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  1. Girls posting pictures on social media

    How could I guide a sister under that situation? I will not say details, but it kills me to see a sister wearing hijab in real life, to post photos of herself on the internet, because "she needs to talk with people because she's stressed, or has fights with her family, so she needs to talk to other people different from her family sometimes"
  2. Question - converting to (Shia) Islam

    And also, congratulate you into embracing into Islam!
  3. Question - converting to (Shia) Islam

    We're you from? I'm a Spanish guy living in Barcelona! There's a small Shia mosque in the center of Barcelona, and also a small group of Afghan Shia's community, we could show up in there!
  4. Discord Gaming Channel for Shias

  5. I have taken chori for marriage...and one of them

    I would like to know too!
  6. I love airports

    I love Airports too! I've been working in the Barcelona airport for more than a year and don't get tired of it! If someone from here is ever travelling through the Barcelona airport, message me and could give you access to the VIP lounge!
  7. Praying in a Sunni mosque

    Salaam brothers and sisters! I opened a thread some months ago, but in case not everybody knows I converted to Shia islam about a year ago! I'm currently living in Barcelona, Spain, and here the Shia community is pretty small... I made some research and I could find a Shia Islamic Center in Barcelona, but it is about 40 minutes from where I live. Close to my house (less than 5 min) they opened a new Mosque, with new materials, modern setting-up, and looking pretty beautiful. Buuuut, it is a Sunni mosque (since the majority of muslims here in Spain are Sunni). I of course can drive or go to the Shia one sometimes, but for a 'daily' visit, would it be a problem maybe going to the Sunni mosque? Would Sunni brothers take it as an offence? To make a different wu'du, prayers, usage of turbah, etc..? Thanks for reading and your attention!
  8. Learning Farsi

    I would really recommend you to follow this videos: It's a youtube reproduction list with more than 300 videos, teaching farsi little by little! I'm following it, and everything is very good explained and detailed
  9. Español?

    Primero que me encuentro por aquí!

  10. Love with an Afghan girl

    Thanks for your comment brother Yes, that's right, sometimes is kind of difficult, but for the moment we have been dealing in a great way with the distance! Mention, that this is my last year studying in Spain, and that when I'm finish I plan moving to her country and find a job there! I don't want to keep it much longer on the distance. Thanks again, seems like going with the sheikh is the best option! I'm really thankful and lucky for having meet him.
  11. Love with an Afghan girl

    Exactly, I would love to marry her, but not in a getting-angry with her family way. I want them to accept and agree with the marriage and see that I can be a good husband for their daughter. I know that maybe they would not accept at the beggining, but show with my behave that I am. She has always explained me about that her family would be a difficult part, but I really hope with the help of the Afghan Imam the family can understand reasonably. Ah, also, it may be a good thing to say, that one of her brothers is actually 'dating' with a girl from the European country they're living in. And she has been in their house, sleeping there, and yea, and she's not a muslim yet. But I think it's not that easy when it comes to the daughter. --- Would it be a good idea to try talk to the family personally, only myself, to explain more or less what I have exposed in the main post, about my conversion, about how I met their daughter, my desire of marrying her, etc... and invite them to come to Spain and meet with my family --even they might not understand each other at all, but with the help of her and me it can be possible--, or see if they give me the opportunity to be with them and get to know them? I was thinking into transalting a text into Dari and explain to them in their own language, so they might also see my effort Or is it better to keep it like this, and just appear in about a year, with my family, the Imam, and ask formally for the hand of their daughter?
  12. Love with an Afghan girl

    That's true, it could be wrong to go directly to speak with one of the brothers without them knowing me from anything before. I really like what you suggest me, and thinks it's a really good idea! I will ask her about which mosque does her family go, and will try to go and get to know the Imam, I'm sure he will have a positive greeting, and could be very helpful for the future! My family is living in Spain so this option would not be possible at all, but thank you, really!
  13. Love with an Afghan girl

    Yes that can be right, she is worried that other families can talk bad about her or her family for marrying with a Spanish guy instead of Afghan one, since they are kind of traditional. And maybe on the other case, a man would not be that emotional when it comes to the family. Would it be good idea maybe talking with one of her brothers and try to explain the situation before going to her family? Or that would be a bad idea and ruin everything?
  14. Salaam Alaikum sisters and brothers, I come here for explaining about my situation and see other people opinion about my case, I am a 20 y.o guy born in Barcelona, Spain. My background comes from a catholic- but not practicant nor religous family. About 2 years ago I started to become interested about Islam and started to make my own research into in on the net, etc. I also visited a Sunni mosque in Barcelona, where they explained me basis of Islam and some of their Sunni traditions. On a travel to a North European country, I get to know an Afghan girl (Shia muslim) working on her family market, and I showed her my interest on her religion and asked some of my questions about it, she helped me with my issues and yea. I kind of liked the way she was explaining me about her religion, and we kept in contact with each other when I went back to my home city. We became closer and closer with each other, talked about personal life, family, and of course, the religion. About a year ago, I went back to that country, and there, after a year of research about Islam, and figuring out about my beliefs, I became a muslim in the Imam Ali Mosque (largest Shia mosque in Europe). The Imam taught me maaany many things during my stay, I spent lot of my time in the mosque, talking with other brothers, etc. After converting to Muslim, at the begining when I was back home, I was praying on my room, and my family didn't really know anything about about my conversion, since I knew talking or explaining about this to them would be something difficult for them. But I had to explain about all this when Ramadan came, because I wanted to fast and perform it. So I had a serious talk with my family and explained everything about my conversion, about Islam and that I wanted to do Ramadan. At the first days it was very very difficult for them to understand it, and we had many fights and a not so-good atmosphere at home, but after some time, it all kind of normalised for them. The Afghan girl I met was always a support for me, we always was in contact with each other, and really really helped me in the difficult moments with my family, as well as I was a support for her, we was talking a lot, helping with school issues, talking about our families, daily things, everything. And we "fell in love" with each other. She of course keeps everything about me in secret with her family, and they don't know anything about me, she talks with me hiding the headsets, or deletes the conversations, and keeps everything hidden since sometimes her brothers check her phone. She is 19 years old, and originally from Afghanistan, but has been living in Europe with her family for more than 15 years. She is Hazara Afghan, in case this helps. She is the only daughter in the family and has 6 brothers. The issue comes when we start to think about future, about being together and about the difficulties we might have. She says her family is pretty restrictive and her dad has even told her that he would like her to marry with some of her cousins, but she of course refuses to that. She says that the family can refuse her to marry with a Spanish guy instead of an Afghan one, or a Spanish guy who converted to islam without a muslim family, and yea.. I would like to know your thought about all this, if know some case about reverted man marrying a muslim woman, and if had issues with that. Because it's common to see marriages betwen converted woman and muslim man, but not the opposite.. Or if there is someone that knows about the Afghan traditions and could advice me with that, or give me their own oppinion. --- We have met with each other because I've travelled to her city 2 times after meeting her for the first time, we didn't just see each other one time. --- On the mosque, I got to know an Afghan man, and he resulted to be an Imam when he was in Afghanistan, as well he has been Imam in Iran and Dubai. We have become close to each other, explained me afghan traditions, and he has also helped me a lot with my Islam questions. I exposed to him my situation with the afghan girl, and he said that he could come with me and my family the day that I decide to go ask for her hand to her family. -- Will this help be very helpful? Sorry for the long post, but felt like I had to explain it long so it could be understood, if you have any question, or something is not clear at all, be open to ask. Thanks for your attention, Daniel