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  1. I'm sorry but that, although a pleasing thought, is very naive. How do you put up Masajid? With good character and education? No you need money, which Saudi and the Gulf states have in extreme amounts. Unfortunately in America I know of only one Shia Masjid, in Michigan. When a non-Muslims wants to convert, he goes to the center of the Muslim community, which is the Masjid. When 95% of the Masajid in America are Sunni, the converts are 95% more likely to become Sunni.
  2. The main propagation of Wahhabism stems from the Saudis pumping out millions of oil dollars around the world. The Shia just do not have these resources, which means (like our entire history) we are fighting an uphill battle against them.
  3. Where to study Shia fiqh

    I learned a small amount in high school, but most of it being lost through not using it. I have been debating on whether or not it would be more useful to relearn Arabic, or learn Farsi
  4. Salaam, I am an American Shia Muslim, raised Sunni. I learned about the Ahlul Bayt and read some more then came to the conclusion that to be the Shia of Ali was the right path. I only really know the surface levels of Shia Islamic practices, but just like the Sunni Madhabs, there is a lot of variance in opinion on several things. Ayatollah Sistanis website has been very helpful, and I tend to refer to his judgement for consistency, but is there anything in the west or online where one can get a foundation on Shia fiqh? (Since I live in America, going to Iraq or Iran really is not an option for now.)