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  1. Sheikh Bahmanpour on Tatbir

    Salaam Alaikem brothers and sisters here is Grand Ayatollah Bashir Najafi fatwa on tatbir and Zanjeer zani. https://youtu.be/Gr1FnGsRY7I
  2. Rasool e kareem (saww) had a son that and preferred to be called Abul Qasim. One day he had his son and Imam Hussain on each leg when Jibraeel Ameen come to him and informed him that Allah wants to take one of the boys back. He offered his son to spare his daughter grief and because of what Imam Hussain (a.s) was meant to accomplish in Karbala.
  3. Sheikh Bahmanpour on Tatbir

    Salaam Alaikem brothers and sisters, the question about tatbir, Zanjeer zani or matam on sizzling coal isn't new. People have been questioning about it being permissible or not from Masoomeens and Grand Ayatollahs for as long as I can remember. Well dear brothers and sisters there is no tradition from any Masoom against it. For something to be unlawful there must be clear tradition against it, for example women doing matam without shirts or men and women doing matam together wouldn't be allowed. As for the grand Ayatollahs fatwas, well the first thing we must know is that there is no taqleed in azadari. It's upto an individual to decide if doing Zanjeer zani is having a negative or bad image on our religion. I know Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistani has chosen to be quiet on the subject and have issued a statement that if anyone attributes a positive or negative fatwa to him then that person would be absolutely lying. I also know that his teacher Ayatollah Abul Qasim al Khoei considered tatbir to be mustahub if done out of love for Aba Abdellah (a.s) . Ayatollah Bashir Najafi testifies to both Al Khoei and Mohsin al Hakim to be of the same opinion. As for himself Ayatollah Bashir Najafi considers it mustahub and highly recommends it. You can see his fatwa on YouTube. Both Ayatollah al Fayadh and Ayatollah al Hakim also consider tatbir and Zanjeer to be mustahub as long as it's not endangering one's life. Brothers and sisters tatbir, Zanjeer zani and all other forms of azadari is done out of love for my Mazloom Imam. Azadars are telling their beloved Imam that they would have sacrificed their lives if they were in Karbala. Remember Syed- e- Sajad Ali ibn e Hussain cried tears of blood after Karbala for as long as he lived. And it's not just a figure of speech. So do Zanjeer zani, tatbir, matam on sizzling coal, matam by hand or matam by chains, perform azadari anyway you prefer and give Rasool Allah (saww), Maula Ali (a.s) and Syedah Zahra (s.a) condolences for their beloved son. May Allah accept our azadari and prayers and include us among the mourners of Aba Abdellah al Hussain (a.s) and grant us his ziara in this world and his intercession in the next world. Iltemase dua
  4. Have you gone to Karbala?

    Yes Al Hamdolilah, last year for 3 weeks. Going aging in 2018 for Ashura InshaAllah. May Allah enable all momineens to visit Karbala and Najf.
  5. Is the soul of man Godly?

    Do you mean is it Devine? Or that it's pure? Please explain