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  1. Being sufi doesn't automatically mean to be sunni. Yes most of them are, but there exist some Shia tarikah and at least one of them is based in Iran. I am not implying Ayatullah Bahjat was its part though, just being suffi doesn't mean something bad.
  2. husband has become against majlis

    No, only that some people think so and if the situation in question was for real the syed-non-syed problem would indeed be brought up.
  3. husband has become against majlis

    Isn't it the same person who pretended to be a pakistani man whose elder syster refused to attend Imamburgah few days ago? Sorry if I am wrong but the story looks almost same. Sadly that's what matters in reality.
  4. why can't shia men marry from, people of the book

    Haha that's not a problem because for every girl (Shia or not) there is a big competition.
  5. How to build a strong Iraq

    With more than 90% voting for independence? No I haven't. Which shows only that currently Iraqi army with their allies is more capable than Peshmerga. The reality is that during last 50 years Kurds in Iraq were slaughtered by arabs (Saddam, ISIS and now the government) so I cannot think of a single reason why would they want to stay under their rule. Same goes for Sunni and Shia, they won't stand each other since everyone has a family member or close friend who was killed either by Saddam or during ISIS war which is not even over Yea that's a great idea but what to due with all those sunnis (like 35% of the population). Of course Iran is vouching for united Iraq since we've already seen what its Sunni part will become after the split (e.g. ISIS).
  6. Syed but not shia

    Wa alaikum as-salam Why not? I am sure there are descendants of Imam Hussain (as) who are not even Muslims and don't know about it. Allah knows best, but most of the time such claims are pure speculations. And one can see Imam Ali (as) in their dream because they just thought about him so it is not necessary caused by a divine Intervention Just for the same reasons anyone else is not Shia.
  7. How to build a strong Iraq

    I am not Iraqi, but from my point of view the only way is to divide it which is already happening. there is no way to make kurds ditch their dream of independence neither for shia-sunni unity.
  8. why can't shia men marry from, people of the book

    In theory yes, but there still shall be some influence from mother's side especially if you happen to have a female child. Religion is not just assigned automatically & permanently, one has to accept it when he/she grows up.
  9. why can't shia men marry from, people of the book

    So you can do Mut`a for a long period that shall cover your life like 90 years. Or prolong it every year since it won't make any difference for the non-Muslim wife. Is there any problem with that? Just asking.
  10. There's another opinion (that I personally share): all humans are Tahir regardless of their religion except those who openly oppose, hate and fight Islam. That may be extended to extreme nasibi (not "normal" sunnies but those who declare their hate against Ahlalbait(a)) but am not sure about that part. Satan worshipers ain't tahir aswell.
  11. (Salam) I wouldn't say it is exactly a "new" project since the idea of Kurdistan is around for last decades (it's been actually implemented as the Mahabad republic but it failed to last). I think kurds will stick around with whoever can help them to achieve their dream and it is to get rid of arab/Iraqi government.