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  1. Will Master Mahdi (AlaihisSalaam) Marry ?

    So does the Imamate continue with the twelth Imam's children when he returns? Please let it be soon. The world is so terrible and unjust.
  2. lsraeIi F-16 crashes "amid" Syrian AA fire

  3. US power waning slowly but surely?

    If they are losing world influence I'm very scared of the United States lashing out in a bid to continue to be the number one power in the world even if it cost thevworld everything. I'm scared of it starting in Syria.
  4. Iran regime supporters hypocrisy

    Why are you trying to create tension? The topic was closed because many believed you were insulting Ayatollah Khamenei. Don't move the same discussion to another thread especially by you yourself now whining about @AmirAlmuminin Lover Now that we are onto this topic I i just want to say I am not Iranian nor do I have any Iranian background. I am Australian, a very proud one but I am also a Muslim. I love Iran and Khamenei because to me they are the defenders of my religion in a world where the most powerful country in the world is openly supporting a nation bombing civilians in Yemen and funding an ideology that wants to see my head removed from my body. Iran is not my country and I do not wish to move there not because I don't support the Government of the Islamic Republic but because I love Australia and inshallah it'll one day become an Islamic Republic just like Iran! You think I like Secularism? It is has caused my country to become full of so much decadence!
  5. [Closed/Review]How we should think of Israel

    Assad is better than the alternative! Do you want to see christians, shi’a muslims and other minorities crucified and decapitated in public streets?!
  6. For what reason Saddam Hussain was Hanged?

    Crimes Against Humanity - Chemical weapons used on civilians and other ethnic minorities including Kurds to keep power. The mass torture of political dissidents and protesters including the Iraqi Olympic team for not doing good enough in the Olympics. Persecution against Shi'a. @Shah Khan I'm sure you're a good guy but you shouldn't openly say Saddam was a good leader, he wasn't. He was a monster.
  7. Are Shias in Turkey safe

    Is Erdogan against Wahhabism? @Ashvazdanghe
  8. Are Shias in Turkey safe

    I would be concerned for the safety of Shi'a in Turkey due to the increased tension between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey. I fear a backlash for Shia in any part of the world because of this tension that seems to be rather intense at the moment. Erdogan certainly isn't helping to keep things calm, I swear if i met him I'd slap that him from Ankara to Istanbul. The Turks are openly supporting jihadists and no one cares.
  9. I am Only Trying Shia Islam only for 6 Months.

    What exactly do you think you will not like about it brother?
  10. You're joking right? Don't tell me you are seriously here voicing support for the Saudi Royal Family and Baathist Iraq on SHIAchat.

    Maybe a desire for some to manipulate Islam with Arab tribalism and customs? Imam Ali (as) certainly was concerned with this when Uthman was elected as Caliph. Ali (as) said, "I follow the Book of Allah, the traditions of the Holy Prophet and my own beliefs."
  12. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    If so Hezbollah will win in a war. There is no effective strategy against armed insurgencies. Large armies with complicated chain of commands will always lose just look at Vietnam, Afganistan, Cuba and Iraq after U.S. invasion. Ya Nasrallah!
  13. Beautiful Pakistani Nasheed by Wahhabi

    *Muslim. There is no need for sects when it comes to expressing our love for Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى his messenger, the prophets before him and of course the Ahlulbayt.