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  1. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    Not only that. These same aunties will wear immaculate abayas during ziyarat. But on the return flight back to the West? They ditch the abaya and hijab and put on makeup. Heck sometimes they wear form fitting clothes. What must run through these people's minds when they decide to selectively go against a divine ordinance?
  2. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    Also due to the West de-emphasizing modesty and hijab so much, rarely do any women know nor take seriously the fact that by consciously knowing yet deciding not to wear hijab such a woman is partially nude in front of nah-mahrams. Since a Muslim woomans hair is awrah in front of non mahram. I was pleasantly suprised at how for instance on this very website a Muslim woman who actively wore hijab didn't even know that a Muslim woman's hair is awrah in front of non mahram men. And in real life as well the number of women in my family I had to explain the concept of her hair being awrah really makes me feel there is an epidemic of jahilat amongst Muslim women concerning such basic things. And front my observations, the way they perceived hijab before knowing About awrah was that it was A.) Optional B.) Just some random thing in the Quran that women have to do that has no meaning beyond that C.) Gave some weird emotional spin about hijab D.) That not wearing Hijab does not constitute partial nudity because western culture/Desi culture does not think a woman not covering her head amounts to partial nudity.
  3. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    Dude, by Iranian Immigrants I don't mean shah supporters and their ilk. I mean your average run of the mill Iranian from Iran. Got it? Also from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_Iranians (I know it is wikipedia but it does cite its references) There are approximately 63,828 people[1] born in Iran living in Sweden today, as well as 28,600 people born in Sweden with at least one parent born in Iran. They are one of Sweden's largest immigrant groups, accounting for about 1.7% of the population.[2] The very first wave of Iranian refugees consisted of 5,000 Iranian refugees who fled to Sweden in 1979-1980 most of them were middle-aged, middle-class Pahlavi supporters who were opposing the revolution . When the Iran-Iraq War broke out in 1980, almost 20,000 Iranian citizens found asylum in Sweden. Second generation Iranian Swedes are well-represented in higher education and in some well paying professions like dentistry and engineering. About 60% percent of them go on to higher education – more than the Swedish average (45 percent)[1] Iranian culture with its emphasis on education may be part of the reason for this. Becoming an engineer or a doctor is a mantra in many families. Abundantly represented minorities amongst the Swedish Iranians, like in other Iranian diaspora nations are Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Armenians and Assyrians.
  4. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    Salaam, I remember talking to a brother about this concept of "judging". Essentially one has to understand there are two types of judgements one can make. One is just based purely upon a person's direct actions and the other is based on their intentions. Muslims have the full right to "judge" someone based on their direct actions. Whether that is a muslim woman who does not wear a hijab or a muslim man not having a beard despite being able to grow one. But what muslims should not do is judge someone's intentions. For example, If I see a muslim woman not wearing hijab, and I know she has zero excuses in her current context, I am free to judge her and think that she is exposing her awrah to na-mahram (a muslim woman's hair is awrah as much as her genitals are) therefore she is being sinful. However, what I don't know is her intentions for not wearing hijab. So I refrain from describing her intentions since I don't know them. But I can definitely say that she is violating God's law and is amongst the sinful, regardless of what her intentions are. Think of it like this: A doctor has a patient who smokes frequently. Said doctor has full license to "judge" his patient and say that smoking is bad and will give you lung cancer, and that by continuing to smoke you are damaging your body. But, what the doctor cannot do is "judge" the patients intentions to smoke. Whether the patient is smoking due to stress, PTSD,etc. However, despite not judging the patient's intentions to smoke the doctor can still say that the patient is harming their body and should immediately rectify his smoking habit or he might end up a walking case of lung cancer.
  5. Elope Marriage

    Salaam, I think you quoted the wrong person.
  6. Elope Marriage

    I am not saying to not marry her. But did you have, let us just say, "permissable" interactions with her when you were writing to her? Not that it would change whether you should marry her. But if something impermissible did happen (flirting and the like) then you and her should seek repentence from God. If not then it's all Gucci.
  7. Elope Marriage

    From my observations just as how women get forced into these marriages, guys also go through a similar thing. Difference is that men typically don't manifest their discontent as much and "put up with it" or might end up getting a second wife. Also this seems to be a cultural thing since this affects Hindus in India and Pakistan just as much.
  8. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    Lol is your dad abrogating the Quran? Ask him this then, what need is there nowadays to worry about haram and halal? I have seen some convincing arguments from non Muslims as to why due to FDA standards haram and halal is not necessary in this day and age.
  9. Marriage - Bias against women who do not wear veil

    I sincerely thank you two for standing for what's right on this issue. Although I will say that the people here who have an opposition to what you two are saying mainly stems from emotions and social conditioning. For a lot of sisters here from what I can observe they try to use religion as a mask to hide their real reasons to not wear the hijab. And those reasons are usually entirely disconnected from religion (The whole "I want to connect to god" spiel is really just the person trying to get over the decades upon decades of social influence they received to not wear hijab or that it is "normal" to walk out and have your hair exposed) These are due to social conditions ("my family doesn't wear hijab" or you grow up in the west) or emotional reasons ("I don't like people staring at me when I wear hijab and giving me looks" or "I want more attention for my self-esteem and hijab hinders that"). Again these are observations that tend to prove themselves everytime I make them via the reactions of Muslim women to them.
  10. When did men stop being men

    Um, in my family my mom does the same thing. But my dad offers but my mom has this "I want to do it" attitude. And ironically if my dad refuses her offer then she starts yelling at him and says things like "why do you pamper me?!". Now it has gotten to a point where my dad has to ask my mom if she wants something done for her. Because if he does it and she wanted to do it, yet again she will start protesting in a loud manner. And does not matter if she struggles, he will not help her lest he risk her yelling at him. And from what I can tell, my mom isn't the only woman like this. Again, I think you are too quick to judge.
  11. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    Again. Most Iranians in Sweden would move back to Iran if it became as economically prosperous as China. Except for Shah supporters I have never heard of any Iranian not wanting to move back due to the country not being democratic enough. Again, most won't return unless Iran, wait for it, becomes economically prosperous. That is it. Especially if they are religious they don't want Iran to become secular. Trust me, if Iran become the next economic superpower even with the same current theological conservative government and supreme leader most Iranians would not care at all about their country not being "democratic" enough. And also Muslim culture is not what you think it is. It isn't like little China in NYC. It has many dimensions that violates many a secular principles westerners hold dear. For us and most Iranians including those living abroad (who aren't shah supporters) , Shia or Sunni Islam permeates all aspects of our lives. ALL aspects. Think of it like the bygone times of the Catholic church governing Europe. And Iran is democratic. We all keep explaining this to you, but I guess there always has to be a bad guy. And if there isn't one, then I guess you can make one. Well, at least you are morally consistent. So I will give you that. Although again, just ask members here, MOST Iranians dislike western culture. Though they don't dislike western people, just their culture.
  12. Salaam, So recently I have been seing some posts about muslims struggling with their desires. And of course the sunnah advises us to reccomend temporary marriage. And many members here then rightfully advise mutah. However, I think one of the biggest hurdles to doing Mutah is finding and then convincing a woman to do Mutah with. However, I was curious to know if there was either an online or offline "Mutah network" that function similarly to marriage networks and take the guessing game out of temporary marriage. Perhaps we should pin this discussion so we can redirect others who struggle with their desires to proper resources.
  13. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    Bruh, this longing for home for many Iranians is because they want an Islamic environment. Not little Iran in some borough in Stockholm where they act like surface level Iranians but adopt Swedish mannerisms. I don't expect you to ever understand the mentality of Muslim immigrants nor will you be able to. So kindly don't pretend to know. Many of us here are immigrants and the children of such immigrants, just to let you know. And dude, this is assimilationism. Is this what you want? Since ain't nobody here wants this, safe for "cultural muslims". And how do you think us Muslims feel when the Muslim world is becoming increasingly westernized? Clearly that does not bother you but it bothers us. So quit your complaining. The day you want immigrants in Sweden to stop changing your culture is the same day I expect you to also tell westerners and even Muslims to stop being westernized and westernizing the Muslim world. You speak of Swedish culture being irreversibly changed, well God knows just how irreversibly changed the Muslim world is due to westernization. And if you don't think this is a bad thing then you are a part of the problem and frankly you of all people should be the last person to complain of Swedish culture being changed. And just like how you might say that westernization of the Muslim world brought "good" I can say that Islamification of the West and Sweden brings good fruits even if you don't want to recognize it.
  14. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    Yeah but both are secular. So both must be good for you in some sense. I hear Chinese secularism is just as good as Swedish secularism. Lol, do you actually live in the West? Here is an article to show how appreciative westerners are about criticism of their governments https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.teenvogue.com/story/fight-racism-model-minority-yassmin-abdel-magied/amp Maybe you can get away with criticism of western governments but especially us Muslims ain't got that social freedom without folks shouting us down or threatening us, telling us to go back from where we came, you get the picture. And also I see you missed the point entirely of my last post. There ARE examples of countries where people's bellies are full and they have good living conditions but are also apathetic to what their government does. And nowadays with the resurgence of nationalism the West is slowly going to become more totalitarian. First the patriot act, then...
  15. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    True. But I meant on a social level. If you look at our parents generation (which composes the bulk of immigrants and refugees) they don't "like" the social atmosphere of the West. And for many of them they truly desire to live in a Muslim country that has a good economy, good education, and good opportunities, and an Islamic environment. For Sunnis this might be KSA, UAE, gulf countries, etc. For shias the options are very much limited though. Heck, my own mother and father who work in the West dream of being able to live and work in Iran. But due to current economic issues in Iran that dream is far off for now. Now as for our generation is a different question. Since our generation is one that is contradictory, obsessed with identity politics, and above all else try to one up each other to see who can assimilate the best. And while our generation likes to claim that "Islam is first" we will throw away Islam in favor of western culture.
  16. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    Oh so now you are picking favourites? And there is no invalid form of secularism. Which means the secularism of the British Empire is no better than the secularism of the UK. And if you looked at history folks that lived in these colonialist countries were just as happy as today. So not much has changed. As long as people have full bellies and a good roof over their heads they could care less what their government does.
  17. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    Actually Europe has become more violent since the advent of secularism and colonialism. If you look at this map ( http://battles.nodegoat.net/viewer.p/23/385/scenario/3/geo/fullscreen) you will notice Europe was less violent and comparatively peaceful during catholic rule vs when secularism emerged. And I can show you surveys of Muslims living in the middle East who prefer Islamic rule to secular rule. (In case you didn't realize the middle East has had its fair share of dictatorial secular leaders like Mubarak, the shahs, etc. And the Arab spring should tell you that the middle East is finally shedding off its secular dictators. Also do you really want to know why Muslims come to the west? I can tell you it has jack to do with secularism, western culture, etc. Instead it is all about $$$$$$$$$$ and education. That's it. Nothing else. I literally know Muslims who are living in Sweden and trying to move to the USA to make more money with their degree. Heck, if you actually look at immigration patterns most Muslims immigrate to Muslim countries that are economically better ( UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, etc.). Oh and compared to the number of Syrian refugees Turkey and Jordan have(Turkey has 3million+ Syrian refugees and Jordan has about 1 million refugees) countries like Sweden seem like crybabies when it comes to immigration. However you have to understand that most immigrants have limited options when it comes to immigration so they take what they can get. And they don't pick favorites. They take what they get.
  18. What do think about demonstrations in Iran

    I think homie at this point is willfully ignorant.

    Umm, while I dislike KSA. I think that rape is as much of an epidemic in western countries as well. Also I was reading up on the dynamics of the case involving the married woman. Apparently she confessed to having an affair, but the question is was this affair mutual or coercive? Since the other guy threatened to release pictures of her if she didn't comply with him.
  20. #JusticeforZainab

    Unfortunately things are just as worse in India. Me thinks Pakistan needs to go through an Islamic revolution for the country to give due justice to its people.
  21. The Attachments (Risks) in Mutah marriage

    Here is a Gucci video about Mutah.
  22. Are there any Mutah networks?

    Gucci advice. But also I am not asking for myself. I am asking because when people here confess their desires and we tell them "do mutah" with the expectation that they just walk into a masjid and figure things out is easier said than done. Marriage is one thing but Mutah is another. Since there is a huge cultural stigma against Mutah, there is an extremely low chance you will find a woman in the masjid who wants to do Mutah, mainly due to cultural bias. My mother has narrated to me too many stories of men who do what you say only to turn up empty because many women have a stigma against Mutah. Even when scholars would act as the middle man for the guy and girl. But the internet seems to sift out cultural biases so there is a higher chance of success online than offline with Mutah.
  23. Are there any Mutah networks?

    Aight. Appreciate it my G.
  24. Are there any Mutah networks?

    Well I am one to talk online the same way I talk in real life. And I at least appreciate people staying on topic versus going on tangents and making everyone forget what the initial post was all about. Heck, had this discussion went on to become two pages then I guarantee you and most members here would have forgotten entirely what the initial post was all about. And that ain't good.