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  1. Young talented struggling maulana from India

    Thats what i was hoping posting here, maybe someone knew someone or any bargah that would need so things would go a bit easier. Unfortunatly today who you know is much more important than what you know. It is the sad reality. This maulana is in India and i live in Norway, so he does not have the capability to brand himself without outside help. If only i can get him to a place Even just for 10 days in muharram, i know he will get contacts and be able to get him fixed somewhere. Anyways, thanks for your reply
  2. Asalamo alaikum brothers and sisters. I know a young and very talented syed maulana from India who is struggling in his country. In India thing can be rough as it is primarly a hindu country. He is very talented and writes kalaams for many people such as Mir Hasan Mir and meesum Abbas Kazmi etc. I was wondering if there is some place in Europe who needs a permanent maulana for their masjid or bargah, and if there is someone who have any contact information so i can contact and try getting him in there? It could also be for muharram, must not be only permanent. Thanks in advance
  3. Shia Muslims In Norway?

    I am shia alhamdulillah and live in Norway