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  1. Can my posts be approved by a mod? k thanks bye

    1. Hameedeh


      @ZethaPonderer Sorry for the delay. Mods are really busy now but I have approved your posts. It seems that Mondays have a lot of visitors to ShiaChat. :) 

  2. I've been going through some tough times. My imaan (faith) is surely tested in the country I reside where apostasy, hypocrisy, and ignorance are the norm. I'm going through a phase. Just hoping this phase will lead to betterment for myself, my family, and most importantly for pleasing Allah/Ellah.

    We don't live in an Age of Ignorance anymore. This is the Age of Misinformation.

    1. Sindbad05


      I am also living in the same world bro. Don't worry, we are together in this mess...let's fight together with misinformation. :furious:

  3. Well I believe in Muhammad (SAW) as the Final Prophet of Allah/Ellah because of the Legacy The Biblical Ishmael (Aka Hazrat Ismail (AS)) has left behind. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is not just a prophet for the Ishmaelites and Israelites, but for all Gentiles (aka Nations) alongside His Family (aka The Ahlul-Bayt). Islam may be a Bani-Ishmael centric Abrahamic Religion, but it is THE Religion of Allah/Ellah that has been perfected for all Nations. I always struggled with a rational answer with these questions. What wrongdoing did Hazrat Ismail (AS) commit to be portrayed under a negative light in the Torah e.g. Wild Ass? What did he do to deserve such a cruel and unforgiving journey wandering around the depths of the desert alongside his mother Hajra/Hagar? I just don't understand what did The Biblical Ishmael do wrong.
  4. True. But the same argument could be made towards Imam Ali (AS) being cautious towards some of the Sahabas who were once polytheists e.g. Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman. While on the other hand a counterargument could be made where Imam Ali (AS) showed respect towards some of the Jews who consider themselves Israelis during his time as a 4th Caliph according to a particular Waaqiah. Not all Bani-Israelis disobeyed Allah. They are our brother tribes decsending from the line of Prophet Isaac (AS) who went through horrific tribulations preserving the message of the previous apostles unlike the previous tribes such as Bani-Ad, Bani-Thamud, Bani-Sodom, and Bani-Gomorrah who all showed utter hatred and spite towards the apostles of the past e.g. Prophet Lut/Lot (AS), Prophet Salih (AS). Chapter 17: The Children of Israel in the Quran. Read Ayat 16-17. Has Bani-Israel been destroyed by Allah just like the previous tribes? Can we get to the actual topic at hand?
  5. In the Name of Allah/Ellah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. I posted this topic to seek knowledge and differing perspectives to further my understanding. Nothing more nothing less. Mainly I'm starting this topic because I've encountered a particular Arabic term in Surah As-Saffat 37:83 and Surah 28:15 where the term 'Shia-Tehi' is being used in the Quran's original Arabic format. Here are the original verses. Don't mind the translations from the images since I had difficulties finding images to copy-pasting these ayats in their original version, Surah As-Saffat, Ayat 83 bolded in red Surah Al-Qasas, Ayat 15 Notice how there is a strange term being mentioned. Pronounciation is, Shee-ah-Tehi or Shia-Tehi. What does this term mean and why is this particular term translated in so many different ways. What is the context? What I know of the terminology of Shia: party, follower, sect, kind, friend. Any other meanings behind the term 'Shia'? Does this mean that Prophet Abraham/Ibrahim (AS) belonged in the Party of Prophet Noah/Nuh (AS) based on Ayat 83? Similarly those who belonged in the party of Prophet Moses/Musa (AS), the term 'Shee-ah-Tehi' is being used in Surah Al-Qasas Ayat 15. What is the context behind Allah using this terminology to define the followers of Prophet Moses/Musa (AS) and even stating Prophet Abraham/Ibrahim (AS) with the term 'Shee-ah-Tehi'? I would like to see a Tafaseer behind these two ayats in the Quran from both Sunni and Shia perspectives. Because the argument that Zakir Naik brings about the term 'Shia' never being mentioned in the Quran is a straight up LIE based on the facts of what the original Arabic version of the Quran entails.
  6. Interesting. You could've given me a link to this topic at hand there @SunniBrother, but oh well now I get it. So its ok to say Elah or El-Shaddai since it'll mean Allah? Were the 72 names of God under Judeo-Christian sources been truly rejected or were some of them carried over as the 99 names of God in Islamic sources? All in all, it all boils down to confusing semantics between Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic.
  7. Your Understanding-Lessons/Message from Karbala

    This is just my own personal view of how I've come to understand the inevitable tragedy that is Karbala. Note how I said personal. You can prove me wrong if you like. 1. The message is clear and simple to me although it is black n white. Evil may look like its winning, but Good shall always triumph. 2. The event of Karbala is symbolic to me in many ways because it is a culmination of all the previous tyrannical rulers opposed and relentlessly persistent to corrupt the teachings of the previous apostles of the past all encapsulated in this one event. I cannot believe how diabolical and cruel Yazid ibn Muawiyah was alongside his family as a whole. It almost tempts me to believe that Human Beings are Evil Born Creatures based on Christian Theology. He perverted the teachings of Islam in every way possible while Imam Hussain (AS) held the true teachings of Islam. He (AS) re-ignited my hope for Humanity that Human Beings are born good whom are drawn/tempted towards evil due to their ignorance.
  8. Well I'm familiar with the 99 names of Allah under Islamic sources and His 72 names under Judeo-Christian sources. The fact of the matter is we all cater to the belief that there is only One God. I see Islam as a Bani-Ismael centric Abrahamic Religion where The Same God has perfected His religion while Judaism and Christianity are both Bani-Israel centric Abrahamic Religions. They both have the same message. Besides, YHWH used to be the name of Allah under Hebrew terminology but has been lost in translation so it's just a word that could've been one of the forgotten names of Allah. Note how I stress could've been. Just because it's from the Bible and Torah doesn't mean His many names within His previous scriptures have to be rejected. Are you saying all 72 names of God have been rejected under Judeo-Christian? You do realize the etymology of one of His 72 names Elah in Aramaic is related to the Arabic equivalent Allah? So logically one of His names from the previous Abrahamic religions has been carried over under Islamic. Anyway, PM me further to discuss this topic more since I don't want to stray off from the actual topic at hand.
  9. In the Name of Allah/YHWH, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. I would like to start a discussion as the title implies not just from a philosophical perspective on Islam, but also amongst people whose beliefs differ from Islam. First things first, let us get some of the definitions of Peace out of the way via Google, noun 1. freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. 2. freedom from or the cessation of war or violence. exclamation 1. used as a greeting. 2. used as an order to remain silent. Now from what I've been taught under Shia Islam (Zaydi Branch), the term 'Peace' is defined under a sacred significance just as much as how Judaism defines the terminology of 'Justice' and how Christianity defines the terminology of 'Love'. The way how Peace is defined under the Islam I've been taught is Submission to the belief that there exists A Creative Force out there that is the cause of how we all came into being and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) alongside the previous apostles are living proof establishing this belief due to their miraculous powers (e.g. predicting future events, being above and beyond the laws of nature, and their undying sense of spirit to devote towards this Creative Force). AKA, There is no god except Allah/YHWH and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the Last Messenger of Allah/YHWH and for Humanity. Once we submit to this belief, then and only then will peace be established for Humanity on an objective criteria. However, there have been skeptics and critics pointing out the various flaws Islam has on the concept of defining Peace. My counterarguments are 3 puzzling questions, 1. Has Islam violated the concept of Peace from a realistic perspective based on the 80 battles Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his right-hand man Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (AS), and his companions (The Sahaabas) fought? 2. Based on those 80 battles, did the religion of Islam spread by the sword? 3. What about the event of Mubahila between The Najran Christians and Prophet Muhammad (SAW)'s family The Ahlul-Bayt proving each other whose religion was on the right path to salvation by invoking the curse of Allah/YHWH towards the religion? What I've learned are this, Peace = Submission I would like to see various philosophical perspectives of how the term 'Peace' is defined out of sheer morbid curiosity. Surely, there must be an objective criteria for how Peace is defined?
  10. I would like to make the post about the Definition of Peace except currently speaking, my grandmother died so it'll take a while on my end to hopefully make the topic in question.

    May the God of Abraham Allah/YHWH shed mercy over my grandmother's departed soul.

  11. Proof of God

    Yes please continue. This is indeed insightful.
  12. I come in peace and will soon make a post about various philosophical perspectives people have when it comes to describing the definition of 'Peace'. What is Peace? What does it really mean from every possible angle till there is only one meaning that can be TRUE for defining Peace?