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  1. Sex Is Insignificant?

    Sex is one of those unlearnt motives of any human being and any living object. having sex is not the main motive rather having sex with good women/men is the main motive in Islam in both cases of permeant and temp marriage. so that the sociological and physiological and psychological out come is good.
  2. Dr Zaik Naik

    Dr Zakir Naik calls Yazeed Ibn Maweya as razzi Allah. Enough to get away from him
  3. Pakistan

    If ShiaChat is blocked in your country. use public cloud like Azure or AWS create a virtual machine (Ububtu) is least expensive with minimum endurance. install Google chrome use ShiaChat from there
  4. Pakistan

    When CIA and General ZIa with Saudi funds started a war against USSR and hanged primer minister Bhutto. Since then Pakistan is detroiting
  5. Is it haram to marry an atheist woman?

    Only mature girls will go temp marriage. Young girls like to have perm relationship. Now for the word patience; instead of having a girl with no relationship with towards Allah. I suggest better stay away from any such girls. Go for some community service with muslims you will find a good one You will find soon that it the fear from Allah that give you a lot of blessings. I have some eastern European and Scandanvian friends and I tell you they live like animals in the jungle. Finally it is your choice but if you follow Ahalybayatt you should follow their commands not yourself
  6. Is it haram to marry an atheist woman?

    Hello Brother. Love is blind but please do not be blind and ask Allah to provide you with good and pious muslim girl rather for those who eat pork or do zanna or drink.
  7. Is it haram to marry an atheist woman?

    Try finding some Ahlay kitaab and do that. But what if 90% of Western Europe are Christians for name sake or for Christmas only then have some patience. Hopefully you will find one
  8. Whats was your favorite country to visit in life

    Iraq for its Holy reasons but the whole world is beautiful.
  9. What is your goal today?

    Relax or try to relax
  10. Muslim girl beaten due to her religion

    Very sad indeed. With Trump in power Allah save Boys and girls and specially girls.
  11. Girl past matters as well as boys one. If some thing bad happened to you because of your bad luck is different matter. Say for example you have friends who have trapped you but do you have no choice of having friends; so here is your fault. But if you are got married but another guy was a alcoholic. It is not girl's fault. Get rid of him. So for that it does not matter.
  12. Everyone of us past matters. If everything done in halal way (need to know then at least what you are doing in halal way ) and medically correct way.
  13. Dear Bros and sisters, homosexuality/lesbinism is a problem when male female contact is forbidden by force to extreme extent as in whabi madressas and where faith on women and men is torn apart by overly nudity as in West. Or where Polygomy or supporting a divorced/widowed women is labelled as sin. Temp marriage is blessing such that one takes care of temp spouse as good friend without giving the first blessed one much of a strain.
  14. ♥ Marriage ♥

    Allah provide all the sisters and daughters good spouse and huge responsibility goes to men that they create balance between his wife and and his family. Equally to girls that if a men is fool then; do not make him a big emotional fool as sister mother or wife.