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  1. Are Bitcoins trading allowed in Shia Fiqh?

    I had sent the office of Ayatollah Khamenei an email containing this question as well as some other economical questions a few months ago. I have not received any answer. It may take a while for them to respond as careful research is needed and my questions were in detail. I'll send them a question again if I do not receive anything at the end of next week. I'll submit the answer here insha'Allah
  2. Thoughts on this video via recent Iranian events?

    I've seen worse than Kenneth Roth. At least Kenneth Roth used a random demonstration in Iran. A pro-Trump supporter on Facebook shared a video that received thousand of views calling it: "300,000 people protesting in Iran". I checked the video and you clearly saw Bahraini flags. It was the Bahraini march of 22nd of February 2011. Epic fail... For those who wish to see fake anti-Iran propaganda in real life: click for the fb video
  3. Thoughts on this video via recent Iranian events?

    I just wanted to point out that this exact problem is facing Mr. Rouhani again. Mr. Rouhani has made promises with the public. He has said things he couldn't fulfill. He has used many emotional arguments in his election campaign winning votes mostly from the middle and upper class as well as the youth who are easily seduced by emotions. In reality, both of their governments failed to put forward a strong execute order in the country. It is even said that Mr. Rouhani's government has been the most corrupted and money-stealing government Iran has had. My opinion is that both of them failed miserably and we are still in need of a president who can run things smoothly and if a certain promise is not possible to point that out at the very least. The "Iran doesn't have the money to do this or that" is an argument often used by Mr. Rouhani and his ministers but it does not suddenly improve Iran's situation. You wanted to be president which means you wanted to find solutions for problems. How did Cuba else survive till this day?
  4. Thoughts on this video via recent Iranian events?

    Ahmadinejad won basically because of getting many votes outside of Tehran. During his time, a barrel of oil was roughly 120$. He handed out lots of money to the places where he went thus gaining interest and followers. AFAIK, the first two years of Ahmadinejad were relatively good and people started to like him. After those years, Ahmadinejad realised that he cannot ignore some of those 4% Qalibuf mentioned this previous election. The 4% (wealthiest 4%) are mainly the business owners and big money investors. Through these people, governments become corrupt and start to fail. The problem with Iranian governments is not one or two. They are many. Especially since the govt. has to find ways to go behind sanctions. But the thing is that many things can also be made domestically athough it will need time to develop itself. One of the problems is that presidents in Iran start to feel "superior" to the faqih and start to say and act in a certain way. I am a big fan of returning the function of prime-minister and abolishing a presidency. The demonstrators weren't only pro-Ahmadinejad. They were pro-principlists in general, especially since it started in the area of former president candidate Ebrahim Raeisi. Both have done and said shady stuff. But whether the economy was better, I have no idea. I have no investments in Iran so I'll set that as a question the next time I talk with my uncles. Looking at how much 1eu was worth in toumans, one could argue that an Iranian living under Ahmadinejad was "better".
  5. Thoughts on this video via recent Iranian events?

    The video created by the electronic resistance and educational force "Islamic Pulse" presented very good insights and arguments regarding the true face of the rioters. These people do not deserve the name of protesters since protesters do not damage what they have built. Rioters are the one of the paths mentioned to persia. Through the creation of rift and chaos, a path to persia can be created and a government can be taken down. However, there is something hiding behind the curtain. I personally linked to the other video because I felt that Islamic Pulse did not talk about the view points of the real initial demonstrators in Mashhad and their distress and problems with the current government of Rouhani. Now what is this thing "hiding" behind the curtain? The Islamic Republic of Iran has not been established like any other nation. In fact, the system is special on its own. We have been witness of the arab spring and how easily many governments fell and were sucked into the chants of the demonstrators. We saw people like Ghadaffi, Ben Ali, Mubarak etc. that have collapsed easily. How come one may ask? This has all to do with the way the country and the system had been established. Do people notice how policies in the United States, especially foreign policies never change? Have you noticed how the promises of presidents break once they enter office? It is because the United States has a government, but it also has a deep state. A country without a deep state is like a man without a spinal cord, a scholar without knowledge, a soldier without equipment and a politician without a voice. A deep state roots the essence and establishment of a country. A deep state solidifies the thoughts and policies of a nation. The Islamic Republic of Iran has since the start received a dosis of this deep state. The wali al-faqih, Sepah Pasdaran and the Basij are the deep state of the Iranian establishment. They form the red lines no other nation is allowed to cross or make Iran transgress. An example is the change of Rouhani's stance on negotiating Iran's missile programe. Ayatollah Khamenei has clearly voiced himself and the Sepah has clearly told everyone that the missile programe is a red line no nation can touch. Does this mean a country with a deep state is a dictatorship? I'll leave that up to you. The United States hates to see countries building up or establishing a strong deep state. Putin is building a deep state after the fiasco's of the dashing 90s. China has a relatively strong communistic deep state. North-Korea is a visible deep state itself. And here we have Iran. It is funny how all these countries are targetted. There is heavy anti-Russia, anti-Iran propaganda. North-Korea is under strict economic and social isolation. China is economically "fighting" with the West. The US wants to remove this regime and its roots in Iran so it can dominate the region again. Now we see people claiming that Iran is sending too much money to Hezbollah, Yemen, PMU, Hamas etc. I will not come with any "islamic obligations" or so as an argument, rather, as the persons who shout these do not believe in Islam, it would be useless to use islamic arguments. The percentage of aid to these countries, groups and political ideologies is not big and does not resemble a significant amount in regards to the total yearly income of the Iranian govt. Hezbollah is estimated on receiving 300 mil dollars IN TOTAL annually. This includes donations by private people and companies as well as the Iranian govt. Again, a small fraction. Then comes another argument: it is surprisingly how we shifted from demonstrating against the inflation of prices to shouting a change in foreign policy that goes in line with that of the West. Does this seem like the mainstream Iranian thinking? It is absurd to believe that. The video I mentioned above gives a good indication of how people have become fed up of the [fake] promises of Rouhani's govt. As we can see, they are people who have fought for the revolution but want a serious change in domestic politics rather than a change in domestic regime. The revolution has filled the hearts of the Iranians with hope, resistance and power to remain independent. I call to all Iranians to resist and listen to the Leader of the Islamic Republic. There are good times ahead. Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى will verily test all of us with our sabr, intentions and way of life. That is also why the principlists immediately retreated from the demonstrations after they noticed it was backfiring. The principlists hoped to get rid of the corrupt government of Rouhani and establish a new one, however, it would have sent a strong signal to the US to come and intervene. The reason why this current "color revolution" failed and the US can pack its bag and go home is because they pushed their munafiqeen into the demonstrations way too quickly. Now that we had a few demonstrations, rioters destroying private as well as public property and kill innocents, the government of Rouhani has changed a few of its policies. They cancelled the price of petrol and promised it back to 1k toumans. They made the absurd claim that if you would see an overpriced (+/- 30k toumans) pack of eggs you should contact the govt (seriously? Iran is a big jungle. What are you going to set up? An egg police force?). And last but not least, you may now receive a loan of 120 mil toumans (instead of 80 mil) when you decide to marry and live together in a home against a whopping 17.5% interest (afaik, 22% before). Couldn't this all be done before all this chaos errupted and all the deaths the sepah and basij had to give?
  6. Thoughts on this video via recent Iranian events?

    Just dropping this here
  7. [Closed/Review]Iran hijab law change?

    @Mansur Bakhtiari I've asked my father and a few uncles and cousins about this matter. They have read something about this only on western newspaper. They have not found anything regarding such a law within Iranian media as of yet. This so-called "law" is vague and does not have a strong basis within that news article. I have scanned it and I have not been able to see a citation or a sentence which has the formal translated version of this "law". This has nothing to do with a law change. The difference is that nowadays the police does not react on "loosened" (as we can see in the article) hijab. Back in the days, such figures would have been educated by the police. This news report from 28th of december 2017 is pretty old and weak. This sort of behaviour of the police has been going on for around 3 years now. Wearing loosened hijab is pretty "normal" now. The other thing is that the skynews article uses the Sharq newspaper which is used by reformists to push their agenda. Reformists within Iran are known for their "liberal" and "freedom-y" voice. They often target "hardliners" and use emotional arguments in order to win votes from the youth. Reformists tend to spread news about such subjects in order to show the Iranian nation that we are moving towards change, freedom and a more Western style of living. Someone with 2 braincells will immediately understand that women could walk with loosened hijab for years now and this is nothing new in particular. The reason why the West focuses so much on these types of news articles is because of their anti-Iran propaganda. The West understands that a direct war with Iran will bear no fruits nor will they achieve much from it rather than heavy losses. The Middle-East will be lit up and they will technically lose more than that Iran would. Obama's strategy has always been to change the inside of Iran rather than fight it directly. Something which you can change diplomatically is better than through war. The US and Israel have always been trying to target the culture and politics from within the country. I have seen news articles about Iranian women walking without hijab on the street and not being arrested. These types of figures are being used in order to internally target the Iranian nation and weaken their belief in the Islamic Republic thus bringing the possibility of toppling the establishment of Imam Khomeini. Now that there are many earthquakes happening in Iran, the US and Israel are spreading false messages on the streets of upcoming heavy earthquakes that will diminish Iran. They even go as far as saying that these earthquakes are happening because of "Iranians not worshipping God". The Zionists are using the current earthquakes in order to put fear in the eyes and ears of the Iranians. The government has warned everyone to not believe such false stories and to ignore anyone who claims to know what or where certain earthquakes will happen. The US is a dangerous government. It is worse than the Satan. If you take one step back they will advance two steps in front of you. If Iran would allow women to not wear hijab anymore, then the next day we will see streets full of women wearing short skinny jeans. The Islamic Republic should never take any steps back if it is a move that is in favour of the US, rather, it should take steps towards the fear of the US govt. If there are any Iranians living in Iran reading this: please do not create division. Stay strong with your fellow brethren and do not believe silly stories of future earthquakes destroying the land of Iran. They are baseless stories in order to create fear. Stay behind the Wilayat al-Faqih and put trusts on the matter of your experts. Do not show fear nor neutrality. The Zionists wants to use that in order to topple the govt. We are the head of the Axis of Resistance and we should keep it that way. Do not let the US make you part of a puppet regime again.

    I would recommend the OP to read the following book regarding this topic: "Imamate, The Vicegerency of the Prophet (S)" written by Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi. Read online: https://www.al-islam.org/imamate-the-viceregency-of-the-prophet-sayyid-akhtar-rizvi. This book discusses both Sunni and Shi'i view on leading the Ummah. Quoting a paragraph from this book:
  9. SAQIFA!

    Agree. It would be really weird to state such a last sentence to a "friend" of the believers. Such a sentence is definitely related to someone with a function of a leader.
  10. SAQIFA!

    Dude... mawla clearly means friend!!1! /s It's amazing how easy they use a different meaning of mawla. The Prophet (PBUH) stopped so many people just to say: 'Ali is the friends of the believers? Quoting from a shia encyclopedia: (https://www.al-islam.org/shiite-encyclopedia-ahlul-bayt-dilp-team/ghadir-khum-part-2#meaning-wali-mawla-and-wilayah)
  11. It's biskit time my dudes!
  12. Whats killing our brothers in Palestine?

    Also, no Mohammad Haydari. When I show you a video of Germans cursing the Ahl al-Bayt (as) or the Prophet (PBUH) or even Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى then you don't start to hate French people. What are you even comparing? Apples with bananas? The IDF actually teaches their soldiers how Muslims are terrorist and how they all are racists towards jewish people. The IDF thinks that it is doing some sort of jewish jihad while clearly it's doing ethnic cleansing. The IDF teaches that Palestinian children know how to handle weapons and strap bombs around their bodies and commit jihad. Yet again, Mohammad Haydari is completely wrong. "Keep in mind "Taqiyah is our religion"" I have no idea from where this originated but it sounds a lot like something an ex-muslim would say. Whether doing taqiyah or not against Israel, they will obliterate Palestine and get that piece of land and continue with their Greater Middle-East plan.
  13. Whats killing our brothers in Palestine?

    It's absolutely amazing that even after 5 pages this is still being discussed. The answer to OP's question is simple and present. There are many reasons behind the killings of our brothers in Palestine. However, one of them is not because of anger nor any other emotional related argument. Mohammad Haydari is using completely void arguments on his FB post. If you want to address the issue of Palestine, then we will surely enter a discussion regarding geopolitics. Please, for the sake of logic. Don't mix emotions with geopolitics or politics in general. Israel has been an oppressive nation even before the start of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran was the only country that after the islamic revolution started to aid Palestine. Mohammad Haydari should actually blame the majority of the arab state for staying silent WHILE non-arabs are doing their best to support Palestine. There are many arab nations who are ignorant of the problem in al-Qods and are staying silent, no not because they don't want to "anger" israel, but because they are receiving heavy support from the West. If I would give you - Mohammad Haydari - 1$ mln dollars, you would definitely listen to me. Then, Mohammad Haydari in his FB post claims that Iranians are "comfortably" cursing Israel from their comfortable seats. This is baseless and void. Those who have knowledge and are up-to-date with the situation in Syria know how much Iranian lives have went into defending the Tehran-Beirut line. There are weekly dead bodies flying back to Iran from Iranian basijis who have fallen victim of Western imperialism and Israeli aggression. Israel doesn't attack Palestinians because they are "angery". According to this logic, Israel should also start attacking Egypt because the people are burning Israeli flags in Cairo. Doesn't happen because of the friendly handshake between Egypt and Israel. Again, baseless perspective from Mohammad Haydari. Stupid behaviour? You know what is more a stupid behaviour? That some still haven't been able to see the problem in Palestine. We are 5 PAGES into this thread and some have still - due to their personal emotions - not been able to understand what the real reason is why Palestinians are being killed. The only solution to Palestine is the removal of the zionist regime called Israel. There is no other solution. One cannot live in peace with backstabbers. If you claim here to remain silent against Israeli oppressive actions, then also please STOP cursing Abu Bakr, Omar and Aisha since that will also harm MY FAMILY living in Iraq because that will ignite sunni extremists to blow themselves up in those places. Shall I blame your cursing of the sahabas "in your comfy seat in London" to be the sole reason for the death of my family members? It's ridiculous.