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  1. Same sex marriage legalized in Australia

    The Quranic laws don't belong to a exact period thus we need infallible person to interrupts it fir us.
  2. Sunni Habashi sect

    If you say it is physical so Allah will be a physical being that completely false.
  3. Yemenis needs urgent response for food supplies on comment section of video Praecursator explains it.
  4. Same sex marriage legalized in Australia

    This type of Love that you say is Satanic love.
  5. Sunni Habashi sect

    In Shia view Allah doesn’t have a body so he is everywhere not just in a certain place as above or beneath of throne. Who are the 8 That carry the throne of Allah The servant Mohamed Mousa
  6. Balochistan

    the problem is on Borders not inside towns.
  7. Claims of ex shia in iran?

    Salam at first Abuhanifa was one of students of Imam Sadiq (as) so without Imam Sadiq (as) four school of thoughts never existed & Shia muslims always at era of writing histories were under oppression & most books of them in history & other aspects were forbidden as it is forbidden in countries like as KSA & Egypt . Sunni Sacrifice & Dawah is more in number than Shia Sacrifice & Dawah because Sunnis had the support from all kings & rulers but Shias in receent centuries could find a way to express them freely but still suffer many problems from Wahabist . Other Things like, Chest beating, Mawlid, Building Shrines or their way of intercession, it is Very difficult for me to Accept these. :At least we just cause harm for ourselves not other people.
  8. Meaning In English

    it means that his Names(Attributes) are sacred https://www.vajehyab.com/dehkhoda/تقدس https://www.vajehyab.com/dehkhoda/ذوالمنن https://dictionary.abadis.ir/fatofa/اسمائه/

    I think it was coercive because people in ME very sensitive about this if he would released her picture it would cause very bad trouble for her & her family too.
  10. SAUDI ARABIA - MOST RAPED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD (Warning contains Graphical Violence & unappropriated words) The Qatif rape case (Arabic: قضية اغتصاب فتاة القطيف‎) is a much-publicized gang rape case. The victims were a Shia[1] young woman from Qatif (Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia) and her male companion, who were kidnapped and gang-raped by seven Saudi men in mid-2006. A Saudi Sharia court sentenced the perpetrators to varying sentences involving 80 to 1,000 lashes and imprisonment up to ten years for four of them. The court also sentenced the two victims to six months in prison and 90 lashes each for "being alone with a man who is not a relative" in a parked car. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qatif_rape_case https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_in_Saudi_Arabia RAPE IN SAUDI ARABIA 5 YEAR DAUGHTER - YouTube
  11. Claims of ex shia in iran?

    that people in social media that claim are ex-Shia are two types one group do it for their political reasons & easy migrating the other group are fake people that made by Wahabist groups that you can't find any shia muslim background about them.
  12. Salam I think if you read Zyarat by pure heart & good intention it is accepted but ifyou practice it more & try to recite it Arabic (step by step) it would be better & your condition doesn't break the cycle. https://article.tebyan.net/190502/اثرات-بي-نظير-خواندن-زيارت-عاشورا http://www.beytoote.com/religious/daru-manavi/ziarat4-ashura1.html
  13. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    in Democratic Gov of around the world I see just hypocrisy of Politicians & Ignorance of people about every Major rule in their life that they just stick to their entertainment not real things.
  14. Which Marja Do You Follow? (Vote in Anonymous Poll!)

    Hi Marja is the most knowledgeable person in Shia Islam jurisprudence (Fiqh) that we follow him for applying Shia Islamic rules for 24/7 in Ancillaries of the Faith https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancillaries_of_the_Faith The Branches of Religion According to what has become more commonly known, the furu' al-din i.e. the branches of religion include the following: Salat (the obligatory prayers) Sawm (fasting) Hajj (pilgrimage) Zakat (a religious tax) Khums (a religious tax) Jihad (holy war) Amr bi l-Ma'ruf (enjoining the good) Nahi 'an al-munkar (forbidding the evil) Tawalli (association/expressing love) Tabarri (disassociation/expressing hatred). http://en.wikishia.net/view/Furu'_al-Din
  15. What do shias think of the Naqshbandis?

    If it is sought out in genuine Islamic texts, then there is not only no radical influence on Sufism and its particular beliefs, but also on the part of infalibale Imams (as) who have been criticized and denounced. Imam Sadiq (as) has been quoted as saying: "Sufis are our enemies ... so be aware that anyone who desires to them is not from us and we hate him. And anyone denies them and rejects them as if they were in a jihad with the infidels against the Prophet (peace be upon him). (Moqadas Ardebili, Hadiq'at Al-Shi'a, Almaya Publications p. 562) https://library.tebyan.net/fa/Viewer/Text/147932/1 http://www.askquran.ir/showthread.php?t=4937 http://kherqeof.parsiblog.com/Posts/34/فرقه+نقشبنديه/ http://yolpress.ir/?p=3385 As an example of the cynicism of Dehakat Naqshbandiyah in the right of the Islamic world, it is possible to refer to the cooperation of its followers in Iraq with the Takfiri terrorist group of ISIL. Sayed hadi Sayed Afqaei, an expert on Middle Eastern issues, said in the same connection, referring to the Sufi Naqshbandiya cult in Iraq, whose chairman was the first vice president of the former Iraqi dictator, Ezzat-Mustafa al-Duri: Naqshbandiyah, with the help of the remains of the presidential guard and the special guard of the armed forces of Saddam (a former dictator Iraq) to organize operations to support and maintain the occupied territories by Ba'athist Takfiri terrorists. (Young Journalist Club) www.yjc.ir so in my opinion they count as enemies of Shia Muslim community their Ritual https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yydEMvUaFbQ https://www.aparat.com/v/e0NW5/سماع_نقشبندیه
  16. Balochistan

    Salam it not true it is safe after arresting Rigi Group & their leader there is completely safe.
  17. House of Horrors

    Couple Caught Imprisoning And Torturing 13 Kids https://youtu.be/uKaPtr6B28M Inside the mind of the Turpins, whose 13 children were found shackled and starving https://youtu.be/Qr_dzKXHQeg California Couple Arrested For Shackling Their 13 Children To Furniture https://youtu.be/_TnYoss0eiM
  18. Sayed Kamal and gender identity

    He is still shia all truth is in shia Islam any way he want clear it from commoners misunderstandings
  19. Intercession and Tawassul in Shia Way

    Debate of Imam Sadiq(as) with Abuhanifa (Arabic)
  20. It’s because of true teachings(Sunnahj &their knowledge & their authority from Allah which all people from his lineage don’t become Imams(as) thus they handpicked by Allah(saw)
  21. Imam Zain al Abedin (as)manner with Marwan from a sunni Muslim scholar: (
  22. Sunni Habashi sect

    Salam they are a branch of sunni sufism with Mu'tazila doctrine Another famous example regards the interpretations of the Qur'anic sentence describing God seated on his throne after creating the world. According to Wahhabi texts, this means that he literally sat on his throne; however, according to Shaykh Habashi, copying the Mu'tazila school of thought, it meant that he took control of the world. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Ahbash?wprov=sfla1 http://en.wikishia.net/view/Mu'tazila
  23. Abu Huraira in Battle of Siffin

    I didn't find anything about him he was not a man of war but a good liar.
  24. Abu Huraira in Battle of Siffin

    ʿAmr b. al-ʿĀṣ al-Sahmī (Arabic: عَمرو بن العاص السهمي; d. 43/664) was among the most serious enemies of the noble Prophet (s) who accepted Islam shortly before the conquest of Mecca and biographers have mentioned him among the companions of the Prophet (s). His enmity with Imam Ali (a) and his deceptions in the battles with Imam (a) made a despicable character of him to Shia. It is said that he had a role in many of Mu'awiya's deceptions against Imam Ali (a) including the shirt of 'Uthman. In the Battle of Siffin, he was among the top commanders of Mu'awiya and putting the Qur'an on spears is attributed to him. http://en.wikishia.net/view/‘Amr_b._al-‘As