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  1. Believing in imam Ali

    no. prophet Muhammad said about imam amir almumineen Ali ibn Abi talib aleihima salatu wa salam: one who believed in him, believed in Allah
  2. Believing in imam Ali

    there is saying of imam amir almumineen Ali ibn Abi Talib alehi salatu wa salam: "one who believed in me, believed in Allah." what did amir ulmumimineen intend by "believing in him"?
  3. how come this is shia forum and you allow heretic people of bid'ah? how come you consider them brothers? how come
  4. Allah is greater than what?

    in quran it is said not what you said but like this : wherever you turn your face there is Allah . it is right, because Allah is everywhere.
  5. Allah is greater than what?

    the one guy before answered where you can see arabic that is best answer for you Allah akbar min an yousaf Allah is greater than of being described
  6. Allah is greater than what?

    Allah has the name alkabir which means big or great. he is not small also it can mean great in the sense of magnanimous, great in the nature, whatever great in everything
  7. Allah is greater than what?

    greater general- the answer to meaning Allah akbar greater than everything you can imagine Allah akbar
  8. اسلام علیکم

    و عليكم السلام