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  1. What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?

    by definition, marriage can only take place between a man and a woman. and the reasons for that are many. none of those reasons apply to a gay marriage. but the primary reason for homosexuality and such a marriage being wrong is because God tells us it is wrong. if some day we could eliminate all the harm and dangers of eating pork, that would not make it permissible for us to eat it. as we refrain from it not because of its unhealthiness, but rather because it is a command from God. they are not just allowed for the opposite sex. they are only allowed through marriage. and that is only because marriage is an institution which establishes the foundation of a family system, and is used to produce children. if there were no attraction between the opposite gender, and the process of reproduction wasnt quite as "fun", there would not be much of a reason to reproduce. if there were no marriage system, then you would find children being given away and having noone to look after them, as is happening in a lot of western countries where adultery is a common practice.
  2. SAQIFA!

    brother i am asking you very fundamental questions. which is basically that how do we know something from history? and you are saying the answer is either subjective or is based on logical fallacies, when you say that abu huraira would do anything for money, i would ask you how do you know that? and the answer would be through witness accounts and your reasoning of them. i am asking you how you know those witness accounts, and all the others, can be trusted? on what basis? and it has to be an objective basis. not subjective. saying that " if you read one paragraph from Nahjul Balagha and have any sort of wisdom you can tell that no ordinary person can write this.. " is a subjective basis and also includes logical fallacies. and i am not asking this from a sunni perspective. i ask the same question to my sunni brothers as well.
  3. SAQIFA!

    how do we know/judge which witnesses are trustworthy and which aren't? how do you know imam Ali wrote nahjul balagha?
  4. question again

    @Ashvazdanghe i specifically asked you to not bring history books. also, i cant understand half of it as it appears to be in some other languange, maybe farsi. as for the ahadith about the prophet's "will" not being written, i am aware of them and not denying them. so no need to provide references for those, which you did from bukhari and muslim. also, a piece of advice for you, for your posts in general. dont bombard the other person with a storm of links/quotes. just one, if correct, is usually enough. same goes here. just quote me a single hadith where abu bakr/umar gave out their will. i am not accepting or denying anything. i just dont know if they did. would be happy to move on once we can establish that they did. salam.
  5. SAQIFA!

    and do we accept the written down accounts of every witness? i meant to ask the question from a non sunni and non shia perspective. so, i am not exactly looking for sunni hadith. also, do you agree with the narration you quoted above? as in this is what happened? not whether this was right or wrong. but if it happened as the narration says. do you agree?
  6. Confused about my Beliefs.

    identify as a muslim?
  7. question again

    can you refer me to a narration? not a history book like tarikh tabari or ibn kathir. cite/quote a narration.
  8. question again

    When did abu bakr give his last will? And when did Umar?
  9. SAQIFA!

    one question before starting. how will you know what exactly happened?
  10. question again

    that is your subjective opinion. i cant change that. we will just have to agree to disagree. no. the definition of wajib is that which we are obliged to do. dont know what dictionary you are using. if you are basing your views on a hadith, that wajib is that which is done exactly as prescribed, please do share the hadith. doesnt matter what you call it. it would be a sahih book. would you still not believe in it? do you have an issue with a book being called sahih or a book being believed to be sahih? if we change the name of sahih bukhari and muslim, but still believed all(most) of the hadith in it sahih, would that be okay? of course not. everything that happens is Allah's will. what was he taught by Allah? religion? or trade? or engineering?
  11. convince me about hijab

    Salam sister. Hijab is an obligation for women. It does not matter whether you can rationalize is or not. Doesn't matter if it makes sense to you. If it is a command, we submit. If you have an issue with regards to whether it is a command of Allah, we can talk about it. If the issue is with your understanding of why it is a command, then only Allah knows. We can only guess. He can do what he wants and he is not to be questioned about it, according to the Quran. If you think it is unfair, then you are firstly being hypocritical. And secondly it is very close to kufr to say that God is unjust. No offence. Men and women are equal, but only in terms of being judged and rewards. They are not equal when it comes to laws. Men are supposed to take care of women in all respects, specially financially. Women are free from any such responsibility. You don't see men complaining about it. If it seems that men are being given an unfair advantage in one thing, then women are given such an advantage in some other thing. We are Muslims. Which means we submit. We don't try to rationalize it first and reject it if it doesn't make sense. That is not how a Muslim should be.
  12. Guidance needed

    do you not want him to marry that particular girl? or do you not want him to marry right now as he is not financially stable?
  13. why ask help from imam?

    hmm. possible. would like to see others respond too.
  14. why ask help from imam?

    with all due respect, i dont think this is the case, as Allah has many names, 33 or so in the quran alone, and to call upon him so frequently by the one name which also happens to be the name of the first imam is, in my opinion, too much to be a coincidence. again, no disrespect.
  15. question again

    No. You are saying that umar did that out of spite. I say what umar did was out of love of the prophet. He did not want him to move much while he was ill, To prevent any trouble/pain, specially since the messenger had completed his mission, and Allah had completed the religion, as per quran. Why is it haram in matters of wajib? So, if one were to collect for example 50 sahih hadith from al-kafi, and make it a book, you would not believe it? Everything about religion/law, yes. Everything other than that, including like day to day conversations/work, no. How else can he be an excellent example for us if he does not say/do ANYTHING from his own self. Allah swt might as well have sent an angel messenger instead of a human messenger.