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  1. Khums

    Yeah you wont be able to convince me. You are full of bias.
  2. Smoking Cigarette

    Haha you seriously don’t think they smoke?
  3. Khums

    Lol typical. If I had a dollar for every time a malang called me a wahhabi... As for my scrutiny for ulema—I guess that is off limits and only allowed for those named Yasser Habib.
  4. Khums

    HAHA a lot of animosity for the internet for the guy who has almost as many posts on shiachat as the number of ayahs in the holy Quran. Truth of the matter is the internet is just a medium of knowledge as traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, and books. So no reason to downplay the internet. It is just as easy to get fooled by a book as it is the internet. It is upon the individual to derive truth irrespective of the medium. I can laugh at Biharul Anwar as you do the internet. For a matter of fact, there might be more "fake news" in the Biharul Anwar than the internet. So do not lose yourself in trying to mock me over the internet. Also, I don't use "its on the internet so it must be true" logic. That is you with your marjah. I don't live in this fairytale world where I think all 500 Shias marjahs are all right in their opinions lol. So many parallels between extremist Shias and Sunnis. Extremist Sunnis think both Muawiya and Imam Ali (as) were on haqq and neither were corrupt as you think both Shaikh Suduq and Allama Majlisi were on haqq and neither corrupt. Extremist Sunni claim that it is not our place to determine who was right or wrong among Sahabas--with Extremist Shia, replace Sahaba with Ulema. Truly fascinating. I have not said I have extrapolated truth from the internet or that I have extrapolated the truth in general. However, I have realized that there is no way in hell that out of the 7B humans on Earth, I happen to be the lucky 2% that is destined for eternity from being born in the absolute truth. You truly believe tatbir is from the divine truth? Just be real for a second. It is simply a reactionary byproduct that has manifested overtime in the name of "Shia Identity". 3rd Testimony in the adhaan is no different. And according to my research, the khums and zakah matter is no different. Nevertheless, if you believe you are that lucky 2% then kudos to you--pray for my maghfirat if you indeed are lol. I will get you in touch with the creator of Shiareformist if you want. Send me a personal message. I will be more than happy to get you in touch with him. He does indeed come from a traditional Shia background like you and I. He also comes from a scholarly background. I will let him tell you the rest.
  5. Khums

    @Salsabeel I get it. Your primary objective is to defend the narrative that mommy and daddy told you at a young age. Now you dismiss anything that challenges that narrative without due process. On the contrary, you close your eyes and accept anything that demonizes opposing narratives. This is called BIAS. I have read threads from the past and it can be easily seen how delusional you can get. You refuse to accept something as point blank as none of the Masoomeen (as) uttered the 3rd testimony in adhaan. Why? Because you are delusional and biased. Unlike you, I am at least I am willing to accept that I am a layman and could very well be wrong. I would not have reached this point without evaluating what I was born into. If you truly believe you are just so lucky and born into absolute truth without having to do any evaluating then I don't know what to tell you. My belief in adalah of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى leads me to believe that no one is born into absolute truth. However, everyone is born into some degree of truth and some degree of falsehood. It is ultimately upon the individual to extrapolate the absolute truth.
  6. Smoking Cigarette

    Oh so just wait to hear back from Najaf or Qum to implement common sense. Gotcha. I forgot you ride that train. You think they will declare something haram that they themselves consume?
  7. Smoking Cigarette

    But you’ve already labeled cannabis haram with the assumption that the science behind it is true. Yet, on tobacco you are defending it as a “case by case” situation—ignoring the science. Double standards?
  8. Smoking Cigarette

    Oh so it’s only bad and haram because it’s prescribed by Quran and Sunnah. There is no underlying reason we can derive. That must also mean that it is okay to sell alcohol then since it is not clearly prescribed.
  9. Khums

    ...you sound immature. Trust me I’m not toying around shiachat with 500 accounts. There’s better things to do. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to convince you and you won’t be able to convince me. I will be more than happy to share the publications which have led me to arrive at the point that I have. But ultimately, you will dismiss them because they don’t pat the culture you were born in on the back. All the extremists of all religions/sects sound oddly similar to you—quickly defensive and dismissive.
  10. Khums

    You sound like a Salafi who cannot cope with any scrutiny of Abu Bakr and Umar. But I am done trying to reason with you. Malangs will always use their hearts more than their heads. Fi Amanillah.
  11. Smoking Cigarette

    I am shocked to see someone defend and promote smoking as much as @Salsabeel lol. Unreal. You can clearly imply from the Quran that smoking is haram. The arguments you make can also be made for alcohol. Under your premise, one can say Cannabis is not haram because it is not clearly stated in the Quran or Sunnah.
  12. Khums

    Right, but wouldn't adopting riba make both khums and zakah obsolete--and not just one of them? That is where I am not understanding. You are correct. That was indeed cheap. You couldnt answer the question so you just directed me to al-islam.org. Look, I can send you very heavily studied publications on the inception of the current khums system and its development overtime. You wont care for it. I didnt just wake up one morning and develop a theory. I have actually heard from people who have studied in the hawzas. Its just now more people are putting the issue to light on a larger scale--whether its academics or in-house scholars like Kamaal al-Haydari. I will ignore your arrogance on calling me a ba'atil simply because you disagree with me. Pretty similar to takfiris. As for changing my stance. Please go back and look. Its been consistent. Its not about syeds. It just happens that most of those in authority over khums are "syeds" lol.
  13. Khums

    This is what zakah is for. There is little to no favoritism in zakah. I agree to your first point. I have met people who have said "well there are barely any holy wars these day or treasure hunts so there would barely be any khums if it wasnt extended to include paper money"--those people are partial to khums because it has now become a factor in Shia identity since the exact same argument can be made for zakah. Please elaborate further on your second and third point.
  14. Khums

    Not compelling.
  15. Khums

    but I am not surprised that wahabbis have found and started to highlight this fiqh flaw of ours.