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  1. suffism

    Is suffism allowed in shiism?? (keeping shebaaz qalandar and rabia basri qalander in mind) ( i mean theres nothing wrong with it) if their is then plz dictate??
  2. suffism

    well alright but they both the qalanders isolated from the worldly matters and searched for the deep mystic knowledge of Quran. Bu Ali Qalander even asked Allah for making him Imam Ali a.s after 36 years of chilla( retreat) ,but instead he was given the fragnance of Imam Ali a.s (the name). well mysticism is to search for islams mystical and hidden knowledge. For instance ; When Hazrat Ali was asked whether he has seen Allah .He responded "Yes, by the inward eyes of his heart." Similarly Allah has quoted in Quran that " Allah is near than a person than his Artery" A normal man cannot comprehend these deep meaning statements.
  3. Zuljana

    Correct me if I am not their are two traditions 1. He would come back as he had walked in a mist or river furat and dissappeared 2. It is said that he went to a mountain and due to the anxiety and sadness strike his head with a rock many a times and died. And that's where his shrine is.