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  1. Pakistan Army in Saudi Arabia.

    Pakistan military works for money. So if Iran will give them money they will work for them. Saudia and US is giving them money so they are working for them.
  2. So if He will marry then how you can stop him and if he will not marry how you can persuade Him. Come on he will do all other things that are halal then why you have chosen only the marriage part of Islam. Brother think big; marriage is just one part of life and life is beyond one point of focus
  3. Are there any Mutah networks?

    there are many means to this end. but be positive try good social gathering etc... and again where you are living matters as well. Good luck ...
  4. You do not sound American.

    I don't sound American because i read
  5. I will not believe my eyes and repent on the sins I have done like missing namaz etc... I hope He will be kind to me inshallah. I wish i die early if with my actions he is going to be saddened.
  6. Brother Salam alakum you should seriously visit Iraq and ask the people about this living there. hopefully you will get the answer.
  7. The whole day and night western media is vomiting against Iran. what about the illicit child like Israel. The plot they have orchestrated against Iran to save the face of Israel has come back to them such that now Irani army is standing on the borders of Israel. Now claiming chemical weapons etc... these are the plots. they keep doing is a major fault from thier birth
  8. Welcome to the group whom other muslins called worst kafirs and non muslims called best Muslims you will find the love respect and logic. Welcome read and follow.
  9. Imam Khamenei Lovers please comment

    He is great man with great vision.
  10. Sex Is Insignificant?

    Sex is one of those unlearnt motives of any human being and any living object. having sex is not the main motive rather having sex with good women/men is the main motive in Islam in both cases of permeant and temp marriage. so that the sociological and physiological and psychological out come is good.
  11. Dr Zaik Naik

    Dr Zakir Naik calls Yazeed Ibn Maweya as razzi Allah. Enough to get away from him
  12. Pakistan

    If ShiaChat is blocked in your country. use public cloud like Azure or AWS create a virtual machine (Ububtu) is least expensive with minimum endurance. install Google chrome use ShiaChat from there
  13. Pakistan

    When CIA and General ZIa with Saudi funds started a war against USSR and hanged primer minister Bhutto. Since then Pakistan is detroiting
  14. Is it haram to marry an atheist woman?

    Only mature girls will go temp marriage. Young girls like to have perm relationship. Now for the word patience; instead of having a girl with no relationship with towards Allah. I suggest better stay away from any such girls. Go for some community service with muslims you will find a good one You will find soon that it the fear from Allah that give you a lot of blessings. I have some eastern European and Scandanvian friends and I tell you they live like animals in the jungle. Finally it is your choice but if you follow Ahalybayatt you should follow their commands not yourself
  15. Is it haram to marry an atheist woman?

    Hello Brother. Love is blind but please do not be blind and ask Allah to provide you with good and pious muslim girl rather for those who eat pork or do zanna or drink.