becoming acceptable and mainstream.
  3. most challenging questions in your mind?

    Best way to help family understand Islam in its true form while dealing with the backlash from the very same family members because i chose to convert.
  4. Social Awkwardness

    Isn’t strange how technology made and developed with the idea to bring us closer together has instead made us feel more isolated and difficult to open up to one another.
  5. Many woman are not maternal

    I know a lot of people both male and female who have done this and they themselves still wish to continue to have a “live it up” attitude even after the fact that they’re 30 and in Australia it’s all about having a live it up attitude even if you have children to care for. In Australia this used to be the mainstream to not have to worry about kids until you’re 30 and in some cases still is, however, a growing trend of young Aussie people in this generation often establish a career quite young, get married and have started to have kids in their mid/early twenties. I have cousins who have married and have had kids young and they make great parents. I certainly won’t be a “helicopter parent” when I have kids one day atleast not in the traditional sense like I am not going to question a woman who hands my child a sticker and bring up rapists lol. I will be there for my son/daughter when she or he wants to try something new and I will give them plenty of space to discover who they are and want they want to do in life and whatever they wish to do I will guide them with all the love I will have for them but I’ll be hovering around to help them with their mistakes. I find it very heartbreaking when some parents force their kids to do something they don’t wish to do. I know a person and he wants to be a chef but his parents are putting pressure on him to go to University but the hospitality industry is his passion and he is too scared to speak with his parents.
  6. What is freedom really?

    Too be honest i think we live in a system nowadays that uses us as human cattle. We get graded when we're young and work for the next four decades hoping to recieve a reward for being loyal. I wish education, philosophy and science was a mainstream interest so people could learn more and participate more in helping the world progress but instead we are all glued to celebrities and phones, forgetting how amazing the world can be. In my opinion you have freedom when you are in an environment that makes you genuinely happy without the desire for material things whether that's in a dictatorship or democracy i don't really care.
  7. We shouldn't become animals

    Well it looks like it’s already too late for your son. Lol.
  8. How to avoid haraam in western world

    Wasalam! Born and raised in the west I can tell you from my perspective that for most sinful acts I never recognised as sins in the first place. I used to support gay marriage and other sinful acts like abortion. I used to think it was all normal until I discovered Islam and its understanding of human nature and Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى made me think about my place in the world and have so much regret for all the ignorance I had of Islam. The first time I prayed I cried for the hate I used to speak of Islam and it’s holy prophet which I feel as forgiven me and for this until my last breath and then in the hereafter I will forever be a Muslim. Brother when you are in the West always have something on you to remember Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى and the Ahlulbayt and you will never go astray inshallah. I always have a Zulfiqar around my wrist when I go out to remember who I am..one who submits to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى
  9. Where are you heading?

    New South Wales, Australia.
  10. We shouldn't become animals

    Wasalam, Perhaps with many in the world turning away from religion and god they’re naturally inclined to commit sin feeling that there is no superiority and difference between mankind and animals or a fear of punishment. We live in a world today where many promote sexual fantasies and grotesque practices. My friends told me of a couple who were both gay and would sleep with other people to achieve desires even though they have children they would bring strangers into their house and perform sexual acts with them. It makes you think what type of world do we live in today?! Even the sexualisation of young children ias young as eight is starting to begin in western culture! Humans are special. Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى himself created us to lead this world with the guidance of prophets to avoid these unreasonable behaviours so that we can seperate ourselves from Animals. We are the chosen species of the creator of all that is known! We should remember to perform our prayers everyday and remain close with Allah who put us on a pedestal and taught us right from wrong which ultimately made us different from Animals. Those who wish to be Animals let them be, whether they know it or not they will have to meet their maker and explain their ignorance of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى
  11. Are you assertive?

    I sometimes have a problem of being too nice and will do my best to be kind to all people. I will often keep my opinions to myself and most of the time only speak when directly spoken too. When I begin to trust people some decide to use my kindhearted and simplistic nature for their advantage and begin to treat me as a “pushover”, when this happens it goes to the opposite end of the scale. I haven’t found a “balance” it usually goes from one extreme to the other when it comes to my interactions with people because I’m quiet but won’t be afraid to speak up and defend myself when I am being used often with anger.
  12. How does this sound?

    Yes it sounds very possible and quite good. As a matter of fact companies who wish to use robots and cut their human labour will have to contribute so everyone can have enough money to buy their products. My main concern is what psychological effect it will have on humans...don’t we as human being value work for reward? Would this be a problem in the long run? It is an interesting future we’re gonna have.
  13. Shia Contribution To Palestine

    Wasalam I watched a video where Sunnis in Gaza were supportive of Iran and Shi’a contribution and those in West Bank were ignorant toward shi’a and hold negative views of Iran but remained supportive of militant Sunni groups, it doesn’t make sense. Shi’a have spilt blood to save the nation of Palestine yet many in the Muslim ummah still hate and claim shi’a are not Muslim. Ya Nasrallah! Ya Khamenei!
  14. #JusticeforZainab

    If the Pakistani Police and Government cannot find the culprits I’m going to scream my house down with rage. This poor soul did not deserve to go in such a way. Allah CURSE THESE PEOPLE WITH TORMENT IN THIS WORLD AND THE HEREAFTER! To be found in that trash ya Allah! I can only imagine how she must’ve wept in her final hours. Ya Allah please nurture this young soul in paradise. why?! Why?! What type of evil does it take to do this to a young girl.
  15. Wahhabi

    Wahhabis in my opinion are people who have been easily manipulated by the Rich oil Saudis to help the west create instability in the region and promote disunity in the Muslim ummah, this would allow the west to divide and conquer islamic lands. Sunni and Shi’a should both be crying in a united voice against Wahhabi fundamentalism that wants to take the Muslim World back to an arabia that even the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would be against. Please wake up Wahhabis! Why would the U.S. and West support your ideology which you all claim is independent while the U.S. and West hate the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran, because it’s the only truly independent Republic in the region that poses a threat to their interest. The ideology of Wahhabism is used as a regional puppet tool.