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  1. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    The capacity of intellect is very low without wilayah of Ali (as). The spirituality of sunnis is very weak in comparison to the spirituality of ahlulbayt. Imam Ali (as) has said love everyone so that's that I love sunnis more than anyone else however the problem is an academic one. They however get personal sometimes.
  2. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    What I mean to say of course is that the thinking processes of the majority sect in Islam are strange at times in the sense that like I said above that these questions are good such as political questions but they thought that I meant that I said that particular group is good I mean the irony of fate they call themselves literalists but they ain't really lol they can't even read basic sentence structures.
  3. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    Akhi we shia are the true ahlus sunnah lol. i think we have the right to claim that. I'm not sowing discord as sayed sistani said nicely that we are nafs of ahlus sunnah lol.
  4. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    I'm a shia alim bro I don't know how to use this website I'm new to it I was a Sunni about 8 years ago however my uncle the marhoom sayed brought me onto the right path of ahlulbayt (as) I'm a sayed from 10th imam brothers my intention of joining this forum and website was to get answers or replies to typical Sunni questions such as are ulil amr just prophets and political leaders who come to power which my family who for the record are still Sunni put me to. I am currently writing a lot of books to prove that ahlulbayt is the truthful sect in a very illustrative way and anyone who is interested can inbox me there email addy so I can give them a taste of the flavour of what I'm writing. Don't worry bro lol it's all good. I know all the things your saying and also the reason why I put Sunni Islam as my religion was to make a bold statement that we Shias are the true sunnis. That's it really. I'm not trying to sow discord. I love Sunni brothers and everyone else just confused as to why people are so blinded to see imam zaman. Ghazal e irfani - imam Khomeini (ra) ' I have taken the robe of taqiya off' I'm more Akhbari akhi as I'm Pakistani born and bred in Britain however I respect and appreciate Maraja although I only do taqleed of 14 infallibles.
  5. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    Brother I have read Peshawar nights and the Sunni ulema I refer that to just shun that mostly. i am actually writing a book at the moment primarily designed towards a salafi audience to promote the ahlulbayt sect. Salafi have many websites and material to scare you with but I'm taking the brace step to step upto them inbox me your email I will send you some of the work I have completed akhi
  6. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    if something is not established in the Quran as a principle then Hadith can never on its own be enough. I've read ayatollah jafar subhani book science of interpretation of holy Quran and he does state in that that if something is missing from Quran then Hadith needs to be brought forward however he means if there is already an principle established which is not clear. My question is where is Imamate of the twelver shia in Quran clearly Infact Quran clearly has defined and closed the doors to Imamate that it's just the prophets and ulil amr are scholars, political leaders etc who have taqwa.
  7. Sunni islam

    Why do Shias believe in three testimonies? Isn't that indicative of the fact that they are influenced by Christian's? Why adopt an esoteric approach to understanding Quran when really your just trying to match it with the culture you was born in which happens to be shia Islam?
  8. Ulil amr

    Ulil amr is anyone who comes to power in Islam and are not infallible. Ayah tatheer is for wives of prophet. Anyone object feel free to ask me?
  9. I am an Sunni scholar there are no virtues of ahlulbayt in Sunni literature to elevate them to the same status of prophethood. The shia believe ahlulbayt Imamate is like general prophethood according to Allama majlisi. Everyone has the right to believe what they want to but the truth for theists primarily is in textual evidences. There is a context to all the ahadith about fadak, 12 khalifas and muta etc and it actually isn't what the shia believe in my humble opinion correct me if I'm wrong but I was a shia for a long time. Give me some Sunni references and I can explain them to you
  10. The terms Shia and Ahlul-Sunna

    Shia or Sunni did not exist in the times of the prophet. Only muslims. Read the Quran you will know the truth. I don't believe in what those who calls themselves Shias believe in. I follow only Quran and Hadith of prophet. Anyway I think people should stick to the actual literal meaning of Quran rather than going into esoteric knowledge without even knowing the basics of Arabic language