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  1. Syria and Yemen conflicts

    Harrasta fully emptied from terrorists Yemenis fire ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia (Hijaz) https://youtu.be/ON9qgRpivDY
  2. My Daily Act of Charity [Thread]

    Next time put more beverages in your pocket.
  3. Did Sheikh Saduq Distort a Narration?

    Salam Allah (saw) only introduced by his creation & nobody can see him directly & I think it's said in two forms but they have same meaning. Imam Ali (as) describes Allah (saw) https://youtu.be/z9mlaAEWv9o
  4. Modern Lebanese and Arabphobia

    Some part of the tweet is true countries like as egypt count as Arab just because Arabic Language most of countries which conquered by Arabs after Islam by caliphates their languages changed to Arabic & etceven Iran but Iranians because of rich culture could revive farsi wich give loand words to Arabic & take loan words from Arabs & turks & Moguls & still at south of spain you can hear Arabic words.
  5. I think This is not just Americans countries like Jordan will participate in future war to establing it's New Khalifa.
  6. John Bolton to replace McMaster- Iran war coming?

    Simpsons predictions from 1989 till now Bankruptcy of USA by Trump & election of Hilary
  7. Family wants me to change

    Salam you must not take everything from them as battle try to be more active but it's not necessary to change completely but you need to a bit come out you safe zone & be in gray zone & show more tolerance toward them even worthts parents deserve respect.
  8. Conversion

  9. Marriage Advice

    You can find articles about spouses on www.al-Islam.org &Www.islamic-laws.org or your Marja website & read it toghether & explain Islamic rules for her
  10. Thanks but between some Shia based on Hadiths about Sufyani (la) King of Jordan is very similar what is described as Sufyani (la) in appearance. The second half of this declration about importance of Hashemit & king of Jordan as new leader of muslims king of Jordan or Sufyani (la) part1(warning the video is from one of Ahmad Al Hasan the false Yemeni) King of Jordan (Little horn)?
  11. Starlight Unregistered

    Probably she goes to Iran for additional Ninja training Iran Ninja Females
  12. John Bolton to replace McMaster- Iran war coming?

    Salam he (Lorax)was Agent of USA during Bush Jr presidency but couldn't do anything against Iran. As Imam Khomeini (ra)said : "Americ can't do any damn thing" Until people are behind leader their only option is destabilizing Iran from Inside.
  13. The Shirazis at their channels were supporting Queen as they said she is from Ahlulbayt(as) but inside Iran Sadiq Shirazi doesn’t do any activity which cause of arresting him ,he is like as a guy in Mukhtarname series that was in Mokhtar Army but for more money & Power betrayed & Joined Zubayr Army which Zubayris policy were like as current Britain policy which Mokhtar not arrested him because of his beliefs & speeches against himself because he wants to follow the policy of Imam Ali(as) & stands against his companions that they were insisting on arresting that guy (Ibn Hor) This is last quote from Mokhtar (ra) which when enemies couldn’t defeat Shias they use ruse & hypocrisy from Zobairis to deceive Shias & defeat them as a result in the end shias which didn’t fight with Zobairis & deceived by them slaughtered worther than sheeps but if dint surrender they could defeat them & after that they would become undefeatable & our current situation is very similar to below video. Watch 12:00 to 23:00 Mokhtatname last episode.
  14. John Bolton to replace McMaster- Iran war coming?

    Thanks for your concern .It depends on Marja Fatwa at that time for example when Ayt sisitani declared his fatwa for fighting with ISIS excluded his followers out of Iraq not to participate in war.
  15. Salam well educated Sunnis such as Dr.Adnan Ibrahim , Imram Hussein & a minority ofAlazhar scholars are supporting shia-sunni unity as Sunni extremists call them shias (Dr Adnan Ibrahim is talking based on Education & but Imran Hussein talks based on emotions which recently much more emphasises on weak Sunni hadiths such as Qazve Hind ,Malhama, Constantinople conquere & role of Russia) The Sunnis & uprising against rulers The shias & uprising against rulers Why did Imam Hussain (as) revolt https://youtu.be/2mhHq7DJ2KE Shia/sunni balance