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  1. Jazakallah sister. You people have been very helpful I ask that you keep me in your prayers InshA if a MOD sees this thread can be closed
  2. When I threatened her with divorce a week ago, she said she wants to continue to try. I highly doubt and know for sure there’s is no other man. When I ask her when things will go back to normal, her answer is that she needs time. She’s unable to find it in her to forgive me just yet. I want to be clear. My trips prior and after have been sports or with friends based. Not business.
  3. I am sensing a heavy feminist vibe from you, you dont think i apologized months ago?
  4. Thanks for your response, I have tried to apologize and even purchased some gifts...to no avail. I guess i need to just continue to show unconditional love.
  5. Ahsant brother, will try and follow this for the time being
  6. I do prefer someone with more knowledge..Maybe a moderator PM me or someone well versed in this matter contact me directly. I do not prefer this public forum method. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  7. Excuse me, religion was brought up after 3 months of sexual denial.
  8. She says a few things.. 1. I went on a trip after marriage(she declined honeymoon and on going on this trip with me) 2.Not an arranged marriage 3. She was hungry one day and I ate outside. As mentioned, i get these little issues but i didn't think they would be this massive.
  9. Salaams, I am from the US. Having finally had the courage to sign up here I am looking for some advice as I feel hopeless and out of any options. I have been married for approx 5 months. The first month was decent, after that it has been downhill completely. My wife has pretty much shut off - communication is almost non existent - seems forced. She does not want sex as she says she cant " accept me as a husband". I have explained to her that any issue we may have is completely normal and does not mean you shut me off and dont forgive me. I showed her hadith and the Quran about respecting husband and not denying sex. She does not care about this. I will admit i have made some mistakes but they are completely minuscule(to myself and to others i have asked) but they seem large to her. What do I do in this situation?