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  1. 786:)

    General shia belief

    And the Christian will argue Jesus has more healing powers. Then what? 8th Imam has more affiliation than him too? I am sure you are of that opinion, but my point is why are we fighting over petty issues. It is probably best practice to ask only from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى as the Quran repeatedly stresses. There are more solid and clear proofs for asking only from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى than there are for Ya Ali Madad or Ya Reza Madad (if any). This may sound wahhabist to you, but that is simply fact.
  2. 786:)

    General shia belief

    There are countless "miracle" videos from other faiths too--particularly Catholics. My parents tell me that similar things happen in Ajmer, India at the shrine of Moinuddin Chisti. Has Moinuddin Chisti been delegated the same healing powers as Imam Reza (as)? It is simply just foolish to rely on those for faith.
  3. 786:)


    Just curious how we can firmly say taraweeh is an innovation due to the fact that the Prophet (saw) did not prescribe it to his ummah, yet we defend some bizarre Muharram rituals which also are far from the teachings of the Prophet (saw). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. 786:)

    Abu Bakr, A friend or a companion

    I find it a bit irrational to say Rasoolallah (saw) did not have any friends. How can a guide for all mankind be without the relationship of a friend. @Salsabeel you are clearly reading the Hadith too black and white in order to validate your claim. Also, I see you were triggered by my comments which led you to create this post. I can certainly tell you I could care less to “raise” the status of Abu Bakr. However, I distance myself from bias. If you read any 3rd party narrative of the Seerah of our Blessed Prophet (saw) they all claim Abu Bakr to be Rasoolallah’s friend. This may be hard for you to accept due to years of hatred that’s engraved in you.
  5. 786:)

    Shia and sunnis

    I know you two will disagree with me nor will I try to prove anything to you as your hatred will triumph over anything rational I offer. To me, it is pretty clear that the Prophet (SAW) considered Abu Bakr a friend during his lifetime. Whatever your opinion may be of what happened after the Prophet's (SAW) death is a different story. I dont see things black and white as many Sunnis and Shias do though. So dont be alarmed by my opinions. However, Abu Bakr's relationship with the Prophet (SAW) was not the main takeaway from my post.
  6. 786:)

    Shia and sunnis

    The main struggle is between sources when you strip it down. The Shia lean on sources which are Muhammad's (SAW) family. The Sunni lean on sources which are Muhammad's (SAW) friends. Now to be real, people say and do different things when in a family setting and when in a setting with friends. For example, if I were to ask you to describe your father--you would most likely have only good things to say about him. If I were to ask one of your father's closest friends to describe your father--he may have a mixed bag of things to say because he has seen a side of your father that you may have not seen. Does that make sense? That is why I think it is foolish to totally abolish hadiths from Abu Bakr for example. We as Shias may not like him, but at the end of the day he was our Prophet's best friend whether we like it or not. (I also know I am going to get heat for saying that on SC) Also, I am sorry if the example was offensive. I was just trying to provide a real world scenario.
  7. I would love to reform a thing or two. Nope I follow a mix of maraja that sound the most convincing in a subject. I used to advocate for zanjeer and the whole circus before. So before you jump to any conclusions please keep that in mind. I am a prisoner to logic and reason. I don’t hold my preconceived opinions if they are shredded to pieces with reason. And your opinion means nothing to me either. Yes I am. I call a spade a spade. No need to sugar coat things just becuase they come from your party. That would be called politics. The act of tatbir is as disgusting to me as a suicide bomber. Ayatollah Khamenei has called the act a disappointment. Sadly you would keep mum about suicide bombings if Shias did indeed go that route on the basis of a few ulema allowing it. The fact of the matter is there is an ikhtilaf among the ulema. That in itself will cause a divide—which you are seeing today. So you should go tell the ulema not to divide instead of the laymen.
  8. Goals according to @ShiaMan14 lol You are truly an idiot if you think this practice brings anything positive to Shias. Its just as bad as Sunnis blowing themselves up--except ours is an annual ritual.
  9. Salaam all, I remember hearing a hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw) in a lecture on moderation. On my rough recollection, the hadith was based on a man whom the Prophet (saw) noticed in the masjid all the time and wondered if he had a family. The man told the Prophet (saw) he did indeed have a family, but he would rather spend his time in ibadah. Then the Prophet (saw) told the man to be moderate and not be excessive in ibada to the point where he neglects his own family. This may not be exact content of the hadith, but I remember this to be the moral of the story. Does anyone know which hadith I am referring with sources? Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. 786:)

    'Ali (as) in salat

    Also, it doesnt make sense that in our tashahud it is haram to say Aliyun Waliullah, but in the Adhan and Iqamah it is mustahab. Just use common sense. There are extremist shias who have started adding Aliyun Waliullah in the tashahud due to the conflict of interest of tashahud and adhan.
  11. 786:)

    'Ali (as) in salat

    It has became purely a political matter these days to prove our allegiance to Imam Ali (as) in contrast to the Sunnis. That is just the truth of the matter. All these mustahab rulings derive from what I have just stated. The evidence of it being the original Sunnah of our Master Muhammad (saw) and his progeny (as) is daef (weak). So if you are trying to emulate your adhan after our 14 infallibles then you should not say it. Thats my simpleton view as shiaman would say, but I think it makes perfect sense.
  12. 786:)

    Judgmental Shias

    Of all people, it is @shiaman14 who starts a thread on how we shouldnt judge others. Amazing!
  13. Hmm so basically you're a civil rights activist for Malangs now. I knew it! Jokes aside, you claim that everyone has their right to perform azadari in the way they choose as long as it does not go beyond the bounds of Sharia? Okay, so let's say I decide to start a new method of azadari by shooting myself in the foot to feel the pain of Imam Hussain (as) and his companions. No one has the right to critique me? We should all wait on Ayatollah X to speak on it?
  14. Figured. Safavids are a stain on Shia history. Most Shia scholars own up to the innovations coming out of that rule.
  15. You must be from Iran.