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  1. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    im going to leave the "what is the quran" argument for now. for a very brief while. i agree with you on SOME points, but not the conclusion. when the quran says that He taught the messenger the Kitab and Hikmah, there is agreement among all scholars that the kitab means quran and the hikmah means sunnah here.
  2. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    quran 16:44 And We revealed to you the message that you may make clear to the people what was sent down to them and that they might give thought. the prophet made the quran clear to us, all mankind. where is that explanation of the quran today? i am not sure about a certain ayahs. the mohkam ones. where did the prophet pbuh leave the explanation for them for me? you say obeying messenger = obeying Allah. that tis true. anything that the messenger tells as part of religion, we have to obey him and that thas the same status as obeying Allah because the prophet pbuh is not telling us that religious command from himself, but ffrom Allah. in this sense, the quran says that obeying the messenger = obeying Allah. however, that does not mean that obeying Allah equals obeying the messenger. meaning by simply following the quran, you can not possibly claim that you are following the messenger. as the quran only consists of what Allah directly commanded us, not that which He indirectly commanded us through the messenger.
  3. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    quran? what is that? not kidding. serious question.
  4. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    this is also what you mentioned along with the first time: how are these dividing/judging/condescending those who pray differently disregarding the ayah that mentions humans BEING CREATED IN DIFFERENT WAYS to know each other? this is what is inconsistent in your post. i think i understand you know. i feel somewhat similar. somewhat. but similar. specially the "likely true, but we dont know" part. i have been down that road. still am on that road, in some ways. anyway, if that is the case, then as the guy above asked, how do you know what the sunnah is? are you inspired by a certain someone from Pakistan? your answer to the sunnah question will clear it up too.
  5. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    51:56 i did not create the jinn and mankind except so that they worship me. does this mean there is a contradiction in the quran? no. because the verse you quoted and what you are claiming from it are two different things. the ayah says Allah created us male and female. and as different races and different tribes. the reason for creating us in such a different manner is given in the following phrase. "so that you may know each other". this is not the reason for creating us in the first place. you would know that had you known a little bit of arabic and checked the ayah in arabic, not its translation. even if you dont know arabic, nobody would come to your understanding as that is incorrect. the obvious meaning and reason is the differences between people, not the actual creating itself. how are those events KNOWN? circumstantially? really? is that your best way of defending historical "knowledge"? i could also go on and on to destroy your arguments.
  6. Sajdah Directly Upon The Prayer Mat

    no no. i agree 100 % that we should perform the prayer exactly as the prophet did. he commanded us in an authentic hadith to "pray as you see me praying". so i am with you there. clothes doesnt have anything to do with HOW he pbuh prayed. the how has to do with actions. the food example isnt related to prayer. and standing on two legs is how the prophet pbuh prayed. so no issue there either. i'll play the "devil's advocate"(it's a metaphor. dont think ill of my intentions) and say that he only made sujood on the earth because there was only mud there. had there been marbled floor, or a rug, the prostration would have been on that. this is my understanding. what you mentioned was your understanding. since there is a difference in understanding, we should return the matter to the quran and sunnah, as per 4:59. which is what i was looking for initially. is there any hadith which says that it is obligatory to perform sujood on earth/natural things? or is it simply the understanding of the shii scholars? and i dont mean that in any derogatory way. ill even accept a word of an Imam as i am just looking for your justification/daleel of this obligation. there is no "shame" if it is based on the scholars' understanding. im just looking for answers.
  7. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    1. which ayah mentions humans being created to know each other? out of curiosity. 2. so, you say you believe there are true narrations. how do you judge which ones are true and which arent?
  8. Question for Sunni

    i pretty much agree with this. not entirely, but pretty much. i myself use the same argument against qiyas whenever i talk to hanafis.
  9. Question for Sunni

    there is no translation as far as i am aware. the book is siyar a'laam an-nubala', by ad-dhahabi. and the reason i asked for your arabic understanding is because the reference is to the arabic book. even if you find a translation, it might prove to be difficult to locate that in the translation. also, just to avoid you any disappointment, i made claims about sunni views. not my own views or what i find the truth to be. also, which part were you interested to know about? that the sunnis believe imam jafar was righteous? or that he didnt claim imamate?
  10. ...from the earliest generation up until now? you do understand that the sanad does not stop for the quran, right? what exactly are you looking for?
  11. Jews stealing content of Quran putting in Talmud

    will try to inshaAllah.
  12. Jews stealing content of Quran putting in Talmud

    with all due respect, i understand your view. and accept it in case of yazid and ibn ziyad mal'oon. because i know from authentic narrations about their horrendous acts. but i am much more strict than you in accepting narrations. i dont even accept historical accounts which have no sanad. you can see my point of view here in brief detail: so, unless you can bring me a hadith, meaning a statement with a sanad, i cant accept your view that umar ibn saad killed imam hussain. and no, i have no "good" feelings about umar ibn saad. couldnt care less. but its just a matter of sticking to my principles. hope you can understand that.
  13. i personally didnt know them ofc. but their records are present in books of rijal. sorry for being a bit thick headed but if you are trying to get at something, i am not getting it.
  14. Jews stealing content of Quran putting in Talmud

    my bad. i just skimmed through the thread. to be fair, i only claimed about yazid. and also, is there any sunni source, apart from tarikh at-tabari, which mentions that umar ibn saad killed imam hussain as or led the army that killed him? and i ask for sunni source because you are trying to establish hujjah upon me(and currently, i follow the "usool" of trusting sunni narratives over shi'i traditions)
  15. i dont understand your question. if you go to a proper hafidh who has ijazah and a sanad, you can ask him to tell you his sanad. and he will tell you who he learnt the quran from, who his teacher learnt it from, who he learnt it from, and so on, till the last or rather the first teacher, prophet muhammad pbuh.