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  1. Neoliberalism and the Financial System

    Is there some reasonable idea to block corporate interests from getting into politics? When you also look at pictures like this I uploaded it makes you think whether these groups are unstoppable. Did Bernie Sanders have any policy to help end corporate money from getting into politics? I know he talked a lot about campaign finance system but I am sure that isn’t the only way money gets into politics. What about breaking banks up by ownership to ensure that not only an oligarchy is destroyed but also consumer competitiveness starts to become a thing again. Or maybe we just need everything to collapse so we can get to rebuilding and not waste any more time? America has been doing nothing to limit their deficit because I’m sure they know there is absolutely no credible way to pay a sum like they owe back. Sit back, relax and watch it all burn to the ground. Maybe another communist revolution or two and see how it all goes. Income equality is already making the masses angry if you tell them one day you don’t know where their next salary is going to come from...kaboom. Im more of a centralisation kind of guy.
  2. #18 Do You Own a Car?

    It’s all about learning from your mistakes and making an effort to avoid repeating them, I was much the same when I started first learning to drive.
  3. What do you all think of this picture?

    Yeah. Two sides hoping to influence the world, It’s dangerous combination of superpowers. I hope Iranians come out on top of things.
  4. ISIS now dead

    The defeat of ISIS is a failure for the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel, this is why the United States has threatened that they’re considering bypassing the UN Security Council so they can enforce they’re so called ‘Justice’. The terrorist state may be gone but not the terrorist members. Saudi Arabia and Israel will continue supporting underground groups to start conflicts with support from the US. Iran, Iraq, syria will have to work together to combat domestic terrorism effectively now that large scale conflicts have concluded. In the western world support is shifting, many people see the compassion and victories of Hezbollah defending Christians, Russia bombing terrorist efficiently and with great progress and Iran helping to end ISIS. This has created a seed in many peoples mind that maybe what they’re being told isn’t the truth. This was helped by the US election, Donald trump revealed too much about ISIS support and when he was involving Russia’s victories in his campaign this helped create his base supporters with the mindset that the objective is to kill terrorist like Russia does. Donald Trump is an islamophobic, Zionist puppet no doubt but his political campaign has killed the American narrative that they’re the ‘good guys’
  5. ISIS now dead

    America, sets up puppets all over Middle East to get oil and land correct. sees Iran as a threat, of course. Funds ISIS and other groups that often have conflicts with each other further creating instability and chaos. Israel, Enemy of Islam and true world peace. both the US and Israel have a common goal in combatting Iranian influence. Funding of islamophobic groups to paint Islam as barbaric cult which helps to get the stupid flag wavers on their side and divide and conquer, plans to establish greater Israel. Britain, Nato and Australia - when America says jump these countries do so without question. These nations are typical US puppets. however, politicians like Jeremy Corbin leader of the opposition in Britain and Tulsi Gubbard, democratic senator and Burnie sanders supporter have come out and condemned Saudi Arabia, Israel and the arming of Syrian rebel groups so this could be an interesting potential political shift but right know still puppet states.
  6. ISIS now dead

    Waslam. The Group in question which I will not even associate the word Islamic was a rabid dog that bit the hand that was feeding it believing it was strong enough to be in a dominant position. The Saudis were originally funding these Wahhabi monsters to cause chaos in a country that was recently invaded by the US in which the US accidentally helped Iran gain a even greater powerful presence in the region. The Saudis did not like this neither did the US, so with oil money from the US the Saudis started to fund these radical groups. When the group in question got too powerful they announced a Caliphate directly challenging the power of Saudi Arabia which sees itself as the leader of the Islamic world. This was a good opportunity for this new self proclaimed Caliphate because with the civil war in Syria and instability in Iraq they were able to spread extremely fast. Israel wants a divided Middle East and has been supporting these radical groups because Syria, Iraq and Iran challenge Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians. Israel have even been accused of providing medical care and strategic bombing to help these terrorist groups which makes sense because the rabid dog has been rather kind to Israel, no attacks, no indiscriminate killing...makes you wonder. The US won’t intervene until Assad is toppled that is clear their bombing campaign does nothing compared to the Russians in Syria. The US is the middle man funding groups like FSA who support Al Nusra who support Guess who?! Exactly the rabid dog in question. This is much of the same tactic as Saudi Arabia just wait until there is good enough damage done in eliminating Iranian influence and place puppets in charge after eliminating what little resistance is left from both the shi’a and radicalised Sunni groups. Hezbollah fight because they along with other shia Islamic groups help to defend the interest of shi’a muslims and Iranian influence by directly challenging the rabid dog. I am so thankful to such groups because they eradicate this pestilence. Hezbollah defends Christians who I as a convert with a Christian family will always have a soft spot for, they also defend other minorities within these nations undergoing such instability and have been combatting what I see has become the main fighting tool for ISIS, no not that ISIS I’m talking about the Israeli secret intelligence service though they can be considered the same thing.
  7. Mercies from Allah

    Wasalam Are you not allowed to see your daughter anymore sister? If Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى can understand our thoughts I have no doubt that the creator of heaven, earth and hell can determine our dreams. Anything is possible sister and this very much could be a mercy of Allah bestowed upon you.
  8. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    They arrive with registered and legal visas but once they’re in the country after a certain time they don’t go back is what I meant.
  9. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    I was reading somewhere that 60% of those who arrive as illegal immigrants come by flight and just overstay their visa. It’s stupid to build a multi billion dollar war when it’s not where the main source of illegal immigration is coming from.
  10. Iran vs KSA ?

    This is a very well detailed video outlining the capabilities of each nations military strength and weaknesses.
  11. Myanmar Crackdown on Muslims

    Regardless if you're Sunni or Shi'a, black or white we are all Muslims and this is an issue all Muslims should unite on and we have an obligation as Muslims to protect our brothers and sisters all over the world. I heard a story where a Muslim women in Myanmar had her baby taken from her by the army and threw the poor soul into a fire. If I was there I wish I could have done what was just and taken the life of the man who would do such a thing. :'(
  12. Family and Islam

    Thank you for the answers you both have provided me. I have been actively trying to do more for both my parents. When my mother asks me why I am more obedient and helpful to her and others I often share with her that Islam promotes these ideals and values. When it comes to my father I’ll just try to be a better person for him and if he asks me directly one day whether or not I am a Muslim (because I think he has picked up on some of the new rules to live by for example no bacon, alchahol that I have been practicing) I’ll say yes and that is what has turned me into more pious young man who is respectful to everyone and everything. My mother shared with me her concern that I might “miss out” on being a young man and enjoy life but I told her I am experiencing my youth in a more humble way. Rather than going out drinking and fooling around with other Young people I have experienced a somewhat of enlightened feeling in which being closer to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has made me the happiest I have ever felt in a long while so it is not me who is missing out mother it is them. I think that helped her understand my happiness. Masha’Allah.
  13. Some people are calling it a "Miracle"

    Wa Alaikum Salam. I don’t think this was a miracle but just a natural occurrence. It’s pretty awesome to see a cloud form in such a shape though I don’t understand why people have presumed and linked this cloud shape to the flag of hazarat Abbas. (a.s.) it’s just a unique cloud formation.